Ankr partners with Microsoft to offer enterprise node services

Microsoft has made inroads into the blockchain sector with its recent partnership with Ankr partners: What does this new partnership entail, and why is it important? Read on to find out more.

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The partnership will provide Web3 projects with low-latency blockchain connections, allowing developers to concentrate on application scaling. A novel node hosting service will be available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace thanks to Microsoft's collaboration with Ankr, a provider of decentralized blockchain infrastructure.

In addition, Microsoft's cloud solutions and Ankr's blockchain infrastructure will be combined in the partnership's technology integration. Looking for a safe cryptocurrency trading platform to invest in Bitcoin? Then have a look at Immediate Edge.

According to Ankr, the enterprise node deployment service will provide Web3 projects with low-latency blockchain connections so that developers can concentrate on application scaling instead. The service can read and write blockchain data, implement smart contracts, and relay transactions.

Ankr stated that the company would be able to efficiently route Remote Procedure Call requests to the most appropriate nodes and further scale its transactions processes by upgrading its load balancer to utilize Azure-based routing solutions.

Clients will be able to manage node hosting solutions with the option of custom memory, bandwidth, and blockchain node location specifications thanks to the technological integration. Co-founder and CEO of Ankr, Chandler Song, commented on the development:

"The organization, while an unimaginable achievement for Ankr, is likewise a vital mark of how far the decentralized web has come in coordinating with the urgent players in each layer of web frameworks. The outcome will be a time of incredibly productive structure for blockchain-based applications from new Web3 projects as well as huge ventures entering the space."

A lot of developers and firms are exploring the way Web3 can aid solve real-world business difficulties, and their partnership with Ankr will let them to access blockchain data in a trustworthy, scalable, and safe way. This was mentioned by Rashmi Misra. She is Microsoft's general manager of AI and emerging technologies.

Cointelegraph recently wrote about May 14, 2021, that Microsoft shut down its Sky blue Blockchain Administration with no great reason. The American technology conglomerate outlawed cryptocurrency mining on its cloud services on December 15, 2022, citing the need to safeguard its online services against threats like cybercrime, attacks, and unauthorized access to customer resources.

In the meantime, the node hosting solution will offer blockchain nodes a variety of memory, bandwidth, and global location options to meet the various requirements of a customer.

Ankr-Microsoft Partnership

Chandler Song, co-founder and chief executive officer of Ankr, thinks that bringing the two parties together is an essential step in bringing blockchain infrastructure to a rapidly expanding sector of the digital economy. The partnership is a great milestone for Ankr.

It is a primary indicator of how far this decentralized web has reached to integrate with the vital players in each web systems layer. The executive said this. The finished product will be a time of the productive structure for blockchain-based apps from new Web3 projects and huge endeavours that enter the space.

By consolidating Ankr's answers with Purplish blue, the centre will be to give another road to draw in clients and serve a lot of RPC traffic through the joined administrations. Ankr stated in his statement that it would aid Web3 businesses that need committed nodes to relay transactions, use smart contracts, and write or read blockchain data with trustworthiness, security and performance.

Microsoft's Senior supervisor of computer-based intelligence and Arising Innovations, Rashmi Misra, likewise repeated a comparative opinion. According to the executive, the two businesses are developing a robust Web3 infrastructure layer. The mission of Microsoft is to empower each person and each firm on the planet to gain a lot.

Their partnership with Ankr will give them access to blockchain data in a way that is dependable, scalable, and secure. Numerous developers and organizations are looking into how Web3 can help solve real-world business problems.


Despite its ban on crypto mining from cloud services, Microsoft appears to have placed significant bets on Web3. The giant updated its Universal License Terms for Online Services in December of last year to make it clear that mining cryptocurrency without prior approval is not allowed.

The American multinational corporation recently abandoned its metaverse strategy in favour of ChatGPT. In October of last year, "Industrial Metaverse Core" was made public for the first time.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is said to be firing all 100 core team members. The initial post on CryptoPotato was titled "Ankr Partners with Microsoft to Offer Enterprise Node Hosting Services."