Best Stocks to buy now (2022)

There are many stocks to buy today, but here are the best stocks to buy now (2022), as tabulated by Clacified. The article guides how to choose the best stocks in the market and avoid the worst ones.

Image depicting the stock market.

As the world creeps into the third quarter of 2022, the market keeps bleeding red with uncertainty hovering everywhere—all these are the resultant effects of rising inflation and, most recently, the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Following the above, Investors are primed to turn the bearish signals into a profitable outcome by looking for the best stocks to buy now. These actions are no surprise because buying power has decreased drastically over the last few months, and U.S Federal has been increasing interest rates to curb inflation.

The best stocks to buy are those financial assets that can help investors properly shield and manage their assets amid inflation; it is a choice to look up to the future.

Established companies that maintain a positive record book may now be the best stocks to buy to hedge against inflation and volatility. The market will still recover, but before then, here are the best stocks to buy now, especially for investors considering long-term plans.


Alphabet is a conglomerate that serves as a holding company for Google and other subsidiaries in many sectors like cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data management, etc. Alphabet also owns GV ventures, one of the top venture capital firms in the world.

Although the company reported revenue earnings lower than expected, Alphabet still made $68.01 billion, a figure close to the expected revenue of about $68.11 billion. However, Alphabet, which trades as GOOGL, stands far from its all-time high and with a valuation that has been its lowest in the last decade.

Notwithtsanding the current figures, Alphabet still remains among the best stocks to buy now because some of the company's products, like the Android operating system, hold over a 70% market share. Even Google Search engine and Youtube currently holds a near-monopoly in their respective markets.

Tesla Logo and car.


Tesla is an Electric Vehicle (EV) company that has risen up in recent years and it is is among the 6th U.S company to each a market capitalization of $1 trillion. The EV company reported a year-round revenue of $53.8 billion, over 60 percent from the previous fiscal year.

Tesla has ramped up production, increased its unit sales and price, and engineered ways of reducing production costs. And with new manufacturing factories in Austin, Texas, and Germany, Tesla is expected to hit more milestones in the upcoming quarters.

Though Tesla has been mired by controversies ranging from its controversial CEO and Twitter owner, Elon Musk, to missing multiple deadlines and even the recent recall of over 475,00 cars, Tesla is resolved to achieve a stable Full Self-Driving (FSD) service in its cars.

Tesla is among the best stocks to buy because, in a world where Global warming is a constant trend, society and government regulation might favor the company in the long run.


Qualcomm is a high-tech company that develops semiconductors, software, and services used in wireless technology. The U.S company is among the best stocks to buy now because it holds patents that are relevant in the journey of 4G and 5G networks. Qualcomm also played crucial roles in developing patents in the early 2G and 3G network phases.

With its current growth rate, some stock analysts see the price gaining over 14% over the next half-decade, thanks to its momentum in smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT). At the end of 2021, Qualcomm announced that it had raked over $33 billion.

According to a report, Qualcomm earns an average of $20 for every smartphone sold - revenues from its 39% and 18% market share of application processors in smartphones and tablets, respectively. The company also owns about 65% share of the LTE baseband market.

Qualcomm's designs in the automotive space and the expected rise of the 5G network gives a clear view of the future of its stock.


Apple has established itself as a luxury brand name in smartphones and now creeping into other spheres like smartwatches, TVs, and product development. Apple stocks account for 38.9% of Berkshire's (a holding company founded by Warren Buffett) Portfolio.

By the middle of June 2022, Apple traded at about 132 USD but currently hangs around 173.50 USD at the time of this publication.

The company also seemed to be smiling at the bank, considering their 2022 third quarter financial revenue. For the quarter in question, Apple reported a revenue of 83 billion USD on a profit of 19.4 billion USD. 

Though the figures were much greener a year ago, the company remains optimistic about its future.

5.Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire stock is among the most expensive stocks in the world, thus will probably not be one of the best stocks to buy when the goal is a high-percentage return. However, Berkshire Stocks are among the best stocks that may fare well amid rising inflation.

Berkshire is a holding company encompassing multiple companies in rail transportation, insurance, utilities, furniture, batterie,s, and others.

As far back as 1965, the company netted 4.85 million USD in profits. The company was also not affected in the wake of the 2019 pandemic when it reported net earnings of over 81 billion. These figures show an almost 17,000 fold-increase in over 50 years - making it one of the best stocks to buy now.


The above companies represent Clacified's list of the best stocks to buy now, especially in 2022. The article is not financial advice but a little purview about what stocks to purchase and what to look out for when buying a stock.

The stock market has been noted to perform well over the years, even during inflation; thus, it is often rated alongside Gold and Bitcoin as possible hedges against inflation.

While buying stocks, keep in mind that the market will not always be greenish; often, the market will bleed. Such a period provides ample opportunities to develop strategies to help navigate or manage financial assets during a bearish season.

On the last note, it is always best to remember when buying stocks that long-term goals are far better than short-term.