Best apps to send and receive money from abroad direct to Nigerian bank accounts

A person attempting to transfer USD dollars

With the value of the naira reaching an all-time low on the African currency rankings, and inflation heralding a dark horizon, the earning capacity of Nigerians has hit rock bottom. When it comes to receiving money from overseas, more individuals than ever before are anxious to do so, and this article focuses on how to do this.

Although reputable commercial banks and domiciliary accounts have been the most popular options for a considerable amount of time, technological advancements have brought about a revolution in the banking industry.

More than ever before, it is now possible to transfer money to Nigeria by using a specialised application.

It's important to keep in mind that, compared to a domiciliary account, third-party platforms don't offer an exchange rate that is particularly advantageous.

Additionally, in accordance with the most recent directives issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), international transfers processed by international money transfer operators (IMTOs) must be paid in naira

Cash payments in naira can only be made for foreign transfers that are less than $200, with a bank account needed for any amount exceeding this threshold.

Clacified's financial specialists have combed the internet in search of the most effective option, and based on their experience with customers, have determined that the following applications are the most effective alternatives for sending money to bank accounts in Nigeria:

1. Instarem

Note: Although Western Union and MoneyGram do have mobile applications (which are not accessible in Nigeria) for the purpose of managing transactions and identifying agent locations, this article does not cover these mediums since the main means of using their services is normally via their websites or physical locations.

The process of transferring money to Nigeria has never been simpler or more convenient than it is with Instarem. They simplify the process by allowing users to transfer money to Nigeria and more than 60 other countries from one location. 

Since 2014, more than one million people have placed their faith in Instarem, which is a subsidiary of the financial technology unicorn Nium. 

With the firm offering affordable pricing and favourable exchange rates, transferring money to Nigeria using Instarem offers great value for money. 

Among the many benefits offered by the platform are, for instance, favourable conversion rates for foreign currencies, instant transfers, and secured activities monitored and approved in 11 different countries. 

Instarem provides their clients with free rate updates as well as a currency calculator to assist them in making informed decisions. Those who use Instarem have the opportunity to accumulate loyalty points, also known as InstaPoints. These points can be obtained by opening an account, transferring money, and recommending friends to the platform.

Instarem has been recognised with a number of honours, including the Blockchain Innovator Award and the Best Value International Money Transfer Provider Award, in recognition of the outstanding job done in the industry. 

Creating an account and validating data with Instarem is a straightforward procedure that only requires three steps and is accessible to everybody. 

Due to Instarem's user-friendly design and round-the-clock customer care, money transfers to Nigeria and other countries are guaranteed to be simple and stress-free. 

Pros of transferring money to Nigeria with the Instarem app

  1. Competitive exchange rates: Many users have praised Instarem for offering competitive exchange rates, which are often better than those offered by traditional banks or other money transfer platforms.
  2. Fast transfer speed: Several users mentioned that transfers with Instarem are almost instant or very quick, especially when compared to other platforms. 
  3. User-friendly interface: Many users find Instarem's interface easy to use and navigate, as this makes the money transfer process smooth and hassle-free.
  4. Responsive customer service: Despite some occasional issues, Instarem's customer service seems to be responsive and willing to address users' concerns. Prompt responses and assistance with issues contribute to overall customer satisfaction.
  5. Low conversion charges: some users appreciate that instarem charges lower conversion fees compared to other money transfer platforms or traditional banks, making it a cost-effective option for international transfers.

Cons of transferring money to Nigeria with the Instarem app

  1. Video verification glitch: Some users experienced minor issues with video verification, which affected their overall experience with the app.
  2. High processing fees: Some users mentioned that the processing fees charged by Instarem were relatively high compared to other platforms.
  3. Account blocking without proper explanation: A few users reported instances where their accounts were blocked without clear explanations from Instarem.
  4. Difficulty in adding bank accounts: Several users encountered difficulties in adding bank accounts for fund transfers, despite contacting customer support for assistance.
  5. Limited currency exchange options: Some users expressed a desire for Instarem to increase the currency exchange limits to accommodate more currencies.
  6. Inconvenient login process: Certain users found it inconvenient to log in to the app repeatedly, as it required manual input of account details each time rather than using biometric or passcode login options.
  7. Long response time for inquiries: In some cases, users had to wait for an extended period to receive a response from Instarem regarding their inquiries or concerns, leading to dissatisfaction with the service.

2. Xe

Despite the market for money transfers to Nigeria being quite competitive, Xe emerges as a tool that is both effective and simple to use. The platform collaborates with over 200 nations, including Nigeria, to simplify the process of international transfers.

Since the costs it offers are typically lower than those of traditional banks and other transfer service providers, users can save money. The transfer is quick, taking no more than a few minutes in most cases. 

Xe is a more expedient alternative to more conventional bank payments, which take longer to complete, and its user interface is straightforward, which simplifies the process for its users, who appreciate the ease of account opening, instant quotes, and anytime check on the status of their payments, all of which are important with regards to transferring money to Nigeria. 

Beneficiaries in Nigeria have access to a wide range of convenient and open methods of payment, including cash collection, bank transfers, and mobile applications, among others. 

When it comes to international financial transactions, Xe prioritises security by ensuring risk-free transactions and establishing confidence with its consumers. 

Despite Xe offering a great deal of features, there remains a few cautions. Before transferring money, users are strongly encouraged to check that the payment methods they have selected are eligible for acceptance. This is due to the fact that the number of return possibilities may be restricted in Nigeria. 

On top of that, users have to be aware that some bargains can come with additional expenses, such as fees for converting currencies or transaction prices. 

To prevent unexpected charges, it is essential to examine the price structure with great care and ensure that everything is understandable. 

Pros of transferring money to Nigeria with the Xe app

  1. High exchange rate and zero fees: One of Xe's biggest draws is its reasonable exchange rates and impose no fees on payments made via bank transfers. 
  2. Accurate currency conversion: Xe’s precise currency conversion is one of its many wonderful features. 
  3. Multiple currency support: Users have expressed admiration that Xe provides the option to choose from a variety of currencies.
  4. Quick customer service: A significant number of clients have expressed their satisfaction with the speed with which Xe's customer care resolved issues such as cancelled transfers and terminated accounts.

Cons of transferring money to Nigeria with the Xe app

  1. Inconsistent service delivery: Among the many instances of poor service reported, some of the more notable ones include difficulties with account registration, account terminations for no apparent cause, and delayed money transfers. 
  2. Long transfer times: Customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Xe's lengthy changeover times, with some transaction finalisation taking as long as ten days.
  3. Account closure without explanation: Some customers have reported abrupt account closures without any explanation or a method to get their money back.
  4. Issues with app functionality: Inaccessibility offline, too frequent updates, and difficulty in obtaining some services (particularly currency conversion) are some of the app inconveniences experienced with Xe. 
  5. Security concerns: Some users have voiced concerns over the security of the platform, citing issues such as the demand to provide personal information when creating an account, as well as dangers associated with account closures and money freezes. 
  6. Limited payment options: Some consumers have been left dissatisfied with the limited acceptance of payment methods, citing problems with debit card transfers and other delays as instances

3. Remitly

Since 2011, millions of individuals all around the globe have used Remitly to fulfil all of their requirements for money transfers, including transferring money to Nigeria. Offering competitive rates, innovative offerings, and straightforward pricing structures, this service is an excellent choice for anybody who wishes to transfer money to relatives or friends who live in Nigeria. 

Customers are able to initiate payments using their bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards in a fast, simple manner with the assistance of the user-friendly mobile application that Remitly provides. 

When it comes to the ease and convenience of using Remitly, many customers have expressed satisfaction with its safety and security, as they protect the personal information and financial transactions of users in a variety of different ways. Additionally, to offer comprehensive customer care, the Help Centre at Remitly is available around the clock, seven days a week, guaranteeing users will be able to get assistance anytime they want it. 

Remitly clients can see detailed information on the timing and destination of their money transfers, providing them with a sense of clarity throughout the procedure.

One of the finest features of Remitly is that, aside from Nigeria, it allows money transfers to more than 170 different countries. Customers can send money to mobile money firms or reputable banking networks, such as GT Bank and Polaris Bank in Nigeria, via the very secure wire transfer medium. 

Additionally, Remitly makes it simple for receivers to get their money by linking them to a network of around 460,000 cash collection stations located all over the globe, including Nigeria. 

It is important for users to note that while Remitly provides cheap rates and straightforward transfer alternatives, there is a possibility that their payments may be subject to limits or taXes. 

Pros of transferring money to Nigeria with the Remitly app

  1. Swift, dependable transfers: Customers who use Remitly have made positive remarks about the simplicity and speed of transfers, with many advocating its superiority to conventional banks. 
  2. Responsive customer service: A number of consumers have lauded the excellent customer service of Remitly, having experienced immediate issue resolutions. 
  3. Stable platform: Users expressed their admiration for the dependability of Remitly, hailing its optimal functionality even when other money transfer applications failed.
  4. Competitive exchange rates and fees: Both the exchange rates and the fees that Remitly levies are competitive, reasonable, and even nonexistent for some transactions, with a sizable number of customers rating their exchange rates fantastic to excellent. 
  5. Easy to use: Fast and timely money transactions are just two of the many reasons that customers have expressed their satisfaction with Remitly. 
  6. Multiple options for recipients: Users of Remitly especially like the notion that a variety of methods to receive money are available, as this provides a degree of convenience and independence to the process. 
  7. Security measures: Remitly users have expressed complete faith in the security measures implemented by the platform, discarding concerns about the protection of their personal information. 
  8. Positive comparison with competitors: In comparison to other money transfer services, Remitly has received a lot of positive feedback from users, who have praised the service for its superior user experience and its more affordable costs. 

Cons of transferring money to Nigeria with the Remitly app

  1. Lack of transparency on limits: Users have reported that the app no longer displays the limit for money transactions. 
  2. Higher fees for smaller transactions: Smaller transactions are too costly to be processed at the predetermined rate of $1.99 per transfer, indicating a lack of cost-effectiveness for certain transactions. 
  3. Inability to notate transfer purposes: According to users, there is no in-app way to notate the purpose of a transfer for record-keeping. 
  4. Account suspension without notice: It's not uncommon for accounts to be terminated without any prior warning or explanation.
  5. Occasional technical glitches: Customers have reported improper functions of the app as well as occasions where transactions were mistakenly terminated from their accounts. 

4. Wise

Another recommendable method for sending money to Nigeria is via Wise, previously known as TransferWise, which grants customers access to a wide variety of tools designed to save them both time and money. 

The company, which has operations in 170 countries around the world, supports a total of more than 50 different currencies. One distinguishing factor setting Wise apart from its competitors is its straightforward and easy to comprehend pricing strategy. 

Before transaction completion, consumers are always informed of costs associated with their transfers. Through this transparency, trust is established, which in turn enables consumers to make informed decisions without being subjected to any surprises or hidden charges. 

Users can be assured of a competitive and fair exchange rate when converting currencies since Wise is based on the current middle market rate.

Businesses that are interested in simplifying the process of doing business in other countries may find Wise's business account, which is tailored to match their particular requirements, very beneficial. These businesses can make payments quicker, get better currency rates, and simply connect to well-known platforms such as Amazon, Stripe, and Xero with the assistance of Wise, which enables businesses to operate efficiently on a worldwide scale. 

When it comes to security and reliability, users have faith in Wise since the platform adheres to regulatory standards with organisations like Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom scrutinising their operations.

Pros of transferring money to Nigeria with the Wise app

  1. Reliable service: Wise helps transmit money across different currencies in a very short amount of time and at a reasonable price. Users have expressed satisfaction with the ease with which it links to their existing banking systems and the simplicity of signing up, even when changing countries. 
  2. Good exchange rates: Wise's excellent exchange rates have seen many users endorse it as being superior to other platforms, with customers able to reap financial benefits when they convert currencies. 
  3. Convenient multi-currency support: Customers have lauded how simple it is to move between currencies while sending or receiving money, as well as how straightforward it is to store and manage numerous currencies inside a single account. 
  4. Accessibility: Wise has been recognised by a large number of handicapped users as an app that is very accessible. These users have praised the app's straightforward design and the ease with which both sighted and visually impaired users can use it.
  5. Responsive customer support: Many consumers who did report issues praise Wise's customer service as excellent since they replied swiftly to their concerns and assisted them. 
  6. User-Friendly interface: The Wise application has been reported to be not just beneficial but also simple to operate. Users generally enjoyed how user-friendly the app was due to a straightforward design and features such as the ability to regulate finances and conduct financial transactions. 
  7. Additional features: In addition to being able to set up personal and commercial accounts, Wise allows you to also earn interest on balances and get notifications on currency rates. 

Cons of transferring money to Nigeria with the Wise app

  1. Security concerns: Many users have raised concerns about the absence of security measures on Wise, particularly the fact that they are unable to employ extra-proof techniques such as palm or face recognition, which might allow unauthorised access to their accounts. 
  2. Verification issues: Several users have reported a great deal of difficulty throughout the verification procedure, including lengthy wait periods, being required to provide a number of different documents, and having their accounts suspended without prior reason. 
  3. Transfer delays: Some users reported delays in transferring funds, contrary to the advertised "arrive in seconds" promise, which caused inconvenience and dissatisfaction, especially when urgent transfers were necessary.
  4. Increasing fees: Although Wise initially offered affordable costs, a significant number of customers are now dissatisfied with the ever-increasing transaction fees it charges as other platforms prove more cost-effective. 
  5. Technical glitches: Users have reported application crashes, trouble logging in, and problems throughout the setup process, which ruined the customer experience. 
  6. Limited payment methods: Customers are dissatisfied with the fact that some payment methods, such as Klarna, have been discontinued, which has removed the flexibility and convenience of transferring money.
  7. Inconsistent user experience: Several changes have been made to the app appearance and functionality, which resulted in buried features, unnecessary menus, and a lack of label consistency, diminishing the overall usability of the app. 
  8. Transaction errors: Some users had issues with the platform and its reliability as a result of bugs and difficulties that arose throughout the course of their transactions, resulting in declined payments, failed verifications, and unexpected charges.

5. TransferGo

Sending money to Nigeria has never been easier than with TransferGo, whose fast and cheap payment methods, great exchange rates, and other services help millions of people all over the world.

The app provides comprehensive coverage of 164 countries and supports a broad number of currencies, including the Nigerian naira. 

Quick and easy money transfers are one of the best things about TransferGo. You can send money quickly with this service, which the recipient should receive in a matter of minutes. Transparency is very essential to TransferGo when it comes to its pricing system, as despite providing one of the best exchange rates, the company charges no extra fees.

Safety of customers' funds is another top concern for TransferGo, with several prominent financial regulators, including the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), overseeing it in its role as a registered and approved payment provider. 

The platform's high Trustpilot ratings attest to its reliability and client satisfaction, thus enhancing its credibility as a reliable money transfer provider.

Pros of transferring money to Nigeria with the TransferGo app

  1. Convenient setup and verification: TransferGo users have praised the platform's "convenient setup and verification" feature, which makes creating an account and verifying your identity a breeze.
  2. Cost-effective: Another reason why clients are so thrilled with TransferGo is due to the affordability of its price compared to other money transfer services.
  3. Excellent exchange rates: With TransferGo, customers can get the most out of their money transfers thanks to the platform's competitive exchange rates.
  4. Fast transfers: Transfers with TransferGo have been reported to arrive the same day or the next business day by many clients.
  5. Consistent and reliable service: While there are a few unfavourable reviews, many customers have praised TransferGo's dependability and reported that their transfers went off without a hitch.
  6. User-friendly interface: The user-friendliness and clarity of the TransferGo app's layout make it a breeze to use and finish transactions.
  7. Secure transactions: Many users have raved about how secure their funds feel with TransferGo.
  8. Transparent process: Customers have shown a liking to TransferGo because it's easy to use, regularly updates on the progress of their transfers, and they can request more paperwork if needed.

Cons of transferring money to Nigeria with the TransferGo app

  1. Verification process: Several customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with TransferGo registration process over the years. For some clients, the procedure is either too lengthy or too complicated to understand. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that more paperwork has to be completed after the transfer has commenced.
  2. Delayed transfers: Additionally, some clients have mentioned the lengthy processing times for their relocation cash. Many things have contributed to these setbacks, including technical difficulties and the need to conduct more experiments.
  3. Customer service response time: While TransferGo claims to serve customers quickly, some users have complained about slow responses to their inquiries or difficulties reaching customer service.
  4. Difficulty in contacting support: Getting in touch with TransferGo's customer service has proven to be a challenge for several users who have been unable to get a human response to emails or have suffered lengthy wait times.
  5. Issues with refunds: Some customers have reported difficulty getting their money back, particularly when transactions were delayed or cancelled.
  6. Additional verification requirements: While compliance with regulations is necessary, some users find it frustrating that additional verification is requested only after initiating a transfer, leading to potential delays or complications.

6. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is a multi-functional app that provides assistance with international financial transactions including quick transfers to Nigeria and other African nations.

Chipper Cash facilitates simple and transparent transactions for businesses and individuals all over the world, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda, helping to improve relationships between Africa and the Diaspora. 

Chipper Cash has over four million users globally, and while it is dedicated to providing the most competitive rates for international transfers, free local transfers make it an excellent choice for customers who want to send and receive money without having to pay expensive fees while doing so. This stands out among all of the advantages that Chipper Cash has to offer. 

Users are able to send and receive payments instantaneously, without the trouble of dealing with a bank or any other middleman, and without having to pay any fees. By using Chipper Cash's "free transfers between accounts," customers are able to send and receive funds from any participating bank or mobile money provider without incurring any fees. 

In addition, by simply encouraging their friends and coworkers to join the network, users have the opportunity to become eligible for cash prizes. 

Chipper Cash provides a method that is both efficient and cost-effective for managing payments and other financial activities. It is committed to continuous growth and improvement, and as part of that commitment, the platform is routinely updated and new features are introduced. 

Pros of transferring money to Nigeria with the Chipper Cash app

  1. Ease of use: Chipper Cash has been hailed by a large number of users for its user-friendliness, which allows it to be used for a variety of activities, including online shopping, topping up airtime, and processing payments. 
  2. Seamless registration: Users have been pleased with the app's user-friendly structure and the speed of the registration process.
  3. Transaction speed: Chipper Cash has received praise for its fast transaction processing, both for local and international transfers, with real-time balance updates. 
  4. No hidden fees: Users generally appreciate the transparency of Chipper Cash regarding fees, with most transactions being free or clearly stated.
  5. Customer service: Chipper Cash receives great rankings for their customer service, which promptly responds to user comments and tries to fix any issues. 
  6. Innovative solutions: Chipper Cash provides a number of innovative options, one of which is the use of virtual dollar cards, which could be beneficial for customers who often make purchases online or payments in foreign currencies. 

Cons of transferring money to Nigeria with the Chipper Cash app

  1. Technical issues: Some instances of technical difficulties that customers have reported include app freezes, delays, and poor loading times, issues that might potentially create an overall irritating experience for consumers. 
  2. Downtime and service disruptions: A number of users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that they are unable to access essential services or complete transactions as a result of constant service interruptions or downtime. 
  3. High exchange rates: When placed in comparison to the official rates or the prices offered by other rivals, the exchange rates provided by Chipper Cash leave much to be desired.
  4. Limited functionality: A number of users have voiced their dissatisfaction with the limited services available, including the inability to receive payments in United States dollars and difficulties in using the referral programme, amongst other issues. 
  5. Communication and transparency: In terms of transparency and communication, customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Chipper Cash on many occasions, citing instances in which the company failed to provide them with enough or clear information.
  6. Security concerns: Several consumers have voiced their worries over security, citing problems such as the absence of secondary authentication procedures for financial transactions and the possibility of unauthorised access to their accounts. 

7. Ace Money Transfer

Ace Money Transfer is one of the best options for transferring money to Nigeria or any other place on the globe since it is not only quick and safe but also user-friendly. 

Since the majority of transactions are completed in less than a second, customers get swift access to their money. The commendable exchange rates that Ace Money Transfer provides are just one of the many enticing qualities of this international money transfer service. 

Because of these rates, purchasers can be guaranteed that their money will safely travel the great distance over international borders. 

In addition, the daily exchange rates on the platform allow customers to make the most of their transfers while paying the least amount possible. 

Ace Money Transfer's primary priority is ensuring the safety of all of the financial transactions conducted on behalf of its customers. For the purpose of protecting sensitive data and ensuring that customers are able to send and receive money without any worries, the company employs 

Customers of Ace Money Transfer have access to a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, such as bank transfers, cash collection, deposits into their mobile accounts, airtime top-ups, and bill payments. 

Not only does the platform provide reliable money transfers without hidden costs, but it also offers transparency and an easy-to-use interface throughout the entire transaction process. 

Additionally, users of Ace Money Transfer have the option to sign up for exchange rate notifications, which provide them with information about the daily, weekly, and monthly variations of the very volatile Nigerian naira. 

In addition to that, Ace Money Transfer provides users with the ability to create their own distinctive image by providing individualised dashboards, skins, and app themes. As a consequence, users are granted more control and usability with an enhanced system. 

Ace Money Transfer accepts currency from a broad range of nations, including the British Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Indian Rupee, Nigerian Naira, and a great number of other currencies.

Pros of transferring money to Nigeria with the Ace Money Transfer app

  1. Great exchange rates: A sizable number of customers highly laud Ace Money Transfer's affordable exchange rates, especially when compared to those of rivals. 
  2. Security measures: Ace Money Transfer takes a proactive approach to authenticating transactions. For instance, if they notice suspicious behaviour, such as the usage of a virtual private network (VPN), they may call consumers to authenticate transactions. 
  3. Efficient customer support: Several customers have reported that Ace Money Transfer's customer service is quick to respond to any problems that arise with transfers. 
  4. Fast Transfers: Despite some negative feedback, many users report that their transfers are credited within minutes, with some even mentioning that most transfers are completed between 5 and 15 minutes.
  5. Ease of Use: Despite some complaints about the app's design and operation, most users have found Ace Money Transfer to be user-friendly and convenient, particularly for regular transactions. 

Cons of transferring money to Nigeria with the Ace Money Transfer app

  1. Technical issues: A sizeable number of customers have voiced their dissatisfaction over transaction failures, slow processing rates, and graphical difficulties associated with the app. 
  2. Verification process: Many clients are dissatisfied with the paperwork requirements and processing delays brought on by compliance checks, a part of Ace Money Transfer's mandatory verification procedure. 
  3. App usability: A significant number of users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the usability of the application, noting problems with the UI as well as its lack of intuitiveness and complexity. 
  4. Inconsistent performance: While some users have had positive experiences with Ace Money Transfer, others have noted a decline in service quality over time, including issues with account activation, biometric authentication, and the overall reliability of the app.