Cookie Notice

At Clacified, We use cookies and other similar technologies to help us understand and optimize our Services. Cookies help us track and measure various metrics relevant to our website's technical and commercial functions.

You have the right to opt-out of cookies, and we have made it easily accessible for you to opt-out on Clacified. We provide information on how to opt-out of all third-party cookie placements.

This article explains cookies, why we use cookies, the third-party tools that might place cookies on your computer, and how you can opt-out.

1. What are Cookies

A cookie is an information stored and maintained by websites on a user's browser to be sent to the exact website origin for tracking purposes.

Cookies help websites identify and associate web traffics to a given user and, in turn, identify and track user behaviors and sessions within the website.

2. Why do we use Cookies

We use web cookies to help us understand how users interact with Clacified and to help us optimize, customize, and improve Clacified's service offerings.

Below, we list some of the ways we use cookies on Clacified:

2.1 User Identification

We use cookies for user identification and to process login/logout functionality. With cookies, we associate sessions to specific website users when browsing Clacified.

2.2 Performance Measurement

Cookies help us to track and analyze how visitors use our website. In Clacified, below are some of the things followed:

  1. Which pages do visitors visit
  2. Links and buttons users interact with
  3. Each page's load speed and web performance metrics
  4. How much content does a user read
  5. Actions users perform while browsing Clacified

All these are tracked using cookies and related technologies, and it helps us understand how users interact with and use our platform.

2.3 Service Improvement & Personalization

By understanding how users interact with our platform, cookies help us personalize/customize our services to users' needs.

It also helps us understand which of our services are appreciated by users and which others are not; hence it allows us to improve and serve you better.

2.4 Advertisement Purposes

We use cookies to improve and serve adverts to our users. Below is a list of ways cookies help us to do the right ad to our users:

  1. It allows us to limit the number of times you see an advertisement
  2. Cookies allow us to customize advertising across our pages and track their performances

2.5 Social media cookies

Social media service providers use cookies to enable you to share our website content with your friends and networks. These cookies may track your browser across other sites and build a profile of your interests.

3. Third-Party Measurement and Advertisement Cookies

A host of third-party tools are utilized on Clacified to run and optimize our services efficiently and serve commercial ad placements on our platform. These third-party tools use and depend on cookies to function correctly. Below is a comprehensive list of all third-party tools used in Clacified that may place cookies on your device.

3.1 Google Analytics Standard Cookies

Google Analytics standard implementation helps us track user sessions on our platform through cookies. Please see how Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps

to opt-out of Google analytics standard implementation cookies. Please use this opt-out browser add-on from google

3.2 Google Analytics Ad Features

In addition to Google Analytics Standard Implementation, we also enabled the following Google analytics ad features:

  1. Remarketing with Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics Remarketing to tailor and customize Clacified's google ads campaign for you when you visit other websites or apps. This means that you are likely to see Clacified's ads on other websites or apps you visit.
  2. Demographics and Interest Reporting: We use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest reporting ad Feature to collect various information about you when available, including Age, Gender, and interests.
  3. Google Display Network Impression Reporting: GDN impression reporting lets us measure the impact of unclicked GDN Display ad impressions against site behavior and conversions.

To opt out of all Google analytics Ad Features cookies, please use this opt-out browser add-on from Google.

3.3 Google Advertisement Cookies

Clacified integrates with third-party vendors, including Google Adsense, that may use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visit to our website or other websites.

Google advertisement cookies enable Google and her partners to serve ads to you on Clacified based on your prior visit to Clacified or other sites on the internet.

You can opt-out of Google personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings.

4. How to opt-out of Cookies

You can opt-out of all tracking features and cookies discussed above by following the instructions in this section. Below is a list of opt-out links and tools for all third-party tracking cookies on Clacified. Visit each link to opt out anytime.

  1. Google opt-out browser add-on: Use google's opt-out browser add-on to opt-out of all third-party tracking cookies from Google products used in Clacified, including Google Analytics Standard Implementation and google Analytics Ad Features
  2. Google Ads Settings: You can opt-out of Google Advertisement cookies to disable Google from displaying ads to you when you visit Clacified by visiting Google's Ads Settings page.

5. How to contact us

Contact us for any privacy concerns, enquiries and support using our contact us page or reach out to us via email.