Do any Casinos still have Coin Pushers?

Coin Pusher.

Coin pusher games were once incredibly popular, but you’re less likely to find them in casinos these days than you were a couple of decades ago.

How do coin pushers work, and where can you hope to find them now? And if you play in a casino online, can you also find these games?

What are Coin Pushers?

These are exciting games made up of two or more levels filled with coins that were first created in the 1960s. The upper levels move back and forward while the lower one stays in the same place. This means that the idea is to drop a coin onto the top level and push the coins below out into the collecting area.

Some games made things even more interesting by putting dollar notes or special gifts on the coins. This type of game was popular because it gave us the chance to win a lot of money with relatively small stakes.

The casino makes money by collecting the coins that are pushed out into holes at the side of the playing area. Reports suggest that this was a highly profitable game for casinos, and it’s also clear that people loved it.

It’s mainly a game of luck, although players use certain strategies to enhance their chances. This largely means timing the dropping of the coin and choosing where it lands to increase the chances of winning.

Picking suitable machines is also crucial, as the number and position of the coins sitting there can vary widely between machines.

Do any Casinos have Them?

However, it’s now extremely difficult to find these classic games in casinos. One of the issues is that these are older machines, so you have virtually no chance of seeing them in a modern, recently built casino. These places are more likely to have more modern slots and video poker games instead.

Therefore, your best chance of finding coin pushers is in older casinos, with smaller, less-visited venues perhaps the most likely to maintain one of these machines. A look online confirms that other people are also looking for these games in casinos.

Some online suggestions suggest that some casinos may still have one or more of these games. However, no solid confirmation was seen, so it’s still unclear whether you can play them in a casino or if the last ones have now been removed.

Where can You find Them?

Coin pushers are hard to find anywhere these days. It isn’t clear exactly when and why they lost popularity. Perhaps they were more challenging to maintain, or people simply drifted away from them to look for more modern games with eye-catching features and technology.

Arcades are where you’re most likely to see a coin pusher game. Again, older and less busy arcades where they still have traditional games are the best options. Some games also now feature tickets instead of coins, which means you must also look out for this type of game.

You might also see one at a carnival or fair. Most of the information on the locations of these games you see online is rather outdated, so the best idea is to look online for your local area and then check out any of the spots mentioned.

Try playing on Cruise ships

Several sources mention that many of these machines were moved from casinos and arcades to cruise ships at some point in the past. This makes sense, as cruise ships tend to have a casino and may also have some other games dotted about the craft for guests to enjoy.

Cruise ship operators usually mention whether they have onboard gambling options or not. However, they won’t often mention specific machines in their marketing material, so it’s difficult to be sure whether they offer coin pusher games or not.

In this case, you should look up online reviews of the cruise ship you plan to travel on. Luckily, someone might have recently mentioned their specific games or made a YouTube video showing them.

Look hard enough, and you’ll hopefully find one of these machines near you that you can try soon. There’s no doubt that modern slots and other gambling games have grabbed a large share of the gaming market, but there are still some machines around.

Can You play online Coin Pushers?

It’s also possible to try online coin pushers. While these games haven’t yet been converted for online casino play, they can be found on other sites. You’ll mainly see them in app versions, where a simplified version of the gameplay is offered, and you can make in-game purchases to play.

These games lack the physical appeal of dropping in coins and watching as the pile moves further forward. However, they are an alternative option for those moments when you want to recall these games but can’t find somewhere local to do so.