The best Altcoins to gamble with on online Casinos

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Although bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there, altcoins which are alternatives to bitcoins, are growing popular by the day, and they continually increase in value. Today investors are keen on investing in altcoins due to their continuous increase in value and popularity.

Even in the gambling world, or esports crypto betting, altcoins are preferred for gamblers, as transactions in altcoins are faster than in bitcoins. Players who love to withdraw their winnings immediately demand speedy transactions. And most online gambling sites use bitcoins as a preferred means of transactions due to that fact.

Altcoins are cryptocurrencies that aren't Bitcoin. Some are very popular; they feature technical innovations that differentiate them from Bitcoin.

Why Altcoins Are Good for Online Gambling

Although there are thousands of altcoins available, online casinos now accept some altcoins as a means of gambling in recent times. Even more so, altcoin casinos are growing increasingly popular.

There are so many reasons why gambling with altcoins is suitable for gamblers; here are they;

1. Affordability

Gambling with bitcoin can be expensive compared to other coins; bitcoin is currently the most expensive coin and can be costly to buy, in contrast to other currencies like Ripple and Litecoin. They are cheaper.

2. Faster transactions

Unlike bitcoin, altcoins like Ethereum are quicker to send to online casinos for online transactions. Some altcoins have new features that support faster transactions.

3. It's a good investment

Some altcoins are a tool for investing; the value increases constantly. And due to that fact, investors purchase altcoins in large bulk to increase their chances of making profits.

It is all the more reason why altcoins are a preferred choice for long term use. As they become more popular for use in online gambling and increase in value, gamblers are now using altcoins to gamble, too, to increase their chances of getting more money.

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The Best Altcoins to Use for Online Gambling

As online casinos continue to grow, altcoins casinos are on the rise, and gambling with them has its perks. Choosing the right altcoin to gamble with might be hard for online gamblers. Gambling is as essential as gambling with them. Here are some of the most common altcoins used by professional gamblers to gamble online:

1. Ethereum - ETH

Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency; when measuring popular altcoins by market cap, Ethereum is the second-largest behind bitcoin. Transactions with Ethereum are very fast, most especially when sending them to online casinos.

2. Dogecoin - DOGE

Although created based on an internet meme, the coin has risen in popularity in recent times. And casinos love it too. Due to its popularity, online casinos turned to accept it as a gambling payment. More so, billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban have helped the coin become popular due to the constant promotion of the currency by the billionaires.

3. Litecoin - LTC

One of Ethereum's primary purposes was to speed up online transactions; not just that, compared to bitcoin, and other popular altcoins, they are cheap to purchase. Although not very popular, they remain the best intention for gambling when gaming with cryptocurrency.

4. Ripple (XRP)

They are commonly referred to as banking coins, invented initially for sending money between banks. Ripple supports fast transactions compared to other altcoins. And a perfect choice for online casinos to accept as payment.

5. Tether - USDT

Tethers are increasingly popular because of their Affordability and increased usage. It's a stable coin, not overly volatile and stable for gambling. So gamblers use them to gamble, and online casinos accept them more.


Other than those coins listed above, online casinos and gamblers use other preferred coins for gambling; TRON, Monero, and Cardano. Tron is crypto for blockchain gambling. And like some other altcoins, it's mainly used for gambling online. Monero supports privacy, and it's why gamblers love it.

Although these are some popular altcoins gamblers use to gamble online, there are well over 50 coins or more online gambling casinos accept as a means of payment and transaction. You can check some sites to see the popular ones that increase in value over time and are not overly volatile.