These 10 Exciting K-Dramas are a Must-Watch in 2024 

Discover top-notch Korean drama for your binge-watching pleasure! From The Midnight Studio to Wedding Impossible, these K-dramas are a must-watch this year. 

Image showing a Korean movie scene shot with three actresses dressed in Asian dresses

In recent years, Korean dramas have consistently made their mark in the entertainment industry. Though there are not many Korean dramas on the list of the most viewed TV series in the world, they are gradually creeping up and may soon capture the interest of many people in different parts of the world. 

Every year, viewers look forward to gripping TV shows from this region. Last year saw exciting dramas like The Good Bad Mother, King the Land, and See You in My 19th Life, which kept us entertained and glued to our screens. 

This year is no different from the last, as it is already packed with amazing titles. This article will highlight information like which K-drama to watch, where to watch it, and release dates. 

Without further ado, here is a list of the 10 most exciting K-dramas you must watch in 2024. 

1. Wedding Impossible

Wedding Impossible is number one on our list of the top 10 exciting K-dramas to watch in 2024. If you are a lover of K-dramas such as King the Land, Business Proposal and Dali and the Cocky Prince, which involve showing off wealth, drafting contracts and falling in love, then this particular K-drama is for you. 

Wedding Impossible, based on a webtoon series with a similar title, is a story about two friends, a struggling actress and a chaebol heir to LJ Group, who enter into a contractual marriage to keep his family from discovering a huge secret. 

Wedding Impossible K-drama written by Sung Jung-Won. The romantic comedy stars Jean Jong-seo, Moon Sang-Min, Kim Do-Wan, and Bae Yoon-Kyung. The movie is a 12-episode series released on February 26, 2024. It is available on Amazon Prime Video, though only in specific places. You can also find it on streaming platforms like HiTV, Netflix, and Viki. 

2. Queen of Divorce

For everyone looking for a legal K-drama series to watch this year that resonates with the likes of the popular television series, Suspicious Partner, Queen of Divorce is definitely you. 

This legal comedy series is about a former daughter-in-law to one of the biggest law firms in the country who was left helpless and without any money after her divorce. Due to the unfair treatment she got from the family she married into, she started rendering services to spouses seeking to get fair divorce settlements while seeking retribution from her ex-husband. 

Directed by Park Jin-Seok and written by Jun Hee-Sun, Queen of Divorce was released on January 31st and ended on March 7th, 2024. The 12-episode series stars Lee Ji-Ah and Kang Ki-Young and is available on streaming platforms such as Viki, HiTV, and Netflix.

3. Doctor Slump

School rivals turned lovers in this romantic medical drama about 2 promising doctors whose careers deteriorate. They find solace in each other after meeting by chance on the rooftop of a house in this sensational K-drama. 

Doctor Slump was released on January 27, 2024, and ended on March 17, 2024. This movie is definitely among the top 10 most exciting K-dramas you should watch in 2014.

The 16-episode Korean movie series Doctor Slump is a wholesome romantic drama that makes you rethink certain life choices and helps you find yourself. 

Written by Baek Sun-Woo and directed by Oh Hyun-Jung, the cast includes popular "The Heirs" actress Park Shin-Hye, who is in the lead role alongside Park Hyung-Sik, Yoon Park, and Oh Dong-Min. Doctor Slump is available on Netflix, TVING, Kissasian, and Dramacool. 

If you enjoyed watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha, you have to add this series to your 2024 watchlist. 

4. A Killer Paradox

Another exciting K-drama series definitely worth watching or adding to your watchlist in 2024 is "A Killer Paradox". From the title, you can deduce that the series packs a punch. 

This Korean movie series which captures the life of a college student and part-time convenience store worker, Lee Tang, who turned serial killers into victims after one accidental murder on a chilly night and goes on a killing spree targeting a disturbing demographic "serial killers" is a good versus evil story. 

Lee Tang’s life never remains the same and takes a drastic turn for the worse in a never-ending pursuit with a detective eager to apprehend him. This webtoon Netflix adaptation is a thrilling crime drama series that will keep you on your toes, play with your mind as it is full of twists and turns, and, most importantly, question your morality. 

Notable Parasite actor Choi Woo-Shik plays the lead role in this series alongside Son Suk-Ku. A Killer Paradox movie series was released on February 9 and is available to stream on Netflix. 

5. The Midnight Studio

Imagine you have a chance to say goodbye to a loved one? Yup! The Midnight Studio does just that. You are probably thinking, "Why can't this be our reality?" Sadly, that's life! 

Released on March 12, 2024, The Midnight Studio is an ongoing supernatural romantic Korean comedy series based on a novel that tells the tale of a photographer who manages a photo studio and teams up with a devoted lawyer. Bound to taking pictures of dead people for generations to come, Seo Ki Joo is the 7th owner of the photo studio that is mostly patronized by ghosts who come to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Fans of Hotel Del Luna would gravitate towards this series as it involves paranormal activities. Written by Kim Yi-Rang and directed by Song Hyonn-Wook, The Midnight Studio stars Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In-Soo, Eum Moon-Suk and is available on Viki, Kissasian and JustWatch. 

6. Marry My Husband

If you are an avid follower of Park Min-Young and haven't seen her latest drama, Marry My Husband, your “fan membership” should be questioned. 

Released on January 1st, with its last episode aired on February 20 2024, "Marry My Husband" is one of the most interesting K-dramas to watch in 2024.

 The Korean movie series tells the story of Ji Won, a woman whose life is not only cut short by a deadly cancerous disease but also by her husband and his mistress, her best friend. She is given another chance at life, 10 years early, to change her future.

Starred by Korea's on-screen sweetheart Park Min-Young, Lee Yin-Kyung, Na In-Woo and Song Ha-Yoon, Marry My Husband is directed by Park Won-Gook and written by Seong So-Jak and Shin Yoon-Dam. 

The series touches on betrayal, revenge, and second chances. It is very similar to Perfect Marriage Revenge. Marry My Husband is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Dramacool. 

7. Captivating the King

This series is for every K-drama fan who loves a traditional story setting. Basically, the title of the series sums up the plot. 

Written by Kim Sun-Deok and directed by Jo Nam-Kook, Captivating the King is a historical drama that involves a king and a spy from noble birth who seeks revenge on the king through the art of seduction. Things do not go as planned, as the spy got her heart captured by the king instead. 

The series premiered on January 21 and finished on March 3, 2024; that means, you do not have to go through the trouble of waiting every week for a new episode to drop. It is also a must-watch Korean series for K-drama lovers in 2024.

Hospital Playlist star Cho Jeung-Seok and The Bride of Habeak star Shin Se-Kyung are the lead roles in this series. Captivating the King touches on various themes, including war, politics, love and revenge. The 16-episode series is available to stream on Netflix, HiTv and Dramacool. 

8. The Impossible Heir

All Chaebol lovers, get in here and take a seat because this series was made for you. And if you are thinking of an exciting K-drama to watch in 2024, think no more! 

The Impossible Heir captures the life of Kang In-Ha, an illegitimate son of a powerful business owner who has lived his life in poverty. He is ready to take what's his, having been shut out by his family. 

Just like most K-dramas with chaebol storylines, The Impossible Heir isn't far-fetched as there is a never-ending struggle for power, status and money. 

Directed by Min Yeon-Hong and Lee Hyang-Bong and written by Choi Won, the ongoing series was released on February 28, 2024, and stars Lee Jun-Young and Lee Jae-Wook. The Impossible Heir is available on Hulu, Disney+, Dramabeans and Kissasian. 

9. Branding in Seongsu

This mystery K-drama, with its main theme centered around love, is a 24-episode series that involves two people: an intern and a workaholic boss who is very career-driven. 

Having different values and never seeing eye to eye, everything changes when the duo’s souls are swapped after an accidental kiss. Their lives never remain the same as their world is turned upside down. 

Branding in Seongsu is a romantic comedy-drama directed by Jun Heon-Soo, co-written by Choi Sun-Mi and Jeon Sun-Young and starring Lomon, Kim Ji-Eun, Kim Ho-Young and Yang Hye-Ji. Branding in Seongsu aired from February 5th to March 14th 2024, and can be watched on Viki, Netflix, AppleTV, Iflix, Dramacool, Hotstar and Viu. 

If you resonate with supernatural stories, this body swap drama is surely for you.

10. Queen of Tears

What should have been a happy ending turns out to be a nightmare for a young couple in this K-drama. 

Queen of Tears is a must-watch Korean movie series this year, with a high rating of 8.5 on IMDb and 8.7 on MyDramaList. The series follows the lives of a couple who, after just three years of marriage, are on the brink of divorce. They navigate the crises in their home, which reignites their love for each other. 

With a few episodes released, the ongoing series is directed by Jang Yougn-Woo and Kim Hee-Won, written by the famous Crash Landing on You writer, Park Ji-Eun and features actors Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won. 

Released on March 9th, 2024, Queen of Tears is about rediscovering love, friendship, and almost everyone's favourite. It is available to stream on Netflix and Dramabeans. 

Final words

Seeing that we are just in the first quarter of the year with exciting titles already released, it is safe for us to hope for more interesting dramas aside from the popular anticipated series such as the sequel to All of Us Are Dead, Gyeongseong Creature, and Squid Game.

Sweet Home season 3 and a spinoff of the medical K-drama, Hospital Playlist, would be churned out for our viewing pleasure.