Which finger is for engagement ring in Nigeria?

A Nigerian man wears an engagement ring on his bride

If you're preparing to pop the question or your significant other has already proposed, but you're not sure which finger is for the engagement ring in Nigeria, you're on the right page. Do not fret, you are not alone in not knowing which finger is appropriate for an engagement ring in Nigeria. 

This post offers a comprehensive response to this query as well as other inquiries about engagement rings in Nigeria. 

Which finger is for an engagement ring in Nigeria?

You should be aware that in Nigeria, your engagement ring must be worn on the ring finger on the left hand, that is, the second finger from the left.

Naturally, this is not mandatory since, as we shall see, the wearing of an engagement ring has changed throughout time in accordance with various nations and customs.

But why should the accompanying engagement ring be placed on the left hand's ring finger?

Engagement ring on left ring finger—why?

The justification dates back to ancient times. It was thought at the time that this finger had a vein going straight to the heart.

Since the person who had provided the ring was thus connected to the heart of the person who had accepted it, the custom of wearing an engagement ring on the left finger had a very significant symbolic meaning.

Future Nigerian brides are still expected to wear their engagement rings on their left ring fingers since this tradition has persisted throughout time.

However, because the venous network on each finger is the same and is linked to our heart in the same manner, we do not really have a specific vein linking our ring finger to this important organ.

Above all else, the engagement ring served as a symbol of commitment and financial stability.

Origin of the engagement ring

The Middle Ages made engagement, a custom preceding marriage, mandatory and religious. Eventually, they became optional and nonreligious, depending on the preferences of the bride and husband.

The first recorded engagement took place in ancient Rome when the bride received a modest iron ring from the groom as a sign of their impending marriage. She wore it on her left index finger.

Engagement ring finger vs wedding ring finger

Which ring comes out on top? A wedding ring or engagement ring?

No guidelines are given. Most women wear these two bands on the same finger for convenience, while others choose to wear only their wedding ring on the left ring finger and place their engagement ring on the right hand.

If you wish to wear your engagement and wedding rings on the same finger, you must choose rings made of the same metal since, for instance, a harder metal like platinum can harm a softer metal like gold.

The friction between two bands may harm any coating on one of the rings, such as rhodium for white gold, which will cause it to tarnish more rapidly.

Additionally, the metal or stones of the other band may be scratched by the diamonds on one ring.

Is the engagement ring worn on the middle finger?

As long as you are completely confident of your decision, it is possible to wear an engagement ring on the middle finger. However, be aware that the middle finger is the finger of provocation and may sometimes be used to make offensive gestures.

You may distinguish yourself by wearing your engagement ring on your middle finger rather than your left ring finger, but watch out for provocation.

Wearing your ring on the left hand will help it maintain its symbolic value and prevent being mistaken for a plain, meaningless ring.

The little finger, the index finger, and the thumb are excellent alternatives to the middle finger that can also hold your engagement ring if you wish to stray from the custom of wearing bands on the left ring finger.

Is it acceptable to wear an engagement ring on the right hand?

On your wedding day, you may definitely wear your engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand. In this manner, your left hand remains free to accommodate the wedding ring. You may even allow your spouse relocate it himself while exchanging rings.

If you want to show off your wedding ring on "D" day, do not wear your engagement ring.

What happens to an engagement ring after a wedding?

So the wedding ring that represents your connection with the person you love is on your left ring finger. The wedding ceremony is finished, and your honeymoon is behind you.

But you had previously received an engagement ring from this individual, which you had been wearing with pride for months. What are you going to do with this ring now, though?

Keep wearing it

Nothing prohibits you from continuing to wear your engagement ring every day even if you now wear your wedding band on the ring finger of your left hand.

There are numerous ways to wear an engagement ring after being married:

  • Put your engagement ring on your right hand's ring finger.
  • Wear your wedding ring and ring finger in any combination on your left ring finger.

Wear occasionally

If you and your husband are not too concerned with following societal norms, you may sometimes take off your wedding band and wear your engagement ring instead, perhaps for an evening.

Discontinue wearing

Some women choose to stop wearing their engagement rings, in which case it must be kept secure.

Diamonds and other valuable stones won't likely be harmed if you store it in its case and away from your other jewellery. You may store your ring in a safe, such as one at a bank, for further protection, particularly if it has significant value.

Pass it on

Keep your engagement ring safe. First of all, you'll regret losing such a priceless item. Secondly, there's a strong possibility you'll want to pass it on at some point.

At the time of their own marriage, many women do gift their engagement ring to one of their children or grandkids. This is a chance to transmit a priceless family heirloom, a piece of your legacy, and a piece of your history.

Is an engagement ring the same as a wedding ring?

The wedding band and the engagement ring are two completely distinct rings even if they have the same roots.

They don't correlate to the same wedding events, and choosing the incorrect ring type for such significant jewellery would be a mistake.

The band that is provided as part of the marriage proposal is the engagement ring. The engagement phase, which is often devoted to making final preparations for the wedding ceremony, starts at this point. Usually a guy would surprise his woman with a feminine precious metal.

On the other hand, the wedding ring is the ring that is exchanged during the wedding ceremony, often after the exchange of vows. It is a ring that, unlike the engagement ring, both sexes wear as a symbol of their marriage.

Which finger is for a promise ring?

The promise ring has no preferred finger, unlike the wedding band or the engagement ring. It is placed where you wish it and worn metaphorically.

While they wait for a more formal ring, couples will often wear it on the left ring finger. In non-romantic situations, the receiver is free to wear it anywhere they please.

The right ring finger or middle finger is where some people wear their commitment rings. Others use it as a pendant and hang it on a chain.