Latest Ankara gown styles for ladies

Latest Ankara gown styles for ladies

Ankara gown styles are a common trend in Africa, with local tailors showcasing their creativity in African fashion. Originally, Nigerian girls and women prided themselves on long, ankle-length ankara gowns, the main ankara dress styles.

Ladies endowed with an hourglass figure are the best fit in the latest ankara gown styles. If you are such ladies, it is only normal for you to stay up to date with the latest ankara gown styles in this article.

Ankara gown styles are multi-purpose; long and short ankara gown styles remain suitable for formal parties or casual in-house wear.

Ankara gown styles have recently shifted from traditional floor-length styles to chic, contemporary, cool, stylish, and elegant short-body dresses.

It seems like the African girls, especially in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and cities like Johannesburg, and Lagos, have taken on the modern fashion statements. One important thing to note about Ankara fabrics is that they can be styled into any 21st-century fashion statement.

With these latest ankara gown styles, you can never go wrong, and it never gets old; it's no wonder that even some of the richest actresses in Nigeria dazzle in lovely ankara gowns. More so, ankara gowns are one of the best outfits for your summer holiday.

Stylish latest ankara gown styles look great on slim, medium, and thick-bodied women; in simpler terms, the latest ankara gown styles look great on any body type.

Below are the latest ankara gown styles for ladies in 2023 that will set you apart at any event and leave everyone in awe.

Mermaid Ankara gown styles

Mermaid Ankara dress

The latest ankara gown style 2022 is the mermaid long ankara gown dress that gives off the hourglass figure with some extra details.

The mermaid dress always tops the list for latest ankara gown styles for ladies

This form-fitting gown style is suitable for all body types because it features the corset waist and accentuates the curves and edges of a woman's body. Ankara can be combined with lace, velvet, or net.

The asymmetrical layers flow from the knees downwards, and most women love it when the hemline touches or sweeps the floor.

Ankara gown styles with slits

Long Ankara gowns with thigh length slit.

Long ankara gowns with exaggerated front slits are also part of the latest ankara gown styles.

These ankara dresses with slits are chic and popular among Nigerian women and can be worn to weddings, dinner parties, and award nights.

No doubt, if you are looking to add an edgy side to your fashion style, then a slit is all you need, but if you are a bit more conservative, you can have a slit that is knee length. You should try this later ankara gown style in 2023.

Ankara gowns with puffy sleeves

Ankara gown with puffy sleeves

Ankara gowns with puffy sleeves are also part of the trending Ankara fashion statements. A combination of renaissance puffy sleeves and body con fashion, this ankara gown style can be worn to the office, party, or gathering.

Tagged one of the latest ankara gown styles with puffy sleeves usually comes in midi-length dresses or, if daring enough, comes in long flowing gowns.

A lined Ankara dress/pinterest

A-Line Ankara styles

If you want to add one of the latest ankara gown style fashion statements to your wardrobe, then A-line ankara gown dresses are your best bet.

Free A-shaped gown styles can come in maxi or midi sizes depending on your local tailor or preference.

They are cool and can be worn with sneakers, heels, or flats, depending on the nature of your occasion. If the fabric is cute enough, it can also be worn to night parties and other social gatherings.

Ankle-length straight dress

Ankle length Ankara gown

The Ankle-length ankara styles give off that rich aunt vibes, which can be worn to weddings or brunch activities.

Topping the list for the latest ankara gown styles, the ankle-length straight ankara gown style gives off a mature and classy look. It can be mixed with net or satin to achieve a more sophisticated style.

Bell shaped Ankara gown

Bell-shaped dress designs

The Bell shaped ankara gown style is one of the latest fashion expressions. This design resembles the western ball gown and comes in midi and maxi lengths.

The bell-shaped ankara gown style is usually worn on festive occasions, especially evening and wedding events-because of the comfy and stylish details. It should add some colour to your wardrobe.

 These bell-shaped ball gowns are the dress of choice for many beautiful Nigerians. Talk about walking down the aisle in a well-designed bell Ankara dress with the scent of either of the top 20 lasting women's perfumes wafting through the room.

Flared Ankara dresses

Flared dresses

Flared dresses are the latest ankara gown style tics in town. The dress is fitted until it gets to the mid-riffs and spreads. Most flared dresses almost take on the A shape but with some extra wrinkles.

A flared dress can be full-length or mini. Talk about a damsel in a dress dripping with ankara finesse. Flared dresses are the perfect outfit for a proposal dinner, especially when trying to stay conservative with a hint of classy.

Then pair up your flared Ankara dress with light makeup, heels, jewelry, and a bright big smile-Next watch you, man, on one knee as he fidgets with which finger is for an engagement ring in Nigeria. Lol!

You can trust to never go wrong with this latest ankara gown style.

Shift dress

Shift dress

With the shift ankara gown, you can't go wrong when thinking up something to wear for a romantic dinner with the man of your dreams.  Spice your shift dress up with cool strap heels and a small clutch bag to match.

If you have an adventurous spirit and plan to "Japa" to some of the best countries that Nigerians can migrate to, you could pack up your easy-to-wear ankara shift dress and hop your way to one of the best Italian restaurants in NYC.

The good thing about ankara fabric is that it is acceptable and transcends culture; they are beautiful, intelligent, sassy, and classy.

If you do not have this latest ankara gown style in your wardrobe, then you must add it to your bucket list.

Body con Ankara gowns

Body con Ankara gown

A body con mini dress accentuates your curves if you have a well-defined waist. It doesn't matter if you are skinny or plus-sized. As long as you can snatch your waist, you are good to go.

For this latest ankara gown style, you need accessories with some looped earrings or stud-like earrings.

Are you conservative? Then you can add matching skin socks or fish net to cover your thighs.

T-shaped Ankara dress

T-shaped Ankara dress

The T-shaped ankara dress style is the latest trend in fashion statements. Many young Nigerian women have picked up this new trend of dresses to snag out with friends, have fun at the beach and play dress-up for brunch.

T-shaped attires widen from the shoulders to your knees. You can add dress robes and belts for a more chic appearance. An ankara dress robe keeps you warm and prevents the Tee dress from blowing up in the wind.