Best teacher valentine gifts: for any subject or gender

Is your teacher male or female? Is biology or physics their specialisation? From handmade to store-bought, these are the best teacher's Valentine Day gift ideas.

A child holding a heart-shaped paper

Valentine's Day is becoming more popular among Americans as doting couples, parents, and children display their affection for one another. Therefore, it is unsurprising that students will applaud their teachers on February 14. It is crucial to choose what Valentine's Day gift to buy a teacher if you want to demonstrate your love and gratitude in this manner.

This article lists the best Valentine's Day gifts for teachers based on

  • gender,
  • faculty of expertise, and
  • homemade or DIY items.

Best DIY Valentine's Day gift for teachers

Since it is considered unethical for teachers to receive gifts from students in American schools, particularly on this occasion, it is recommended that students make a homemade Valentine's Day gift for their favourite teacher to express their appreciation.

The following are the best DIY Valentine's Day gifts that students may make for their teachers:

Heart-shaped postcards

A giant heart-shaped postcard on which students can add their signatures, wishes, stickers, or images is the best Valentine's Day gift for teachers since it is celebrated with the whole class.

Another alternative is to gather Valentine's Day postcards from each kid and give them in a single envelope or bag to the teacher. A Valentine's Day card for a teacher can be something other than a postcard or an art project.

Using applications made from different materials (felt, foamiran, velvet cardboard, and polymer clay), students can make a heart with a message or a photograph. The Valentine's Day gift can be transformed into a picture stand if the thick cardboard is wrapped in fabric or clay.


Among the best Valentine's Day gifts for teachers is a bouquet of balloons, which is a perfect alternative to perishable flowers. The gift may be one of two things: a balloon with a wish from each pupil for the teacher or an artificial bouquet of little, thin balloons arranged in curls.

Such a gift from caring students may be kept in the classroom for a long time, even beyond February 14.

Handmade souvenirs

A Valentine's Day gift for a teacher might be a carved shelf or a clay pen holder created during a labour class or at home. This Valentine's Day remembrance can be created by a single student and distributed on behalf of the whole class.

Wall of newspaper congratulations

The congratulatory newspaper wall is a Valentine's Day gift for teachers that requires involvement from the whole class and, if possible, parental participation.

Kids must choose an A3 or Whatman paper for the newspaper and add photographs of themselves and their teacher. Students can put greetings, drawings, and messages in the blank spots.

On the morning of Thursday, February 14, the paper should be hung on one of the classroom walls.

For this Valentine's Day gift for a teacher to be successful, it must be unexpected; thus, all students must keep the gift's preparation a tight secret. Therefore, it is advisable to set it up in the classroom before the teacher arrives.

Best cheap Valentine's Day gift for a teacher

If it is not feasible for pupils to create a keepsake with their own hands, they can choose one of the following affordable Valentine's Day gifts to offer to their teachers on February 14:

Notepad or weekly

For one of the best inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts for teachers, students can pick a holiday-appropriate notepad and write a message on the first page.

If gifting a basic notepad is impossible, students can choose a fashionable diary with a cover, a lock, and a pen inside as a Valentine's Day gift for their teacher.

A set of pens or markers

Suppose the teacher uses a magnetic board on which they can write with markers; in that case, a set of markers will be a useful Valentine's Day gift, particularly if the markers usually run out at the worst possible time.

The same holds true with pens.

Teacher pointer

Teachers at schools and colleges use a variety of pointers, including laser, telescopic, and conventional. For the ideal Valentine's Day gift for a teacher, students can find out in advance what kind of pointer the teacher prefers and then buy that specific model.

Edible gift

An edible Valentine's Day gift for a teacher is a fantastic way for students to demonstrate their love and commitment. Moreover, the variety in shops allows for the selection of a gift for any taste.

Chocolate figurine

If students locate an appropriate silicone mould, they can create a chocolate Valentine's Day gift for their teacher at home. Simply melt the chocolate and allow it to solidify into the appropriate shape.

If neither time nor opportunity is available, it is preferable to search for a comparable gift in specialised shops or to order it.

Festive pie or dessert

An excellent Valentine's Day gift for a teacher is a festive pie or cake, which may be cooked during a labour class and delivered to the teacher during a tea party.

If this is not feasible, a store-bought pie or one prepared by one of the moms is an excellent Valentine's Day gift for teachers.

A set of chocolate-flavoured pencils

In addition to a postcard, a little present, such as a set of chocolate pencils, might be gifted to the teacher on February 14 since it is likely to evoke pleasant feelings.

Edible bouquet

Like balloons, an edible bouquet is a terrific alternative to perishable flowers as a Valentine's Day gift for a teacher. It is preferable to offer the teacher a bouquet of dried fruits, as such a gift may be preserved for a long time and, in rare situations, can be used as interior decoration.


On Valentine's Day, if there are no acceptable and more creative gifts, students can always offer the teacher a heart-shaped basket of candies.

Such an expression of affection and gratitude from the students will not be obtrusive and will properly brighten up the teacher.

Enhance your edible gift:

Students can add their signatures and designs to any tasty gift using food markers.

Best Valentine's Day gifts for a female teacher

Students may substantially simplify their work on the night of Valentine's Day if they pay close attention to the gender of their teacher.

Clearly, women and men have distinct preferences; therefore, donors have a higher chance of purchasing a memento that will subtly convey to the teacher that she is appreciated and valued by her pupils.

These are the top Valentine's Day gifts for female teachers:


Typically, a topiary is a custom-made Valentine's Day gift, but it is quite feasible for you to create one for your female teacher.

The simplest method involves coffee beans and corrugated paper. Additionally, embellishments consisting of rhinestones, ribbons, jewels, and coins are excellent but will be fairly costly.


Another charming homemade Valentine's Day gift option for teachers is a terrarium. Although florists should be consulted on this topic, plants such as a money tree or bonsai are ideal for a garden in a jar.

The terrarium may be embellished with coloured stones, sand, and coloured glass.

Oil burner

This Valentine's Day gift is not for everyone, but if a teacher likes essential oils and diverse smells, a little figurine accompanied by a package of oils would be appreciated.

Tea mug

During the inter-lesson break, female educators often relax and sip tea. Therefore, a tea mug is an excellent Valentine's Day gift for a teacher since she can enjoy a beverage while holding not a regular cup but one with expressions of love or well wishes from the whole class.

Teacher's portrait

This is a perfect Valentine's Day gift for a teacher, given that modern technology enables anybody to print any image onto the canvas. The student can submit an image of the teacher to the artist and get the completed product a few days later.

Additionally, with the aid of Photoshop, anybody can add the essential elements to the image as determined by the pupils.

Valentine's Day gifts for female teachers are sensitive

When selecting a Valentine's Day gift for a female teacher on February 14, do not consider cosmetics, home textiles, or jewellery since these items are too personal and are not conventional gifts for teachers.

Best Valentine's Day gifts for male teachers


The bow tie is an appropriate Valentine's Day gift for male teachers, although it need not be a regular one. Students may take a humorous approach and uncover a connection using smileys, hearts, or just colour.

A medal of honour

One of the best Valentine's Day gifts for teachers would be a medal for an educator they consider their "Best Teacher." It may be signed by the whole class and delivered as a memento.


If the student knows the teacher's favourite author, a book is an excellent Valentine's Day gift. This is an ingenious concept since Valentines signed by the class may be inserted inside the book.

8 best Valentine's Day gifts for teachers according to specialisation

There are several Valentine's Day gift alternatives, but students know best what to give their favourite teacher on February 14. The teacher's personality, preferences, and habits are fantastic indicators for selecting the appropriate option, but the attention and respect of pupils is the most important factor in this situation.

The following Valentine's Day gifts for teachers have been picked depending on the teacher's area of expertise:

  1. The ideal Valentine's Day gift for a primary school teacher is a wall newspaper and a modest bunch of tiny flowers. Such a gift will not be intrusive and will serve as a lovely token of the student's appreciation.
  2. For a literature teacher, students can offer a rare collector's edition of the teacher's favourite author or a book with a cover that matches their tastes as a Valentine's Day gift.
  3. On Valentine's Day, students can offer a maths teacher a keychain in the shape of a calculator, a perpetual motion machine (consisting of balls that collide from various sides), or an interesting puzzle.
  4. A desktop pendulum or an hourglass filled with coloured water can be a stress-relieving Valentine's Day gift to a physics teacher.
  5. A keepsake in the shape of a preserved bug or a do-it-yourself herbarium is an appropriate Valentine's Day gift for a biology teacher.
  6. As a Valentine's Day gift, a foreign language teacher might get an original book by a foreign author in its original binding.
  7. On February 14, a water bottle or an innovative shoe bag is an appropriate Valentine's Day gift for a physical education teacher.
  8. As a Valentine's Day gift, students may give a dance teacher a figurine of a ballerina or a box containing a dancing clockwork figure.