SAPA: Nigeria's commonest phrase. Here is what it means

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If you have ever been in Nigeria or discussed with Nigerians on social media platforms, you must have come across the term "Sapa." And here you are, confused and probably looking up on Google to understand the meaning of Sapa as it is used among Nigerians.

Well, it is normal to be confused when you hear a word or phrase for the first time. However, there is no need to be confused because this blog post will give you an accurate meaning of the term "Sapa."

It is important to note that "Sapa'' is one of the dreaded nightmares of every Nigerian. You may wonder why. Well, you will find out in a moment, but before we get to that, let's get to know the origin of Sapa. And then, we dive into the meaning of Sapa properly.

Recently, the term "SAPA" has become the most popular word used by Nigerians in everyday conversations on social media. It's one of the more recent additions to the vocabulary of words used in Nigeria.

Historically, ancient Latin healers would reduce grape juice to syrup and use it to treat coughs. The name "Sapa" was given to this local cough syrup. This word was borrowed into English from Latin. It means "Brook," "Creek," or "Watercourse" in English. But when a Nigerian uses the word Sapa, it means something completely different and is pronounced differently. Nigerians have a distinct take on the word that sets it apart from its use elsewhere.

In Nigeria, the Yorubas first used the word Sapa, one of Nigeria's three main indigenous tribes. The word has also become a common slang term in Pidgin; the informal language Nigerians use to talk to each other. Pidgin is made up of words from English and local languages.

The meaning of Sapa

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Sapa is a Nigerian slang similar to we are outside, we meuuve, e choke, Zazu Zeh and so on. It has been dominant for several years, much like other Nigerian slang.

In a general sense, SAPA means or denotes poverty. Explicitly, SAPA is a feeling of incapacity in financial matters or, in many cases, a relative lack of wealth. It means to be very poor, usually because of spending too much money. Nigerians, especially young people, are the ones who use this term the most.

We can also say that Sapa is a more diplomatic term, especially when describing someone suffering or lacking money. 0bviously, those who drive expensive cars, lounge in expensive hotels, and travel to the richest countries in the world have no business with Sapa.

Here are more posts that contain the word "Sapa" because it is currently popular.

Tweet with the word Sapa

Tweet with the word Sapa

The phrase "God when" used to be the most popular Nigerian slang on social media until Sapa surfaced. People would God When to talk about their romantic relationships or their lack of financial resources.

But Sapa is currently all the rage; it has established itself as a topic of discussion, and while we may refer to it as banter, it exemplifies the reality of life for many Nigerians.