ChatGPT-4o: What is it, and how does it vary from GPT-4?

This page provides detailed information on the latest version of the OpenAI artificial intelligence model, which will be available to both free and paying users.

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GPT-4o, the most recent version of the Open AI artificial intelligence model, is a significant upgrade that will reach both free ChatGPT users and ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

This page discusses the key distinctions between GPT-4o and GPT-4, while also providing a comprehensive tutorial on how to use this new model.

What is GPT-4o?

GPT-4o is a new and enhanced version of GPT 4. This suggests that its technology draws heavily from the latter and bears many similarities to the artificial intelligence present in various free GPT-4 solutions, such as Copilot.

However, it is still a fresh version, which means that there are several internal upgrades that make it an intriguing evolutionary leap. In fact, this version is really groundbreaking.

GPT-4o represents an epoch-making innovation that distinguishes itself by being natively multimodal with minimal latency and real-time interactions. In Lay man's term, this will enhance your writing, audio, and visual talents.

One of the most important features of this new model is that it will be offered for free to all ChatGPT users, making it one of the most significant advancements by this AI for non-paying users. However, when it starts to roll out, it may initially target paying consumers.

Differences between GPT-4o and GPT-4

One of the most notable improvements in the new GPT-4o version is that it provides almost immediate answers due to decreased latency.

While GPT-4 took around 5 seconds to answer, GPT-4o takes 320 milliseconds on average; however, this will always vary depending on the request.

The second major distinction is multimodal processing. This means that it will understand both what you type in text and what you submit in photos, music, or video. This engine will thus enable you to interact with the AI in a highly versatile manner.

In the demos, OpenAI demonstrated how the model not only replies instantaneously but also delivers varied tones of voice and can laugh, sing, or express different emotions.

GPT-4o will be incorporated into the ChatGPT app, offering science fiction functionalities. To begin with, it will display emotions while answering you with a voice, bringing the sensation of speaking to a real person closer.

They will also be able to read your facial expression and determine if you are sad or happy. It also allows for real-time translations.

These translations maintain the tone, so if I say something while laughing, ChatGPT will also translate it while laughing.

The ChatGPT program can make jokes, sing songs, create sarcastic words, assist you in learning a language, and respond to objects you show, such as a dog you present on camera. This is guaranteed to transform you into science fiction, similar to films like 'Her'.

How to access GPT-4o

ChatGPT Plus and Team customers are now receiving GPT-4o, with a focus on paying users. Once this implementation is ready, free ChatGPT will also be subsidiaries. 

This is an "iterative" update that solely adds new text and image-related features.

Paid users will still get perks, such as a higher request limit than free users. 

They will also have access to real-time voice modes, which will be available to paid customers later.