Best ways to get more views on TikTok

Getting views on TikTok is the first stage towards monetization. This article outlines 15 effective ways to increase TikTok views.

How to get more views on TikTok

Views are one of the essential metrics for making money on TikTok, as they reflect how effectively users can stay up with social network trends and how frequently they are recommended. This post is a comprehensive tutorial demonstrating how to get more views on TikTok.

Here are ways to get more views on TikTok:

1. Obey TikTok algorithm guidelines

Adhering to the TikTok algorithm rules increases the chances of getting more views on TikTok. There are a number of fundamental guidelines that will assist users in gaining an audience and views on TikTok, which will result in rapid TikTok monetization and offers from brands and businesses.

While the algorithm of the TikTok feed is still classified, the following are a number of network observations known to affect views on the platform:

  • Do not revive a defunct account: The TikTok algorithm has already memorised a defunct account as "not very active," so even if the user begins to actively lead it, it is unlikely to get many views. Opening a new account and working diligently on it yields far greater results.
  • Choose a single theme and avoid deviating from it: TikTok's algorithm dislikes it when users modify the category to which they were previously allocated.
  • Hold viewers' attention: The TikTok algorithm prefers to suggest videos that viewers watch to the finish; thus, it is essential to instantly catch the viewer's attention and hold it for at least 15 seconds. This may be accomplished by the use of an intriguing subject, a dramatic shift in people, or the promise of an unexpected ending.
  • Use all the platform's mechanisms: Take part in competitions, perform duets, broadcast live, and answer questions to get more views on TikTok.
  • Never delete videos: TikTok disapproves of the permanent removal of videos from an account and will stop promoting such accounts. Setting the publicity to "Only me" is preferable.

2. Jump on trends on the fly

It is accurate to state that TikTok is a platform for trends; thus, whatever gets popular here spreads worldwide. The most amusing clips on this site are often transferred to WhatsApp, the shuttles are uploaded to Instagram Reels, and the ascent of top songs up the official charts starts here.

To gain more views on TikTok for free, learn how to identify trends in real-time and create videos based on them, coming up with creative adaptations. This must be done when the trend has gone reasonably viral but has not yet gotten so trite as to be exasperating.

To know what is trending on TikTok in order to get more views, launch the programme and watch the first five videos that the algorithm suggests. If you regularly use TikTok as a viewer, the algorithm will recommend trending videos based on your tastes and interests.

To see more popular material, visit the "Discover" tab on your mobile application and view the videos on trending hashtags.

Users who prefer to create their own original material can be assured of abundant inspiration since it is no crime to borrow ideas from fellow TikTok users.

3. Consider themes that go viral easily 

Astute TikTok influencers and content creators know that certain categories are statistically proven to get more views than others. Therefore, when creating new TikTok accounts, TikTokers should choose the most popular categories to capitalise on their high virality potential and increase their views.

These are the TikTok categories with the most audiences and views:

  • Humour, including humorous sketches, laundries, and comic drawings
  • Everyday living, including unpacking, joyous moments, parties, school and student life films, and relationships in pairs
  • Entertainment and Hobbies – a material with fragments and allusions to famous television series and films, village life, entertainment business news, and creativity
  • Content about video and traditional games (table, card, etc.)
  • Simple and complicated dishes, unique feeding, and food style
  • Animals, including domesticated and zoo animals
  • Duets, dance shuttles, cover versions of popular songs, and cover versions of popular songs
  • Sociological experimentation, street interviews, environmental preservation, and activism

Users who have yet to determine what material they want to share on their TikTok vlog can choose anything from this list to ensure they get more views.

One of the primary factors contributing to TikTok's success is its songs. Therefore choose popular music that has significant impacts on the virality of content to increase the number of views on your TikTok,

5. Improve video quality

Most videos with the highest views on TikTok were recorded using a standard smartphone camera. But the importance of video quality grows as the account's popularity increases.

Improving the technological foundation is an important tweak for users serious about developing on TikTok to the degree of making money.

Since getting more views on TikTok depends greatly on video quality, the following strategies may be employed to enhance video quality:

  • Camera quality: It is preferable to utilise the back camera rather than the front. Also, movies captured on mobile phones of more current generations are usually superior to those of previous generations.
  • Tripod: Placing the camera on a tripod is far more convenient than constructing a wobbly castle out of boxes and books.
  • Lighting: Install a ring lamp in place of the regular bulbs for illumination purposes. TikTok users should have a softbox and a reflector for improved lighting in their photographs and videos.
  • Backdrop: For videos that mostly contain talks, a bright or tranquil one-tone background is sufficient; otherwise, there are no rigid guidelines.

6. Use CapCut

To increase views on TikTok, it is vital to edit videos using popular music and effects. Although editing is simple on the TikTok software, learning additional features on professional programmes is not overkill.

CapCut is a full-featured mobile video editor for TikTok that allows users to quickly and effortlessly produce high-quality content with stunning fonts and text effects, dynamic and static images, stock movies, emoticons, and more.

Since it is directly incorporated into the TikTok space, the primary benefit of the CapCut editor is that it generates more views. 

When posting content on TikTok, popular hashtags help viewers navigate the network, thereby generating more views for content creators. Hashtags represent the interests and perspectives of the audience and may consequently increase the visibility of material.

To increase views on TikTok, users should keep in mind that the ideal number of hashtags in the clip's description is between 3 and 5. Do not repeat the same hashtags many times in a row; instead, use hashtags that correspond to the video's content.

On the one hand, hashtags aid users in competing for placement in TikTok's recommendations since the rivalry is intense. Alternatively, if the video was successful, such tags may encourage the viewer to click the "like" button, thereby increasing their statistics. An example of the latter is the hashtag: #dontletthisflop.

8. Run tutorials

If you find a unique technique to make something difficult easier, post it on TikTok and watch your views skyrocket immediately. TikTok receives significant views for quick culinary recipes, beauty hacks, and demonstrations of the less apparent functionalities of the iPhone or Android.

9. Post at the best time

The number of views a video receives on TikTok depends on how active viewers are in the first few hours following publication. The likelihood of TikTok advertising a video improves if a suitable time period is chosen, taking into consideration the audience's activities.

To maximise this method, upload videos at various times of the day and compare the results. Moving forward, strive to post more content at the hour with the highest viewership rate. 

10. Collaborate with other bloggers

Collaboration among bloggers is an effective method for boosting TikTok views. For cooperation, choose TikTokers with whose audiences you have a similar interest.

There are several forms and circumstances for cooperation, but they all depend on the vlogger's level of success and desire to cooperate.

When collaborating on TikTok, dividing the video into two halves will undoubtedly increase the number of views. One TikToker should post the introduction, while the other should publish the remainder. 

Leave reciprocal references in the descriptions of the rollers so each TikTok user will organically introduce the other to their respective audiences.

11. Commence a series

Series are a unique sort of entertainment on TikTok that demands meticulous planning and scenario-building abilities. But the benefits of this strategy are obvious: if you choose a subject that is somewhat broad, you can develop it and maintain suspense at the conclusion of each issue, therefore retaining the interest of a huge audience and quickly getting more views.

@jeremylynch is an example of a content creator with a successful implementation of the series idea on TikTok.

If this concept generates more views on TikTok, a budget should be allocated for the project's development.

12. Stimulate activity

Like on other social networks, all responses on TikTok are interconnected: the greater the number of likes and comments, the greater the number of views, and vice versa. 

Therefore, feel free to promote engagement by urging viewers to post comments, reminding them to drop hearts, and providing compelling reasons to subscribe.

Some TikTok content creators incite comments by dropping irrelevant but conspicuous details in videos or intentionally misspelling words. 

13. Share on other platforms

Over the years, the number of original videos on social media has been independently dominated by TikTok. Reposting videos with a clear call to action or encouraging viewers to switch channels are excellent strategies for getting more free views on TikTok.

Cross-promotion via larger communities on other platforms may be very helpful for businesses.

14. Paid promotion

Although it is not advisable to utilise paid services to increase TikTok views since doing so might result in a shadowban or account deletion, spending money on advertising is a proven way to increase views on TikTok.

15. Publish consistently

Posting video content consistently is one way to get views on TikTok. The TikTok algorithm prioritises video accounts that continuously upload videos and demonstrate their community engagement.

To gain more views on TikTok, users should create a content plan 1-2 weeks in advance and be prepared to make adjustments based on trending topics.

16. Take the risk of being different

In the chase after trends, users must remember that they all began with a single video. TikTokers should thereby not restrict themselves to established forms, dumplings, and effects.

Those that let their imaginations run wild and show themselves may become the next TikTok trendsetter, garnering a greater number of views.

How do videos go viral on TikTok?

Currently, the view duration (hold), likes, reposts, and rate of transition to profiles are the primary factors for being included in TikTok recommendations. When all four factors are present, a video has a greater chance of being included on the "For You" page. 

Therefore, initial views and user engagement with the posted video are crucial. To achieve viral status on TikTok, your videos must be streamed to the end, liked, shared, and commented on by every second user.

If the first reaction to a TikTok video is insufficient, it might get frozen after a few tens or hundreds of views and stop progressing.

Obviously, users can game the system by aiming for first views themselves, but they do so at their own peril.