This app allows you to modify everything on your Windows PC

This is a single open-source and free application that allows you to modify virtually every aspect of Windows, including options, settings, and appearance components.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to modify every Windows configuration using a single application known as Winaero Tweaker. Since it is an open-source application, it is entirely secure and devoid of spyware, a concern that warrants attention.

In exchange for download, you are granted access to an entirely complimentary application that enables you to modify every aspect of the operating system, including aesthetic and internal configurations. 

You have the ability to modify the main menu, system colours, and more, as well as settings and delete default items.

The following are the required steps to get Winaero Tweaker working on your Windows:

1. Download

Since Winaero Tweaker is compatible with all Windows versions, beginning with Windows 7, it can also be used on the most recent releases. 

To obtain it, you must visit and select the Download button.

2. Extract

You will be prompted to extract the compressed program file and then double-click the installer. Note that Windows Defender may prevent access to the application due to its unfamiliarity. 

If this happens, click the "See more information" button; doing so will allow you to proceed with the "Run" icon. Bear in mind that this application is secure.

3. Install

The installation procedure is identical to that of any other program. There are two methods available for installation: 

  1. the traditional approach, which involves icons in the start menu and the ability to uninstall the program; or 
  2. the portable version, which does not require installation but provides an executable to activate the program that can be stored on a USB.

4. Enjoy

That is all. After the straightforward installation procedure, the program is now operational. 

On the program's home interface, you will find information about your computer and operating system.

Additionally, a column on the left-hand side will list the sections and countless options that you will be able to modify in Windows.

Now, all that remains is to examine each section and identify all the editable options within it. 

Windows allows you to modify virtually everything, so devote some time to examining the program and implementing any modifications you deem necessary.