Adekunle BBNaija biography and networth

BBNaija Adekunle

Adekunle Tobilola Olopade, popularly known as Adekunle, is a 27-year-old digital marketing consultant from Lagos and a social media sensation. Adekunle became famous after being announced as a contestant alongside 23 other housemates in one of Africa's biggest reality TV shows, Big Brother Naija season 7 "Level Up" edition.

The 27-year-old Adekunle BBNaija is among the 12 male Big Brother Naija 2022 housemates unveiled at Biggie's house in season 7. 

The reality TV show Big Brother Naija (Level Up) edition premiered on 23 July 2022 and will air until 3 October 2022. Check the table below for further details on BBNaija Adekunle's biography, net worth, relationships, etc.

Adekunle BBNaija biography

Adekunle BBNaija profile summary

Full name

Adekunle Tobilola Olopade







Date of birth

October 6, 1994

State of origin

Lagos State




Mr and Mrs Olopade






Digital marketing consultant, reality TV star, social media personality

Adekunle BBNaija career

Adekunle bb Naija is a digital marketing consultant who lives on Lagos Island.

Adekunle BBNaija personality

Adekunle deems himself "a self-actualized introvert" who takes pride in being a giver that solves other people's problems. When he's not dreaming of creating a better life for himself and figuring out ways to make the world a better place, you'll find Adekunle playing games on his phone or watching his favorite show, Family Guy, on YouTube. According to him, peace-making is one of his strengths.

However, Adekunle is not afraid to go from zero to a hundred to step up and face challenges head-on should the need arise. 

Are there any habits that may annoy his fellow Housemates? 

Adekunle says he believes he is always right and thinks he is quite smart.

"Also, I learned recently that I use a lot of grammar when I speak," he says with a chuckle. Adekunle hopes to win this season of Big Brother Naija so he can help his mother pay off her mortgage, loans, and debt.

Adekunle BBNaija relationship with housemates

The Level 1 Big Brother Naija housemate of season 7, Adekunle, had been enjoying a casual relationship with fellow housemates until things went haywire with him and Sheggz on Tuesday.

Adekunle and Sheggz had reservations about each other, but the climax of their suspicions hit the roof when they both had an altercation over food.

According to the viral video of Adekunle and Sheggz fighting, Adekunle refused to eat the food he made and decided to prepare noodles for himself. His action didn't sit well with Sheggz, who mumbled a few words about Adekunle.

Adekunle lost his temper in a split second and asked his fellow housemate Sheggz why he called him "stupid." The duo exchanged heated words and almost got physical before other housemates such as Hermes, Daniella, Bella, Chichi, and Doyin tried to calm the two.

Eloswag sat in a corner and observed the scene of the dispute.

Adekunle's relationship with Chichi has also been strained as the two clashed after she accused Adekunle of mocking her.

Adekunle BBNaija net worth

Adekunle is a digital marketing consultant, but details of his financial income and net worth have not been confirmed yet.