Céline Dion is the youngest of 14 children: Meet her 13 other siblings

Céline Dion in a photoshoot with her siblings

Céline Dion is the youngest daughter of Thérèse and Adhémar Dion and the last of fourteen children. Her documentary special "I Am: Céline Dion" premiered on Prime Vidéo this Tuesday, June 25, 2024, recasting the Canadian singer in the spotlight.

In  December 2022, Céline Dion publicly stated that she was suffering from a medical condition called "stiff person syndrome." Her newly debuted documentary is a chance for us to reflect on the singer's career, as well as her family, who have been her major source of support throughout her illness.

Céline Dion's family has been her primary ally and support throughout her fight, especially her three boys and numerous brothers and sisters.


Denise is the oldest member of the Dion family. She is now 77 years old and has always kept her younger sister's professional life private.

Denise now resides in Florida, near her children, after losing her spouse to a heart attack, according to Claudette Dion's disclosures in "7 jours" magazine.


Clément, the Dion family's first son, was born soon after Denise; he worked in construction and looked after Céline Dion and René Angélil's property before retiring.

Clément Dion


Claudette, the siblings' most well-known sister after the Canadian singer, follows Clément. She is often featured in the media, offering updates on her family and her sister's battle with stiff-person syndrome.

In 2010, Claudette Dion rose to prominence after appearing on "La Ferme des Célébrités," a reality TV programme. Today, the third member of the Dion family is 76 years old.

Claudette Dion

Liette, Michel, Louise, Jacques

Two years Claudette's junior is Liette Dion,  an artist and employee of the Maman Dion Foundation.

Liette Dion

Michel Dion, Liette's younger brother, worked as a stage manager for his sister's performances in the music industry until retiring in 2021.

Following Michel's birth, it was Louise and Jacques' turn to complete the family photo. Despite Céline's celebrity, the duo never built a name for themselves.

Michel Dion

Daniel, Ghislaine

The next sibling, Daniel Dion, had a more dismal fate, dying of cancer. Ghislaine Dion, the ninth  of the Dion family, took centre stage with Céline Dion, serving as a backup vocalist. She, in turn, fought two cancers.

Ghislaine Dion

Manon, Paul, Pauline

Linda,, her 65-year-old elder sister, has opted to live with her sister Céline to assist her in her struggle. Manon Dion follows Linda in the Dion family birth order and is Céline Dion's hairstylist during her tours. 

Manon Dion

Twins Paul and Pauline round up the Dion family of 14 children. According to Claudette's 2021 interview with "7 jours," Pauline owns a restaurant franchise in Canada.