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Following the 2022 long-running ASUU strike, we serve you everything you need to know about today's ASUU news update and the FG's reaction to the 8-month ASUU strike that has frustrated federal university students.

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27 universities votes to suspend ASUU strike

Twenty-seven federal universities have voted to suspend the ongoing ASUU strike following ASUU meetings held in several schools.

The vote comes after the Federal Government agreed to meet some of ASUU's demands of N470 billion to accommodate improved salaries and revitalization funds, earned allowances, and bills opposing the proliferation of universities at the NASS.

According to reports, 50 billion has been earmarked for earned allowances and 170 billion for wage increases, while 300 billion goes to revitalization starting from 2024

Amid the agreement, several universities have held meetings on the plan to suspend the ASUU strike, and 27 have agreed to end the eight-month strike.


After voting to suspend the strike, the ASUU strike will likely be called off soon, with rumours claiming that school will resume on October 17.

FG reaches agreement with ASUU, set to call off the strike

President Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly reached an agreement with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), with the union set to call off the long-term strike soon.

According to reports from the last meeting held between the President and the ASUU representatives, Buhari has agreed to meet some of the academic union's demands, which would end the long-term ASUU strike.

Following the meeting, ASUU president, Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke, has assured that the strike will be called off soon after a positive response from FG.

"I hope that in the next few days, we will put an end to the ongoing strike," Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke said in a meeting with the board.

Nigerian constitutional lawyer Femi Falana has also confirmed that the ASUU strike will be called off soon after two meetings with the President.

According to rumours, the 2022 long-term ASUU strike could be called off on October 17th, with the union's final meeting scheduled for Thursday.

Court orders ASUU to call off the strike before seeking an appeal (Friday, October 7)

The Nigerian Court of Appeal, for the third time, has ordered the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to call off the long-running strike before they seek an appeal from the appellate.

The order was issued on Friday, October 7, following a court hearing of the FG and ASUU submissions at the last ASUU meeting in Abuja. According to the Court of Appeal, ASUU should obey its first order before filing an appeal.

ASUU had previously refused to comply with the court order to return to school before filing an appeal against FG, and the court is now insisting that ASUU obey the order by calling off the strike before they can listen to them.

Malam Bature Ibrahim of the Federal University Dutsin-Ma Take-Off Site FUDMA has reacted angrily to the latest development regarding the ASUU strike, threatening that ASUU could call off the strike and return with an appeal in an hour.

"We can call off the strike today by 1 pm and proclaim another strike by 1:15 pm," he said.

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Appeal court set to decide ASUU strike's fate amid FG request (Friday, October 7)

After hearing the submissions of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), FG, and Nigerian constitutional lawyer, Femi Falana, the Appeal Court of Nigeria has set Friday, October 7, 2022, as the date for the ruling of the long-term ASUU strike.

The ASUU strike, which has lasted eight months, has harmed Nigerian students, with the Federal Government remaining steadfast in its opposition to the demands of the union.

According to reports, the FG has requested that the Appeal Court dismiss ASUU's appeal, claiming it is incompetent. Though the court has yet to respond to their request, it remains unclear whether the strike will be called off.

ASUU had previously been asked to return to school after a series of hearings, which they absolutely refused, but they will now wait to see the outcome of their suit against FG.

ASUU: Nigerian lawyer Femi Falana labels FG's new registered CONUA, NAMDA illegal (Thursday, October 6)

Popular Nigerian constitutional lawyer and father of famous Nigerian musician Falz Femi Falana has condemned Federal Government for registering new academic unions known as the Congress of Nigerian Universities Academics (CONUA) and the Nigerian Association of Medical and Dental Academics (NAMDA) amid the ongoing ASUU strike.

The 60-year-old lawyer who labeled the act "illegal" stated unequivocally that it would jeopardize FG's operational activities, insisting that having more than one union is not ideal, despite the harm the ongoing ASUU strike has caused students.

"Under the current labour law regime in Nigeria, you cannot have two unions or three unions in the same sector," Falana said in an interview with Arise TV on Wednesday.

"In other words, within academia in Nigeria, there can only be one registered trade union, that is the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), registered pursuant to the Trade Union Act as amended," he added.

Falana sees the new unions as a threat to Nigerian operational activities, arguing that having two unions for high institutions will harm the country.

"We are going to have to have a mushrooming of trade unions, which threatens industrial peace in the country," he said. We cannot have two unions in the university, nor can we have two unions in other unions in the country. Politically, it won't work.

"Government has tried various measures, but the latest one is perhaps going to embarrass the government because it is an illegal exercise and won't work." ASUU is one of the most organized and united trade unions in Africa. "

FG, ASUU to hold a new meeting amid the ongoing strike (Thursday, October 6)

The Nigerian court of appeal in Abuja on Wednesday issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the FG and ASUU to meet and resolve the ongoing strike, which has left students frustrated for the past 8 months.

Following the order, it is believed that FG and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) will meet today in an attempt to end the ongoing ASUU strike.

The Court of Appeal initially ordered ASUU to return to school after a hearing on September 21. Nonetheless, the union refused, prompting the FG to establish two new academic unions, CONUA and NAMDA.

According to reports, despite plans to meet with ASUU, the Federal Government may pay the newly appointed union their outstanding salaries.

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