BBNaija Chichi biography and net worth

BBNaija Chichi

Not every day does the Big Brother Naija house get to have a chef and a stripper all in one. Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor, aka BBNaija Chichi, is a 22-year-old "Pole girl" who also doubles as a chef. The light-skinned Edo State lady, BBNaija Chichi, is an ambitious "go-getter" who believes she has a shot at winning the BBNaija Show.

The "human doll", as Chichi calls herself, is never afraid to live her truth regardless of the perfect societal expectations. According to a post on her page, 'she is the difference'. BBNaija Chichi with Bella, Beauty, Amaka and others are among the female housemates of the BBNaija 'Level up' edition.

In her response on why she decided to join the "Level Up" edition, Chich said she wants to be on Big Brother Naija to show people that there is more to this stripper than meets the eye. "I have many things to showcase, and I believe the world needs to see me. The Big Brother Naija House is the only place that will bring me that kind of spotlight,"

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BBNaija Chichi biography

Chichi's biodata

Full name

Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor



Date of birth

January 9, 2000



State of origin

Edo State

Current residence

Lagos State







Relationship status



Exotic dancing


Chef, dancer, reality TV personality

Skin colour


Social media handles

IG @itschichiofficial

Twitter @chichiofficiall

Official Fanpage @champsofficial

TikTok @itschichiofficial

FB @Chichi

BBNaija Chichi personality

The 22-year-old Edo State-born Chef, Chichi, described herself as blunt and ambitious.

Raised through a painful childhood, the BBNaija Chichi has managed to forge ahead and chart her part. She admits her bluntness can sometimes tick people off, but she doesn't mind because she believes in sincerity. "It's either I say things the way they are, or I don't say it at all". 

BBNaija Chichi describes herself as strong-headed but humble, psycho but sweet. She says she's often misunderstood even though she's a loving soul.

BBNaija Chichi enjoys swimming, dancing and travelling and considers herself special. In a bonus remark, she says her hidden talent is working the pole!

BBNaija Chichi career

BBNaija Chichi doubles as a chef and a stripper who is currently a potential winner of the Big Brother Naija season 7, 'Level Up" edition- alongside 23 other housemates. BBNaija Chichi revealed that she plans to take it a notch higher by infusing her sexiness, originality and stripper vibes.

BBNaija Chichi net worth

BBNaija Chichi's net worth is currently unknown, but as the show unfolds and new information emerges, Clacified will keep you updated.