BBNaija Phyna biography and life

BBNaija Phyna

Ijeoma Josephine Otabor was one of the BBNaija season 7 housemates of the "Level Up" edition and the official winner of the BBNaija season 7: Level Up edition 2022. The 25-year-old entertainer or hype person, Phyna- assures fans that she is at the house to make a difference. She joined the BBNaija season 7 with other personalities like Elsoswag and others.

Phyna reckons that for this BBNaija season 7, she is bringing on the "ginger and the vibe," Her fans will love her because she is jovial. Phyna has a growing following of 509K fans on Instagram.

Here's all the tea about the BBNaija Phyna, her biography, life, love, relationship, and career.

BBNaija Phyna biography and career

BBNaija Phyna Bio Data

Real name/nickname

Ijeoma Josephine Otabor/Hype Priestess of Nigeria

Date of birth




State of origin

Edo State


Hype woman

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The Edo State BBNaija Phyna is a "Hype woman" by profession. According to the Urban Dictionary, a "hype woman or man" is an enthusiastic and vocal supporter or promoter of a person, group, or thing. Hype persons are usually found at parties, such as weddings, birthdays, or any celebratory get-together.

BBNaija Phyna's personality

BBNaija Phyna says she's allergic to malice and has a hot temper. Phyna's short temper was tested after her heated quarrel with fellow housemate, Amaka. Phyna had claimed that Amaka called her legs "tiny," which made her angry- so she retaliated by calling her a "rat." The outburst from both parties of the BBnaija house resulted in a major fight.

Describing herself as a "10" with a bad temper, the BBNaija season 7 housemate, Phyna, also emphasises her allergy to gossip, "a lot of people know I hate it. You can never gossip about someone to me", she said.

Phyna explains that she is a go-getter who never backs out at the slightest fear of provocation. She describes that trait as one of her strategies to level up in the BBNaija house.

BBNaija Phuna says her life can be summarised as "Survival of the fittest.

BBNaija Phyna's hobbies and dislikes

According to BBNaija Phyna, one of her many talents and hobbies is repairing home appliances, and a major turn-off for her is people being fake. She reiterates her hate for gossip.

BBNaija Phyna's relationship

The 25-year-old Phyna says she doesn't believe in love because "na Mumu dey love." BBNaija Phyna is prepared never to catch the mushy feeling. In a nutshell, BBnaija Phyna is giving "hard girl" vibes.

However, during her stay in the BBNaija house-Phyna became entangled with Groovy and they are officially a couple now.