How People Can Utilise Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are a key factor in the popularity that online casinos enjoy right now, but how should players utilise the many bonuses on offer? This article will explore the various promotions that have helped make casino sites so successful.

Players engaging in a game of poker at a casino

The scale of that success should not be underestimated either. The latest figures indicate that the value of the online casino industry is currently around $92 billion. That means an awful lot of people in all parts of the world are signing up to these sites to play their games.

Improved games quality is one of the reasons for that. The technology now available means that people can play online blackjack or roulette with real-life dealers on live video streams.

It is not the only reason though, as the public is also attracted by the bonuses that they are offering. We will outline the typical casino bonuses and how to use them in this article.

Welcome Bonus

This is definitely the most commonplace kind of bonus found at casino sites. It is aimed at new players and is a way of persuading someone who is browsing the site for the first time to register an account.

Casino welcome bonuses work in much the same way at all of the big sites. For instance, if a player creates an account to play Bally Casino games online, he or she will get 30 free spins of a Megaways slot game – which is one that delivers lots of payouts to players.

This is in return for a small initial deposit of £10. That is a good example of how a solid welcome bonus functions. In exchange for signing up to the site and making a minor cash deposit, a player gets a chance to win back much more than that sum. 

One thing to note is that some sites apply specific betting requirements to their Welcome Bonuses, so read the small print before signing up. In the case of the Bally Casino, there are no such requirements attached, though.

No Deposit Bonus

This bonus offer is starting to be seen more frequently on casino sites. It is a different kind of welcome bonus, as it is most often targeted at new players too. 

On the surface, it can seem more attractive because it appears to be providing the chance to play the games without depositing money upfront. Many of the casino sites that have no deposit bonuses attach really high betting requirements before any winnings can actually be withdrawn from an account, though.

Therefore, it is especially important to look carefully at the terms and conditions before signing up based on a no-deposit bonus offer. Sometimes the old-fashioned type of welcome bonus can be worth a lot more to a first-time player than one of these.

Only sign up for a no-deposit bonus if the betting requirements are reasonable. A player must be cautious and think strategically to make the best possible use of online casino bonuses.

Reload Bonus

The bonus offers do not stop once you are a member of a casino site. One type that is offered to returning players is a reload bonus, which is usually provided once a month.

A player is informed about it either when he or she visits the site to deposit more money or via email. They come under the category of loyalty bonuses, as the purpose is to make sure that players stay committed to the casino site rather than looking elsewhere. 

They are generally not quite as spectacular in terms of rewards as the welcome ones, but will also often have fewer terms and conditions applied to them. A reload bonus can be a good way for people who like to play casino games quite regularly to save a bit of money.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Alongside welcome bonuses and loyalty ones, there is a third type that needs to be explained. This is the referral bonus, which most often takes the form of free cash or free spins in exchange for inviting a friend to sign up with the casino site.

The existing player will receive a referral link or code to use. If his or her friend creates an account using that code or link, the player will receive free spins for an online slot or free money to spend on one of the other casino games.

This is a really smart type of bonus to take advantage of if you have friends who like casino gaming. Having a friend use the site will also make it more fun.

These are the main kinds of online casino bonuses. If people are careful, they can be very useful.