Is Martin Moshal the main reason the online casino industry is the behemoth it is today?

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Martin Moshal may not be one of the world’s most famous celebrities, but he arguably should be. His name should be mentioned alongside the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, who pushed social media and ecommerce forward, respectively.

Moshal is credited with creating the first-ever online casino platform. From his concept, one of the world’s greatest industries of modern times was able to blow up and flourish. Now, there’s no stopping the expansion of the online casino sector.

Who is Martin Moshal?

For people heavily involved with the online casino industry, Moshal is a well-known name. Even casual players will be aware of the company that he founded, though. Martin Moshal is known as the Microgaming Man, and the brains behind the first-ever internet casino platform. This occurred in 1994, just as the internet revolution was beginning to gather pace.

Moshal was an ambitious developer with grand ideas, but he didn’t have the capital to get started. He managed to secure a small business loan from Roger Raatgever, who became a fifty percent shareholder in Microgaming. The company quickly became the number one software developer for the fledgling online casino sector and the rest is history. It’s difficult to find definitive evidence of Martin Moshal’s net worth, but there’s no doubt that he has earned a vast amount of money from kickstarting the online casino industry.

Industry was inevitable

There’s no doubt that anyone involved with the online casino sector has a lot to thank Moshal for. The South African inventor is one of the key figures in the sector’s early history. However, it could be argued that online casinos were inevitable, and someone would have conceived them at some point regardless.

Around the time of the emergence of online casinos, there was a mad scramble to digitalise existing industries for online audiences. There was also a race to come up with new concepts for online industries that didn’t exist before the internet. Alongside the spread of online casino games, other classic games like chess, checkers, and poker also migrated online. Chess actually made the transition earlier than casino games, with Daniel Sleator creating the first internet chess server in 1992.

A key lesson about innovation

Moshal’s story is a key lesson for anyone wanting to find success in the ever-advancing technological era. There are always new inventions and platforms coming about, and innovative minds benefit from capitalising on them early on. Satoshi Nakamoto is a recent example, and the man who invented Bitcoin sparked the sprawling cryptocurrency industry that exists today.

Now could be a pivotal time for shrewd web developers to follow in Moshal’s footsteps. The internet is on the brink of an artificial intelligence revolution, with other platforms like virtual and augmented reality set to come to the fore as well. People need to think of ideas quickly, though, because Doctor Stephen Thaler believes that AI could soon be doing all the innovating itself.

Moshal is the key reason why the online gambling industry is what it is today, and he’s a prime example of a great innovator who beat others to the punch. Other people who want to find success in the tech era can learn a lot from Moshal’s story.