Top 10 trending songs in Kenya this week

Kenyans listening to songs on a headphones

The musical landscape of Kenya is comparable to a beautiful tapestry that showcases the many cultural expressions of the nation. Song lyrics that evoke a range of emotions are combined with rhythms and narratives as fans of all dimensions of Kenyan music, from Afrobeat to Bongo Flava, get immersed in it. 

The vast majority of music from Kenya is adorned with Swahili lyrics that not only give the songs' narratives a greater sense of depth and complexity but also lend them a more genuine font. 

Below is an in depth exploration of the trending music in Kenya, highlighting the 10 most listened and streamed songs since release. 

Let You Down - Nikita Kering’ ft. Kemena

Nikita Kering launches her musical odyssey for 2024 with the single “Let You Down,” her first release since flagship collaborations with BNXN and Khaligraph Jones on Coke Studio Africa in mid-August 2023. 

In "Let You Down," Nicole Kering features Kemena on an afrobeat track that delves deeply into the topics of love and heartbreak. The singers wish upon their ex-lovers the same anguish that they brought them, in a candid acceptance of the downsides of relationships. 

The song begins with Nikita Kering's reflective lyrics, which discuss the human experience of yearning and the feeling of love not being reciprocated. With this in mind, Kemena proceeds to add a composition that expresses his feelings of anger and disappointment. 

The fact that the narrators chose to move on and find their own pleasure offers the audience a sense of power, despite the whole song revolving around deary and melancholic sentiments. 

Profoundly emotive lyrics, catchy rhythms, and unforgettable phrases are the elements that make renowned Afrobeat songs like "Let You Down" so popular in the Kenyan musical landscape. 

Kumekucha - Shakis Boy ft. Busta 929, and Mr. JazziQ

Self-acclaimed “future Congolese superstar” Shakis Boy features Mr. JazziQ and Busta 929 on this lively Amapiano hit called "Kumekucha." a song oozing happiness and celebration. This release marks Shakis Boy's first ever entry into the streaming ecosystem. 

The lyrics insinuate that the protagonist has been subjected to criticism and insults in the past, but they have now developed the courage and will to live their lives according to their own terms. For the purpose of commemorating the beginning of the day, the group sings "Jah chachisha cha chachisha" with repetitive intensity. 

There is a sense of strength and self-empowerment reflected in both the music and the lyrics, and the narrators are open to the possibilities that each new day provides. 

Since the song has a catchy rhythm and a quick pace, it is ideal for getting your day off to a good start with a sense of optimism and joy about life.

Sare Jokes - Flier

After a prolific 2023 that saw two album releases, Flier began 2024 in the same cadence, with the release of the song “Sare Jokes.”

"Sare Jokes" by alternative rock band Flier is an emotional record that, within the context of a romantic relationship, is an appeal for mutual understanding and tranquillity. 

In light of the many challenges and mistakes that they are expected to confront, the singer emphasises how vital it is for lovers to communicate and forgive one another. 

Using the phrase "Rudi home" over and over again, which literally translates to "come back home," demonstrates a pursuit of peace and a yearning desire to find solutions to relationship difficulties. 

The song touches on a variety of topics, including matters of love and forgiveness as well as the need to maintain open communication within intimate relationships. 

Mapoz - Diamond Platnumz. Mr. Blue and Jay Melody

The year began early for East Africa's best streaming artist Diamond Platnumz, who on January 26 released the extremely catchy single “Mapoz.” The song, which is comfortably one of the best releases of the first quarter of 2024, has already accrued over half-a-million streams in the span of a month. 

Set to a beautiful, mellow tempo, "Mapoz" is an African pop song entirely about the beauty of affection. The song humorously describes love as a burden weighing 550 kilogrammes, which at the same time brings him joy and contentment. 

Mapoz makes use of a metaphor in the form of a bird perched on a tree limb to illustrate how fleeting and uncertain love can be. 

According to this trending song in Kenya, being in love is not always simple, but there should be contentment and gratitude in simply experiencing the pleasure that it brings. 

Although this East African hit discusses some of the difficulties and misunderstandings that may arise in romantic relationships, the song's primary focus is on the joy and happiness that love brings to individuals. 

Dah! - Nandy ft. Alikiba

Since emerging runner-up at the 2015/2016 Tecno Own The Stage concert held in Nigeria, Nandy has been consistent with a slew of releases. She kept up the pace with the January 17 release of the Bongo Flava single Dah, which was followed up by a remix featuring Alikiba, one of the two most successful acts in this genre. 

"Dah!” conveys how thrilled and content their love is. This trending music in Kenya claims that marriage helps them feel more secure and fulfilled and is a remarkable demonstration of how love has improved the quality of their lives. 

I Made It - Harmonize ft. Bien and Bobby Shmurda

As of January 31, Harmonize, pioneer of the “Afro Bongo” sound and one of Tanzania's best streaming acts already has three releases to his name in the new year. But his fresh hip-hop tune “I Made It” marks his first lead single of 2024.

Hard-hitting and self-gratifying, “I Made It” is about overcoming challenges and achieving success in whatever endeavour is attempted. Harmonize sings of his humble origins, such as the time when he and his family slept on the floor, while also appreciating his current success in the music industry. 

Bobby Shmurda discusses his personal achievements and the ways in which he overcomes challenges, demonstrating his level of determination. 

Bien expresses confidence in his own capabilities and a strong desire to achieve success, despite being confronted with challenges. 

The trio expresses their gratitude for all of the positive things that have occurred in their lives by repeating the phrase "I made it" over and over again. 

Nakupenda - Beko Flavour

The song "Nakupenda" by Beko Flavour is a Bongo Flava song demonstrating the depth of love that exists between two individuals who are in a romantic relationship. The phrase "Sio siri nampenda nampenda nampenda" is repeated several times during the chorus to underline how deep and genuine the love is. 

LOCO - GIMS ft. Lossa

In this Afro-pop fusion called "LOCO," featuring Lossa, Congolese singer GIMS, one of Africa's wealthiest and best streaming acts, expresses dissatisfaction with fake friends and wasted time. There is a significant amount of repetition of the phrase "Amitiés faussées, ouais ca rend loco, loco" throughout the chorus, which translates to "False friendships, yeah, that drives me crazy." 

This trending song in Kenya covers a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to deceit, greed, and the significance of maintaining genuine relationships with other people. 

Through this collaboration, GIMS and Lossa were able to create a single that is not only energetic and fascinating but also artistically combines hip-hop and afrobeat. 

Wait - Kivumbi King ft. Axon

Just under two months after its release, Wait has become the most streamed song by either Kivumbi King or producer Axon, two of Rwanda's most promising acts. 

The song, which is arguably one of Africa's best releases in January, centres around the need for trust and patience in love relationships. It reflects on how hard it is to establish trust when there are other potential romantic partners in the vicinity. 

This trending song in Kenya is an Afrobeat composition characterised by its fast tempo and pulsating rhythm, which artistically contrast with the reflective lyrics.

Love Sick - Natasha Chansa

Zambia’s Natasha Chansa wrote and performed the song "Love Sick," which is about the longing and heartache that comes with being in a relationship. 

This trending song in Kenya expresses the loneliness of the singer and her uncertainty if she will have a dating partner. 

When someone is trying to mend a lovesick heart, they are essentially. Despite past setbacks and disappointments in the past, the singer pushes to fall in love all over again. 

The Afrobeat-romance collaboration makes this an intriguing tale about love and healing.