How to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh

How to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh

Given that PZ Cussons is a household brand, many people are curious about how to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh. Making high-quality liquid soap at home is becoming a popular alternative to some of Nigeria's highest-paying jobs; thus, this article describes in depth the ingredients and procedures required to make liquid soaps like Morning Fresh and Mama Lemon.

There are two methods for producing liquid soap like Morning Fresh, one for small enterprises and the other for large businesses or factories.

Ingredients to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh for small-scale businesses

  • 1 kg of sulfuric acid,
  • 8 litres of purified water,
  • 100 grammes of potassium hydroxide (aka, caustic potash),
  • 2 spoonfuls of glycerin,
  • Perfume oil as desired,
  • Soap colouring to taste. 

Top Tip

These ingredients for making liquid soap like Morning Fresh may be adjusted according to the desired quantity. However, if you wish to produce larger amounts of the highest quality, it is recommended that you follow the procedure indicated for factories.

Procedures to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh for small-scale businesses

  1. Place 4 litres of water and 100 grams of potassium hydroxide in a large pot on the fire and begin stirring in one direction.
  2. Allow the mixture to sit overnight until its temperature drops, and the process slows.
  3. Place the remaining 4 litres of water in another pot over the fire, add the sulfonic acid, and begin stirring in one direction.
  4. After melting the sulfuric acid, add the water-potassium hydroxide combination that was previously created and stir in one direction so as not to ruin the mixture.
  5. After ten minutes of continuous swirling in one direction, add the glycerin, essential oil, and colouring agent to the liquid soap and continue stirring until a homogenous liquid soap is created.
  6. Fill the specified bottles with the solution and wait 24 hours before use.


If you stir the soap in various directions, you will create a lather that degrades the soap and alters the interactions of the constituent chemicals.

Ingredients to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh for large-scale businesses

These ingredients are for large-scale production of liquid soaps like Morning Fresh; if you intend to make liquid soap at home, kindly refer to procedure 1.

  • 700 kg of water,
  • 70 kg of sulfuric acid,
  • Sodium carbonate (washing soda),
  • 1 kg of triethanolamine,
  • 55 kg of texapon,
  • 55 grams of glycerine,
  • 1 kg of trisodium phosphate,
  • 4 grams of soap colouring,
  • 1 kg soap preservative,
  • Perfume
  • Salt

Procedures to make liquid soap like Morning Fresh for large-scale businesses

To make liquid soap like Morning Fresh for large-scale businesses, you must follow the steps outlined below since ignoring any step will impact the final product.

  1. Install a funnel at the bottom of a big, high-temperature-resistant container or pot to filter and drain the precipitated liquid soap contaminants.
  2. Install a second faucet 17 cm from the pot's base for subsequent use in filling the liquid soap.
  3. Put 700 kg of water in the pot.
  4. Add sodium phosphate to the water and mix the ingredients in a single direction.
  5. Add the sulfonic acid gradually while continuing to stir in the same direction as previously to prevent the formation of lather that would ruin the liquid soap and alter the outcomes of the interactions between the constituent ingredients.
  6. After ensuring the sulfonic acid is dissolved, continue stirring in one direction while adding sodium carbonate.
  7. Add triethanolamine until the soap ingredients are neutralised, and the reaction is complete.
  8. Leave the mixture alone until its temperature, which must have increased due to chemical interaction, has cooled.
  9. Now place the mixture in a big plastic container.
  10. Then, include the 55 kg of texapon, 10 kg of salt, and 70 litres of water with a long wooden stick.
  11. Now whisk in 1 kg of soap preservative in the same direction.
  12. After ensuring that all the ingredients are homogenous, add glycerine, colourant, and fragrance until all the liquid soap-making procedures have been finished.
  13. Store your morning fresh liquid soap in plastic bottles.