Afamefuna is a Nigerian thriller released on Netflix in 2024. The movie stars A-list actors, including veterans like Kanayo O. Kanyo and Segun Arinze. It also stars Stan Nze, Chuks Joseph, Alex Ekubo, and a host of other amazing talents.

The movie was shot in Lagos and was directed by Kayode Kasum, who has been known for shifting the norm and raising the bar in most of his projects. 

The movie offers a glimpse into the Igbo apprenticeship system and is currently ranking as the most-watched movie on Netflix for five weeks in a row since its release.

In this report, we take a look at the movie Afamefuna while exploring the issues and perks the movie had to offer.

A summary

The movie, Afamefuna, begins with an investigation into the death of Paul (Alex Ekubo), who was a longtime friend and Nwa Boi colleague of Afamefuna (Stan Nze). 

Afamefuna narrates the story, starting with the relationship he shared with Paul while working for Odogwu (Kanayo O. Kanayo), a building construction trader situated in Lagos.

The movie journeys through a series of events to the point where Afamefuna gets paid (settled) by Odogwu while Paul is left out. 

Paul angrily leaves while still maintaining a relationship with Amaka (Atlanta Bridget Johnson), Odogwu’s daughter. 

Paul gets even more furious when he finds that Amaka has been betrothed to Afamefuna. 

The story comes to a conclusion with Afamefuna being released by the police for an accusation on Paul’s death and some illegal mobster group (Danladi Brothers) being the main suspects.

Inspiration and General Acceptance

Afamefuna was widely accepted by the general public, with increased demand. The movie ranks 8.9/10 on IMDb and 8.4/10 on Nollywire. 

The public was most impressed with the concept surrounding the Igbo apprenticeship system. 

The Igbo apprenticeship system has been practised since time immemorial, when parents would send their children to learn trades under craftsmen. 

Nonetheless, after the civil war, Eastern Nigeria, which is inhabited mostly by the Igbos, had been thrown into poverty and barely had any more than twenty pounds to survive. 

The apprenticeship system helped push the Igbo tribe to become the richest tribe in Nigeria after the war. 

The system begins with a young man moving to live with a rich and successful trader to learn all there is to know about the trade. 

While learning the trade, the apprentice lives and gets fed by his boss. The learning period usually lasts from five to seven years, subject to the consent of the boss. 

After the learning period, the boss gives the apprentice a sum to get him started with life, as well as a shop and goods. 

The story creatively uses the murder story of Paul to offer viewers a glimpse into the apprenticeship system of the Igbos, a system that, according to the Harvard Business Review, was the largest business incubator in the world.


Despite the overwhelming success of the movie, it was not without some controversies and criticism. Here are a few we saw.

Plot Shifts

The movie was packed with numerous plot shifts that left viewers confused at the start. 

Starting the story, some boys playing football found a body on the field. The plot shifts from the field to Afamefuna’s party and then to a flashback story as told by Afamefuna. 

Readers are left confused as to the mix of the events and only understands the interrelationship towards the end of the movie.

Unnecessary Scenes

The scene where Paul and Afamefuna walk through shops in the market as Paul narrates the activities and traders across the market to Afamefuna has no substantial bearing on the movie plot. 

The message in the story would have been properly conveyed if such a scene had been edited.

Less Suspense

In Afamefuna, the murder story played a pivotal role in telling the overall events of the Igbo apprenticeship system. 

Nonetheless, the murder plot fell short of expectations at the end when it was identified that the Danladi Brothers were responsible. 

The predictability of the death being caused by the illegal mob group began from the moment Afamefuna revealed that Paul was in business with them. 

This prediction lets the murder story fall flat on expectations.


The movie Afamefuna has everything there is to love; aside from a few technicalities, the movie was a breakthrough on the big screen. 

The major use of the Igbo language throughout the movie further added a spice of originality to the movie, driving home its plot. 

The themes of the movie were brotherhood, unity, hard work, friendship, and companionship. 

Overall, we give the move a 7/10 rating.