Scholarships in Nigeria - Local and International Opportunities

University graduands jubilating.

Indeed, studying abroad is the next level of experience that develops so many essential and life-surviving skills for students.

To do this by yourself is never good, especially for young Nigerian students as they are not well-settled on the financial base; their dedication to the study is worth seeing.

Also, they always come with a dream to be successful, in which they want to be professional.

And, getting admission to the most wanted college is the best way to do that. Therefore, there are many colleges and scholarship institutes that aim to provide free education.

In addition, hundreds of scholarships come every year to different colleges, where students can apply and get into it. Today’s topic is also about the various scholarships for Nigerians on both national and international levels. 

Speaking of scholarship opportunities, you should remember that you have to present a stunning admission essay to boost your chances of getting free education.

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7 Best scholarships for Nigerians

Some of the most dominating and well-known scholarships for Nigerian students are given here;

1. American Fulbright Student/Scholars program for Nigerians

It is an excellent opportunity for Nigerian students to be a part of new research whose duration is nine months. But you can only apply if you are a qualified graduate student and have the potential to do that.

If you are a teacher, you are also allowed to participate in the program.

2. University of Edinburgh online Commonwealth scholarships in global health

Indeed, this scholarship program of Edinburgh Online Commonwealth allows students from different countries of the world to participate. The scholarship will pay all your tuition fees as well as tenable for the five years of your study.

One significant advantage is that it offers more than one master's program in different fields.

3. Kochi University of Technology (KUT) special scholarship program

Its Special Scholarship Program was first introduced in the year 2003. And the purpose was the same to support the most capable students to join the research program

Also, international students scholarship programs. They will get particular focus to boost research abilities.

4. Matilda Mwaba scholarship at the University of London

The great university of London feels pleased to award five scholarships in honour of Ms Matilda Mwaba, who is no longer with us. Her work in growing women's rights and supporting women in sports is undefinable.

Moreover, Nigerians have an excellent opportunity to study abroad with this program. 

5. NNPC/Total undergraduate scholarships

It is a national scholarship program in Nigeria, one of the most well-known. Moreover, their main focus is to enhance the workforce and achieve excellence in education.

Therefore, they accept suitable and eligible students in Nigeria's tertiary institutions. 

6. NITDA postgraduate scholarships for Nigerian students

The selections for the scholarship programs are highly followed based on merit. The agency compromises with different institutes to divert Nigeria into Information Technology. Moreover, there are several rewards in this program that you can get. 

7. KPMG Nigeria University scholarship program

Indeed, KPMG is playing a significant role in developing education in Nigeria. But, to be eligible for this program, there are some terms and conditions that you must fill.

You must have done your secondary education at a state-owned secondary school within the last two years.

University Graduands jubilating.

List of Scholarships programs on an international level for Nigerians

Here we are going to list out some major programs for scholarships:

● Chevening Scholarships 

● Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund

● University of Dundee Petroleum Technology Development Fund

● Global Ambassadors Program for Young Leaders in Nigeria

● Postgraduate Scholarships for Ghanaian and Nigerian Students in the UK

● Rhodes Scholarship

● MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

● Denys Holland Scholarship

● Singapore Scholarships for Nigerian Students

● Reckitt-LSHTM PhD studentships 

● Nigeria LNG (NLNG) Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship for Nigerian students

University of Dundee Scholarship 

● Much More…

List of national scholarships for Nigerians

Also, the country itself offers so many scholarships programs to the devoted students of Nigeria:

● Jim Ovia Scholarship for Nigerian Graduates and Undergraduates 

● Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) Undergraduate Scholarships

● Nigeria LNG Undergraduate Scholarship

● NPDC/SEPLAT Undergraduate Scholarship

● Ongoing AGIP Postgraduate Scholarship

● HONNIF Scholarships in Nigeria

● MTN Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships

● KAS International Contest Scholarships

● PMC One Planet

● Nigeria Women Association of Georgia

● Guinness Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship

● David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship

● Masters’ scholarships in Nigeria

● PTDF Postgraduate scholarship

● Dr Murtala Muhammed Scholarship

● Agip Postgraduate Scholarship

● SEOF Postgraduate scholarship

● BEA Awards for Nigerians

● PhD scholarships in Nigeria

● Shell SPDC students’ program

● Mansion House Scholarships Scheme

● Developing Solutions Scholarship programs

● Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF)

● Much more.


When you look at some famous scholarships for Nigerians to study abroad or in their own country, they only demand one thing; you can be a part of it. Hard-working students can fully utilize the facilities provided by them.

This will be a great chance to take your country name and that specific field to the next level of success.