Top 10 best football prediction sites 2022

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Predicting the outcomes of football matches is a common practice. Many sites claiming to be the best prediction sites have mushroomed in recent times.

However, how many of those are reliable is a moot topic. The bettors are always at risk of falling into a scam.

This post is an attempt to clear all doubts about the prediction sites' authenticity and tabulate the top 10 best prediction sites in the world; they are:

1. Overlyzer

Overlyzer is the brand-new revolution in the sports betting market. No other app reduces the risk in sports betting more than Overlyzer, which with its innovative algorithm, allows you to track the progress of numerous soccer matches simultaneously.

The software interprets live statistics so that they are output in graph form. It allows the user to see at a glance which team is currently exerting more pressure and is closer to scoring a goal. The various live metrics also show whether a game is being played offensively or defensively, which is a great help, especially for over and under bets.

Hundreds of games at a glance

The significant advantage of Overlyzer's live section is that you can follow hundreds of games at once. Typically, you would have to click through the game by game to see which team is playing better at the moment. With Overlyzer, you get everything at a glance.

Individual filters for higher usability

The filter options also make it possible only to display games that fit your betting behaviour. These self-set filters can then be saved and recalled at any time. Especially on match days, where up to 300 matches occur simultaneously, this is a huge help. Overlyzer offers a total of over 1,000 leagues from 160 nations.

Free Over/Under Tool

There is also something for users who have not subscribed yet. The "Over/Under Tool" offers probabilities on the number of goals in over 250 leagues. Free for all if you download the app.


The most promising soccer-tipsters collection is possible to select while picking the betting market of your choice.

Whether you are a beginner, or a high-roller, with a betting market in mind, you can choose here the tipster sites that best suit your needs.

Betting markets-based tips available

Soccer tipsters cover almost every football action that happens worldwide. The bettors can get tips on European Football, English Football, German Football tournaments, etc.

A plethora of tips amounting to about 100s in a day can help the bettors make their day filled with earning opportunities.

Staking amount focused support

The site takes care in bringing the best solutions for beginners, intermediate and expert tipsters. You can select the stake amount and service, and the best tips for the said selections are presented to you in just a click.

Scamster alert for better safety

The bettors can stay away from scamster by referring to the blocked sites list updated regularly.

It is essential to save money from tipsters that don't pay back returns or even have stout security solutions in place; this site understands it completely. 

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All betting markets are covered. You can compare odds and find recommended bookmakers on Updated tipster directory available.

Footballtipster's Best tips and trial month schemes help beginners in a big way.

Connecting bettors with the best tipsters

Football tipster works as a practical guide for bettors who want to know about the best tipsters to trust.

This tipster verification site includes only the high-performing, active and genuine tipsters in its network. 

The bettors can select any number of tipsters and subscribe to those for their daily football tips requirements. 

Most updated features

This site understands the bettors' intent most closely. It has the most advanced features like live score, trial month, tipster directory, etc. 

Whenever in doubt, the tipsters can log on to this site and get their facts confirmed. Subscribing to this site means better tips, and eventually, more promising ROIs.

Value-added service like a trial month 

Have the taste of the tipster advice first before ordering the whole monthly package! This feature is designed to build a better comfort level with the interface, making it easy for bettors to be conversant with the site's procedures.


Nowscore offers users more than 100+ daily tips that can help you stay in action always.

All soccer tipsters' sites' track records come unfiltered to you here. Best tipster sites are registered only after a thorough investigation n.

Most trustworthy tipsters 

This site's stringent quality and genuineness checking system is reflected in the trustworthy tipsters' team that any bettor can bank upon without doubt.

Nowscorer verifies site sources the best tipsters from all parts of the world and boasts the highest profit generators in its crew.

Profitable tips for the best football leagues

Nowscore offers a first-hand view of all the prestigious tournaments happening in England and Europe. Here, you can find the tips on the games like English Premier League, EFL League 1, France Ligue 1, UEFA league, to mention the most followed ones.

The most popular betting services available 

Bettors can get immediate and well-designed help for betting successfully on popular types of bets such as BTTS and Win, Acca bets, Over/Under bets, Correct Score, etc. 

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Equaliserfootball's unalterable tips submission system helps bettors have the best and verified tips only.

The bettors subscribe to the tipster sites directly and take their advice—Best-suited for beginners and advanced betting enthusiasts.

Tipsters with a high strike rate

The two mandatory parameters that this site considers are profits earned and the high winning percentage while including tipsters in their crew.

This tipster site reviewer has employed the best techniques to calculate the ROIs and profits generated correctly and gives the most transparent view of the tipsters working in the betting world.

100% accurate tips are a norm

Tipsters do in-depth research on match statistics, player props, motivation, and other factors before giving the tips.

They also suggest the betting site where the best rated odd can be availed for staking purposes.

The experience and performance of tipsters deliver the best results.

Complete tip reduces betting to just a few clicks

Tipsters will advise on correct stake size, odds on the bet's information, today and tomorrow fixtures, etc. Thus, you are equipped with all the necessary info required to make a successful bet.


Most updated tipster advice is available on this Protipster's monitoring site. All verified tipsters only, who cover all countries' tournaments.

Tipsters offer tips after thorough analysis, and the site's monitoring system further proves its genuineness.

Best football tipsters

With the team keeping a sharp eye on today's, tomorrow's, and weekend's fixtures, this site can help you confidently even at the shortest notice.

Easy payment procedures and the direct links to the betting sites add further to immediacy. 

100% verified tips

No matter how sooner the tip is to deliver, the research never takes a backseat here. The tipsters provide the most accurate tips on bets like Under/Over, Match Win, Match Score, 1x2 Betting, and others.

All tips are double-verified before suggesting to the bettors.

Secure payment procedures and quick process

Here, the bettors get the best tipster advice buying experience. All you need is to select the tipster, subscribe to that service, pay for the tip, and verify the results.

Access to multiple tipsters' sites allows having the best collection of advice to maximize the betting outcomes.

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The best tipster directory site that offers advice on everyday matches is Predictionsoccer. The tipster sites cover the most updated tips and amply diversified markets.

Accurate tips derived from in-depth research

All tipsters here have reliable insider sources. Also, they keep track of current form, team make-up, intra-team relationships, new entries and transfers to teams, etc. Thus, their predictions are the best in yield and accuracy.

Worldwide football games covered

Tipsters here have expertise in multipl.e betting markets and know all essential and low-tier tournaments played worldwide. Thus, you can find new tips almost daily. 

100% verified tipsters from all countries

Best tipsters from all countries are curated in one place at predictionsoccer.

Predictionsoccer tipster site collects information like winning percentage, number of wins and losses, tipsters' native countries, their tips cost/match.

Hence, it serves as the one-stop tipster guide, allowing bettors to reduce the betting time in an entirely result-oriented manner.


Soccer0001 Features top-performing tipsters only. Updated tips for the current matches or those about to start available. It covers all prestigious leagues.

Best tips guarantee else lost tips are replaced

You have nothing to lose when you subscribe to This site elaborately tabulates their best tipsters working to offer various betting services.

If any tip causes loss, it is replaced with a free tip the next day.

Multiple tipsters to choose

Tipsters here are specialized either in a single betting service. Some give tips on multiple services too.

You can select the tipster as per your betting needs. If you subscribe to various tipsters here, you may have your kitty full of welcome deals.  

Complete betting help

Prediction Soccer offers complete betting help through daily soccer predictions, tipster directory, informative blogs to stay updated on football events.

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Topsportspick can get the replacement for losing the tip the very next day here. Straightforward process to buy tips and place bets.

Topsportspick provides top 5 games and 5 top tipsters for easy access and quick betting.

Worldwide leagues are covered and talked about transparently

This football tipster site provides a betting service for all leagues. The tipsters mention the league name, match fixture details, and the betting service.

Such transparency of information helps bettors pick the best bets and earn profits in no time. All tips come with a verification guarantee.

The plethora of tips can keep bettors busy here and allow them to have lots of betting and match-watching included in their daily schedule.

Easy tips buying process

The straightforward tips buying process serves bettors' needs the best.

Even if you are a novice to computers or online betting, you can start using this interface instantly.

The three-step buying process is quick and helps make error-free purchases. It can be completed through the following steps:

  1. Provide personal details for registration
  2. Go through tips available
  3. Select the tip and pay.
  4. Well-designed tipster services
  5. Best bettors-centric services available on this site include:
  6. Statistics collected from authentic sources
  7. Information on upcoming picks
  8. Tipster directory
  9. Live Score information


You can access more than 100 tipster sites on Tipstersguide. It is a tipster monitoring site that checks tipsters' advice for frequency and correctness before recommending it to punters and bettors.

Best Tipster Management Platform

Tipstersguide has the best-quality tipster management platform system. This tipster verification site offers an unalterable way of providing tips.

The tipsters submit the tips for verification daily.

This management system verifies the tips and displays them to the bettors.

If bettors choose the verified tip, they subscribe to the tipster service and complete the buying procedure. Thus, the authenticity of tips is guaranteed.

Excellent Support for Tipster Career

The tipsters can benefit from the readymade platform where they can connect with a large number of bettors.

This easy-to-connect platform is readily available with Betting Advice.

With the best operational support in reach, they can concentrate better on the research part and assure lucrative business opportunities.

This site helps tipsters get much-needed exposure and improve the traffic in terms of quality and quantity.

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Besttipster's monitor site can give access to high-performing tips from genuine advisers.

Besttipste serves the list of tipster sites after stringent checks only.

Easily navigable interface

The tipster monitor's interface is exceptionally clean and crisp. It can help locate the tipsters, select tips and buy the advice most quickly. 

4 types of betting services

Tipster Monitor provides the authentic tipster service for four types of betting services: Fixed odds tips, Asian Handicap, Under/Over, and Correct Score Tomorrow.

When coming from an expert advisor, all these tips can be money printing opportunities for the bettors.

Completely research-backed, transparent tips

Best Tipsters tips are not a matter of fluke. But, these are the result of systematic and high-quality research.

The bettors can access graphical charts, statistical analysis, score tallies, updated news, etc., to make an informed opinion on any upcoming match. It does translate into better profits eventually.


Prediction sites have become an essential contingent of the football betting space.

Punters need readymade research sometimes, and mostly, they need assurance of being correct in their thinking.

The prediction sites at the top 10 positions provide that comfort and make the betting process worry-free appreciably. is a versatile sports betting site that offers multiple markets for punters to bet and make money.

It picks the games researched and tipped by the best prediction sites and offers easy betting to cash the opportunities available.