Why an increasing amount of Africans are discovering smartphone Gaming

An individual playing game on a smartphone.

As a society, we have become inseparable from our smartphone devices in 2023, haven’t we? In fact, long before the turn of the year, people have been glued to their screens, be it to follow some lifestyle advice or to play a variety of mobile games.

When assessing the most common ways in which we use our smartphones, alongside texting and calling, people are actually gaming more than ever before. 

For diehard gamers, mobile gaming’s offering hasn’t always appealed, though. The more detailed and advanced console games that have been accessible for years are enticing, too, with these types of options typically being advertised more and hogging most of the limelight when it comes to gaming coverage.

That is certainly changing today, though, with an increasing amount of Africans opening themselves up to gaming on their miniature communication tools. But why is this? What has led to more and more of us discovering smartphone gaming? Let’s take a look below. 

1. A gaming opportunity that doesn’t break the bank

It’s no secret that Africa is a continent with a number of notable issues, particularly when it comes to poverty. As such, people can’t always justify the cost of investing in a hugely expensive PlayStation 5 console, for example.

There is a solid argument to suggest that console gaming has reached extortionate levels globally anyway, with millions of people refusing to invest in Sony’s latest machine and the accessories that we’re typically encouraged to purchase.

With that in mind, a number of gaming alternatives are now standing out, with people able to explore a wide variety of games with ease on a smartphone device that they typically own anyway.

The games are either completely free or relatively cheap, with optional in-app purchases on offer in most titles, resulting in a far more affordable gaming option for Africans everywhere. 

2. Smartphone games are actually good now

In the past, one of the main reasons why people were put off the idea of mobile gaming was due to the rather simple and unappealing mobile games that typically populated the App Store and Google Play.

Now, though, whether you own an android or an iOS phone, the gaming adventures on offer are impressively detailed. Alongside the downloadable console-quality games and sports releases are browser products, with casino slot games like Age of the Gods: Maze Keeper appealing to mobile gaming audiences also due to the sophisticated gameplay and the chance to win one of four Age of the Gods Jackpots.

Additionally, social media platforms, such as Facebook, offer games that can be accessed on mobile, with people exploring products like Zynga Poker and FarmVille 3.

Mobile games can be improved further with the purchase of a gaming phone, too, with a number of devices catering for a much-improved mobile gaming package, perhaps by offering triggers that apply to certain games or due to a liquid fan cooling system that keeps the device from overheating during any marathon gaming sessions.

3. Stigma around gaming has changed somewhat

In the past, technology hasn’t always been embraced in Africa. Perhaps some people found it daunting, while others simply didn’t want traditional methods of communication and entertainment to die out.

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Now, though, with technology-based innovation gripping much of society, it has become the norm for us to utilise the services of a number of different tech-related products, with our smartphones being one of them.

Alongside the rise in smartphone usage, the stigma around gaming has changed, with people of all ages now able to game away freely without feeling like they’re breaking any societal rules. Put simply, everyone is mobile gaming these days, making it an accessible entertainment opportunity for us all.