The Casino Games new Players must try out

Chips for casino games.

The image that most people have of a casino is of an opulent building filled with well-heeled socialites splashing their cash in games with arcane rules.

The way casinos are portrayed in films, such as in Casino Royale, has gone a long way to perpetuate this misconception, leaving many with the idea that casino gaming is only for those with huge personal fortunes,

This may have been true in the days when gaming houses were first becoming popular when it was largely the upper classes that had the income and the time that allowed them to play games of chance.

However, the reality is that anyone can enjoy casino gaming, and there is no need to dig out a tuxedo or evening gown to enjoy some of the most engaging and exciting games around.

One of the things that have made casino gaming more accessible to a wider audience has been the advent of online gaming. Gone are the days when you had to organise a night out and travel to a casino to play games alongside seasoned veterans.

Now, those that want to know more about how to play some of the most popular casino games without ever having to leave the house. This is ideal for anyone who prefers to find their feet without an audience, as you can try out any game that takes your fancy and learn the ropes in the privacy of your own home.

This has made casino gaming even more popular, contributing to the worldwide appeal of some of the oldest and most played games in the world. For those that want to find out more about the types of games on offer, some are ideal for beginners, including:

1. Roulette

As one of the most popular casino games, roulette is perfect for new gamers as the odds and statistics are relatively self-explanatory.

Part of the appeal for new players is that there is nothing to actually do other than bet, so there’s very little skill involved except deciding how much you want to wager.

The secret to roulette isn’t on the wheel but the wagering area known as the layout. In films and on television, players usually place all their money on red, black, or a particular number, but these are only some of the options available for those placing bets on the spin of the wheel. 

The odds of the ball landing on red or black are easily calculated, but the layout offers some more interesting options as well, including:

  • Even or odd – wagering on whether the result will be even or odd
  • Dozen bet – wagering on either the first, second, or third batch of twelve numbers
  • Column bet – wagering on all the numbers in a column of twelve numbers
  • Snake bet – wagering on numbers in a zig-zag pattern on the layout
  • Straight – wagering on a single number
  • Split – wagering on numbers that are vertically or horizontally adjoined
  • Street – wagering on three numbers in a row
  • Corner or square – wagering on four numbers that meet at the corner on the layout
  • Six line or double street – wagering on six consecutive numbers on any two rows of the layout
  • Trio – wagering on three numbers with a zero (or double zero) 
  • First four – wagering on 0,1,2, and 3 

Players engaging in a game of poker.

For those that have never played roulette, it can be a bit overwhelming to see the layout and the variety of options available for wagering.

Playing online casino games on trusted sites such as Virgin Games can be a great way of learning about the wagering options available. 

2. Blackjack

Also known as Pontoon, Twenty One, and Vingt-et-Un, this is one of the most widely played casino games in the world.

It combines skill and luck in a way that enables players to make decisions based on probability, and because each player is only competing against the dealer, the number of variables is limited.

The premise of the game is simple, but playing online can help to learn the probability of achieving various hands based on the cards drawn.

There are some rules that allow players to increase their odds of winning, and playing regularly can help you to learn and apply them to your best advantage.

3. Slots

As the most popular casino game in the world, slots have an appeal that makes them the ideal game for beginners.

Although experience can help you to develop faster reactions and a more thorough understanding of how to proceed through more elaborate games, essentially, slots are just a game of luck.

They are ideal for beginners as you don’t need any knowledge of the game to play, and you can win simply by pressing a button.

There are thousands of different themes so that you can play games featuring your favourite TV or film character, band, or even period of history.

Slots tend to have good odds for the player, so it’s relatively easy to win, which is gratifying for those that have never played before.

New players can enjoy the chance to learn more about how casino games work and develop other skills that will be useful in any game, such as how to manage your budget and how to stick to a strategy rather than playing by ‘gut feeling’. 

Whether you want to brush up your skills before visiting a bricks-and-mortar casino or just want to find the perfect game to play online, there are plenty of casino games that are great for beginners.