Full list of Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, courses

Are you unsure about the course of study to apply for at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA)? Read our Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) course list to help you make an informed decision.

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Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is a military school in Nigeria that prepares officer cadets for commissioning into the Army, Navy, or Air Force.

The military school, founded in 1964 as a realignment of the British-run Royal Military Forces Training College, is arguably Nigeria's most competitive institutions, with many applicants.

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is a dream school for many Nigerians, owing to its reputation and prestige, with millions of people applying for military school annually.

Though many wish to be admitted to the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, some are confused about the courses offered by the NDA school.

If you are searching for a course to study at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), you are in the right place. On this page, we have compiled a full list of NDA courses to guide you in choosing one.

Below is the full list of Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, courses.

Full list of Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, courses




Civil Engineering (CE)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechatronic Engineering (MCE)



Biological Science




Art and Social Sciences

Defence and Security Studies


History and War Studies


Political Science


Military Science

Computer Science 

Cyber Security

Intelligence and Security Studies

Military Science

Management Sciences



Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Management Science