Best Places to Hold a Destination Wedding in Nigeria for a Thrilling Experience

Small, simple, and classy weddings are fast becoming a thing in Nigeria today. One way to get a thrilling, small, simple, and classy wedding is to plan a destination wedding.

Image of a bride and a groom at holding a destination wedding under the stars

Take a break from the traditional wedding styles, and spice up your most important day with a destination wedding. Let’s walk you through the best places to hold a destination wedding in Nigeria for a thrilling experience.

  1. Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate
  2. Kajuru Castle
  3. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
  4. Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort
  5. Yankari National Park, Yankari
  6. Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort Limited Ikogosi, Ikogosi
  7. Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River
  8. Sencillo Lagos
  9. Landmark Beach
  10. Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Osun State
  11. Abraka Turf and Country Club, Abraka, Delta State
  12. Almat Farms, Kuje

1. Lakowe Lakes, Lagos

Approximately 63 km from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport sits this luxury destination wedding venue. The Lakowe Lakes is a tropical paradise estate with lush green gardens and pristine freshwater lakes. This picturesque environment commands a romantic aura suitable for saying, “I do.”

Choosing this location as your venue for your destination wedding in Nigeria for a thrilling experience means you get the chance to choose from different indoor and outdoor wedding venues. The Kingfisher Hall can accommodate up to 100 guests. With the cottage lawn, you can host up to 150 guests for your big day, while the island venue can take up to 250 guests.

Enjoy fine dining and treat yourself to a golf experience with the 18-hole golf course. Go cycling, fishing, movie nights, or watch the stars from the lush gardens. Enjoy playing tennis with your guests or partner. Pedal and pontoon boating activities and swimming activities are also available.

2. Kajuru Castle, Southern Kaduna

Are you living in the North-Western part of Nigeria and planning for a small guest size? Then this is a great option for you. The Kajuru Castle is a mountaintop private resort with ancient architecture designed to give you and your guests a fairytale experience. It is located 45 km from Kaduna, the state’s capital, and 57 km from the Kaduna International Airport.

Kajuru Castle has a five-bedroom building, a dragon tower, a rooftop room, and a swimming pool. You can take your nuptial vows on the rooftop with a scenic, pristine vegetation backdrop. Explore the surrounding mountains, or watch the night sky from the rooftop.

3. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

This is a union of nature and humans, and it is one of the best natural environments for your nuptial vows. The La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is decorated with rich flora and fauna, with the Atlantic Ocean stretched out in front of you. It provides an idyllic and serene environment for you and your guests.

Say “I do” on the sandy white beach, overlooking the turquoise water of the Atlantic Ocean with swaying palm trees. You also have the lagoon area for your nuptials, and if you want a small space for a small guest, you will find the luxury cruise boat an interesting option.

You will never find a more African-themed location for your destination wedding than this upscale escape resort. Enjoy activities like boat cruises, jet skiing, kayaking, water volleyball, beach soccer, tennis, cycling, basketball, football, horseback riding, etc. Watch nature interact with humans from a relaxed beachfront or a sit-out overlooking the lagoon.

Located at Ibeju-Lekki, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is approximately 22 km away from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.  

4. Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort

12.8 km away from Uyo town and approximately 33.2 km away from the Akwa Ibom State Airport sits the Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort. Decorated by lush green palm trees and an 18-hole golf course, every picture promises to be a beauty in this environment. The natural ambiance of the resort makes it a serene environment for a destination wedding.

You can take your nuptial vows in any of the resort’s wedding halls, that can take up to 100 guests, or let the lush green grasses and palm trees witness your special day in any of the outdoor venues. Explore the forests with your partner and guests, bask in the sunlight by the poolside, or watch the moon take its shift from beautiful corners in the resort. 

You also have table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, and golfing to keep you busy. Live bands are also available to keep you and your guests entertained in the evenings as you savor the taste of delicious cuisines and tasty wines.

5. Yankari National Park, Yankari

If you are looking for a destination wedding location in Nigeria that is tucked away and immersed in nature, the Yankari National Park is one of your best options. How about over 300 species of birds sing beautiful melodies for you as you say, “I do”? Enjoy a backdrop of pristine green forest with every click of the camera. 

Located in Yankari, Southern Bauchi State, the Yankari Park is 134.2 km from the Bauchi State Airport. The lush savanna can accommodate up to 150 guests.

This is a historic park and serves a lot of memories, as it was Nigeria’s first national park. Don’t worry about what to do in the park. With over 2,000 square kilometers of different animal and plant species, four warm springs, caves, and iron smelting works, you will be entertained by nature itself. 

You and your guests can go on a hike, horseback riding, or safari and bathe in the warm spring. You and your guests can lodge in the resort’s villas or any of the nearby hotels.

6. Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort Limited Ikogosi, Ikogosi

Located in Ikogosi, Southwest, Nigeria, the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is an idyllic location for a destination wedding in Nigeria. Those pictures look better with a backdrop of springs and natural greenery. The facility is nestled 10 km away from the Ekiti city hub and 108 km away from the closest Ilorin International Airport.

Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort offers you the opportunity to take your wedding vows in different venues within the resort. They also have professional wedding planners to help you organize your big day, whether it is a small or large wedding. You can host from 50 guests to up to 200 guests in their indoor and outdoor venues.

Treat yourself to a one-in-a-lifetime experience as you explore the rich Ikogosi forest. This is the only place in the world where you can watch the warm and cold springs flow side-by-side without mixing. 

7. Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River

When you speak of the best places to hold a destination wedding in Nigeria for a thrilling experience, Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River State is an excellent location. This is an escape uphill resort, where you are immersed in nature as you take your wedding vows with idyllic tranquility.  

It will take you only 45 minutes' flight or five hours drive to get to the Obudu Mountain Resort from the Margaret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar. You can also use the Bebi Airstrip, which is 45 minutes’ drive away from the resort.

You can almost see the clouds settling on the mountain from your room. It is a backdrop of pristine green, misty forest stretching out in all corners of the resort. There are different indoor and outdoor venues that are available for weddings in this mountain-top upscale resort. You can host from as few as 50 guests to as many as 200 guests, depending on the venues you prefer.

Fine dining and wining in a world-class restaurant, and other relaxation options are all available. You can also take a helicopter flight to explore the mountain area, drive on the winding driveway, go mountain biking, hike, explore the Igaga Water Falls, go horseback riding, or go cable car riding, among other things.  

8. Sencillo Lagos

On the Illashe island sits this private escape beach house, that defines nothing but serenity, warmth, beauty, and luxury. Sencillo is only about 30 minutes away from Lagos business hubs. Aside from its crystal-clear pool, the beach house directly overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, providing the perfect backdrop for your big day. This minimalist all-white 3-bedroom beach house is suitable for couples planning a small wedding.

Lush palm trees and lawns provide a picturesque environment. The turquoise water of the Atlantic Ocean and the crystal-clear blue swimming pool will serenade your day with beauty. Although the lawns and beachfront can accommodate up to 100 guests, the facility does not have adequate rooms for such a number of guests.

With a proper arrangement with the facility management, you can also get a cruise boat for a small-scale wedding on the sea. Have fun with your partner with the ping-pong game, volleyball, sunbeds for relaxation, and watching the night sky. There is also a dance pole if you want to steam up the activities a little.

9. Landmark Beach Resort

You will find this luxury beach resort at the heart of Lagos State, Victoria Island. As a property of the Landmark Hotel, accommodations for your guests will be easy. The property has played host to several small and large-scale weddings.

The beachfront can accommodate as many as 150 guests. It also has several event halls that you can personalize to your taste. The facility is directly overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, making it the perfect location for a destination wedding

Landmark Beach Resort is a picturesque environment for your wedding vows, whether you want to keep it low and simple or make a statement. Professional wedding planners are always available to help you plan your big day and make the most of it. Some activities here include beach volleyball, jet skiing, boat cruise, beach soccer, mini beach golf, paintball, basketball, windsurfing, and kite surfing.

Landmark Beach is approximately 33.2 km away from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. Using this facility will let you explore the entire Landmark Area.

10. Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Osun State

The Zenababs Half Moon Resort is located in Ijesa, Osun State, in a tranquil environment. This facility boasts lush green lawns, vegetation, and hills surrounding it, providing a beautiful backdrop for couples. This grandiose resort is an escape from the noisy cities and towns in Osun State.

Several venues are available for weddings, and each of them allows couples to have a bespoke setup that defines their interests and tastes. The extensive lawn can take up to 5000 guests, while there are two large halls designed to accommodate up to 1000 guests. You can also set up in the pool area, which can take up to 500 guests. Couples can choose to hire the services of the resort’s in-house wedding planners or plan it themselves.

Activities here include a boat cruise on the small lake, table tennis, billiards, tennis, basketball, volleyball, a gymnasium, squash, and swimming.

11. Abraka Turf and Country Club, Abraka, Delta State

Nestled in a lush green rainforest in Abraka, Delta State, the Abraka Turf and Country Club is a good destination wedding venue in Nigeria. It is approximately 108 km away from the Asaba International Airport.

Designed with a blend of African and contemporary themes, this facility provides a picturesque environment for weddings. The natural ambiance in this location adds to the beauty you will experience as you take your wedding vows.

You can say your vows in any of the indoor or outdoor venues. Couples can work with the facility’s wedding planners to get the best experience. They can also have a bespoke design that will define the vibes they want. Abraka Turf and Country Club promises a quintessential service for you and your guests. Enjoy a blend of African and intercontinental cuisines and wines. The venues can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Activities such as board games (chess, monopoly, and scrabble), snookering, horse riding, table tennis, and video games. Bird watching, stargazing, canoeing in the Ethiope River, and fishing are also available. There is also a golf course available for golfers.

12. Almat Farms

This is where agriculture meets tourism and recreation. Spice up your wedding in a lush, green agritourism environment. It is located in the outskirts of Kuje in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, about 43 km away from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. Using this location for your destination wedding will give you a countryside feeling. It feels like having a wedding on a ranch with a bit of modernity.

Alamat Farm also combines Africanism with modernity in its accommodation designs. Everything is served fresh on this farm. The foods are prepared from the farm produce. The lush green gardens and lawns make it a picturesque environment. There are different open spaces for wedding vows and receptions. Each location can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Activities here include, tennis, polo, hiking, volleyball, picnics, football, camping, quad bike riding, snookering, and board games. There is also a petting zoo, featuring peacocks, tortoises, ostriches, antelopes, geese, monkeys, rabbits, ponies, etc. You and your guest can also go on a guided-tour around the farm.


Nigeria is home to several destination wedding locations. Each of them have their unique vibes. The cost of booking these venues is not fixed. Confirm the cost from the management while making your plans. Before you plan to use any of these facilities, ensure you confirm the immigration requirements for your country.