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Although far from the echelon of soccer's wealthiest players like Faiq Bolkiah, Victor Osimhen has emerged as a prominent figure in global football, navigating the inflated transfer market with considerable acclaim. The Nigerian striker, held in high regard by the Neapolitan public, has amassed a net worth of $3.7 million, propelled by stellar performances and noteworthy achievements. 

Under the guidance of Luciano Spalletti, Osimhen not only found success but also a sense of belonging in the Campania capital and Serie A TIM.

In the 2022/2023 Serie A TIM season, Victor Osimhen played a pivotal role in Napoli's accomplishments. Topping the league's scoring charts, the Nigerian striker garnered attention from major European clubs, placing him on the transfer wishlist. 

Despite persistent attempts to secure his services, Napoli chairman De Laurentiis successfully fended off numerous assaults, retaining the former Lille talent in the squad. While negotiations for his contract renewal have been ongoing for several months, the resolution remains pending.

How much did Napoli pay for Osimhen?

The exact amount Napoli paid for Osimhen remains somewhat unclear, creating a sense of ambiguity in today's discussion. Officially, the transfer is cited at a total worth of 75 million, according to Transfermarkt data, indicating that Napoli and Lille agreed upon this sum. Delving into the specifics, Napoli's expenditure for Victor Osimhen amounted to 66.5 million, with an additional 10 million designated for bonuses spread over five years.

Osimhen's trajectory reflects a remarkable escalation in his market value, a rarity among players. According to Transfermarkt, his progression has been unprecedented both on the field and in the market:

  • - 2018 (Wolfsburg): 1 million euros 
  • - 2019 (Charleroi): 3 million euros 
  • - 2020 (Lille): 30 million euros 
  • - 2021 (Naples): 50 million euros
  • - 2022 (Naples): 60 million euros
  • - January 2023 (Naples): 70 million euros
  • - September 2023 (Naples): 200 million euros

How much does Osimhen earn?

Victor Osimhen's annual earnings are currently at 4.5 million euros net, supplemented by bonuses. As the highest-paid player at Napoli, his impact on the club's finances amounts to 5.9 million euros gross, equivalent to a weekly wage of €98,654.

In the event of a potential contract renewal, the figures are anticipated to undergo a significant transformation.

Osimhen's agreement with Napoli, signed in the summer of 2020, extends far beyond a simple salary arrangement. One notable aspect is the transfer of all promotional advertising rights to Napoli, making them the exclusive entity entitled to collect any owed sum to Osimhen, even from external sources like the Nigeria national team. 

This transfer of image rights comes with a substantial value of 900 thousand euros gross, translating to 609,921 euros net in the first year and 691,518 net for each subsequent year. However, it also obligates Osimhen to participate in club-requested initiatives related to the use of these image rights.

Additionally, within the 45-page contract, Osimhen agreed to provide access keys to his social media profiles, granting Napoli the right to access and potentially create profiles or sites on his behalf.

Furthermore, Osimhen had a pre-existing commercial agreement with Nike as a shoe supplier until 2023. However, upon signing with Napoli, he committed to not renewing the deal with Nike unless they pay a penalty of 1.8 million euros gross to Napoli, double the amount he received for selling the image rights.

Regarding his salary structure, the contract outlines a fixed salary of 4 million euros until June 2022. Subsequently, for the next two seasons, Osimhen will earn 4.25 million net, and in the final season, he will receive 4.5 million. Noteworthy is a one-off fee of 672,736 euros earned on February 10, 2021. 

Additionally, performance-related bonuses are in place, including 260,300 euros for accessing the group stage of the Champions League this year. 

If Osimhen achieves specific goal milestones, he stands to collect additional bonuses, such as 130,150 euros at 20 goals, 25 goals, and 30 goals. 

The proposed base salary for Osimhen could escalate to 10 million euros net per season, with bonuses potentially pushing his total compensation to an impressive 15 million euros.

In March 2023, Victor Osimhen, as star of the Super Eagles and Napoli, signed a mega sponsorship contract with PZ Industries as ambassador of the Dettol brand, succeeding his compatriot Odion Ighalo as the company's new ambassador. 

Notably, in summer of 2023, Victor Osimhen received a lucrative offer of 175 million euros for a five-year term (35 million per season) from the Saudi Arabian club Al-Ahli, a substantial proposition that added an interesting dimension to Osimhen's future financial landscape.

Victor Osimhen cars

Exploring Victor Osimhen's car collection reveals a penchant for five-door SUVs, a model that has become the Nigerian striker's favourite. Osimhen, valuing spaciousness in his vehicles, boasts two robust examples in his garage.

First and foremost is the Toyota Land Cruiser, a robust five-door SUV equipped with a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. This Osimhen automotive gem generates 204 HP and achieves a maximum speed of approximately 175 km/h.

Despite its modest nature, the Land Cruiser serves as a reliable companion for Osimhen during serene road trips.

Frequently captured by paparazzi navigating the streets of Naples in this SUV, it stands as the designated "backup" car in Osimhen's automotive collection, demonstrating his preference for practicality alongside performance.

However, Victor Osimhen's flagship vehicle stands as the Mercedes G-Class, an exemplary creation from the renowned German automotive giant. 

This five-door SUV surpasses the Toyota Land Cruiser in performance, boasting a V8 engine with an impressive 421 horsepower—more than double that of the previously mentioned Land Cruiser.

With a maximum speed reaching 210 km/h, the G-Class strikes a commendable balance between power and spaciousness.

Renowned for its reliability, the G-Class is hailed by experts as one of the most dependable cars globally, having evolved over the years while remaining true to its original concept. 

While not designed for high-speed sprints, this Mercedes SUV excels in elegance and comfort, contributing to its enduring appeal.

Osimhen's personal touch extends to the China Blue hue adorning the Napoli footballer's car, paying homage to the city of Naples. While some may find the colour choice unconventional, Osimhen's imaginative flair ensures it doesn't go unnoticed on the streets of Naples, evident in a viral video shared by Metropoles Esportes on their TikTok channel.

Equipped with a robust V8 engine producing 421 horsepower, the Mercedes G-Class comes with a price tag of around 140,000 euros, depending on the configuration. The AMG version commands an even higher cost, exceeding 300 thousand euros. Despite the substantial price, this extravagant choice aligns seamlessly with Osimhen's lucrative salary, placing it well within his financial reach as a football champion.

Osimhen house

Osimhen lives in the Neapolitan region of Posillipo

Presently, Osimhen resides in a villa situated in Posillipo, a choice that reflects not only his current status but also a profound connection to his roots. Despite his elevated living conditions, Osimhen remains steadfast in remembering his impoverished childhood, expressing a sincere desire to extend concrete help to those facing similar challenges—a commitment inspired by his faith. The name "Osimhen," revealed in a press conference, holds a significant meaning: "God is good."

Recalling his early years in Olusosun, one of the largest landfills globally, Osimhen shared that he emerged from an environment where hope was scarce. To support his siblings, he engaged in humble endeavours such as selling water on the streets and cutting grass. 

This journey from adversity to success has shaped Osimhen into not only an exceptional player but also a remarkable individual.

Choosing to reside a stone's throw away from the heart of Naples in the Posillipo district, Osimhen has become more than a resident; he has been embraced by the entire city. 

Despite his athletic prowess and exuberance on the football pitch, Osimhen leads a serene private life. 

His evenings are often spent in quiet contemplation, admiring the sea from the breathtaking vantage point of his terrace on the Posillipo hill—a locale renowned as the quintessential residential neighbourhood in Naples.

Posillipo, steeped in Napoli football history and home to legends like Cavani, Maradona, Careca, and Koulibaly, represents the tranquil soul of the city. Osimhen's choice to make this district his home not only aligns with Napoli's storied legacy but also demonstrates his affinity for a peaceful and prestigious residential enclave. 


Beyond the glare of media attention, Osimhen emerges as a figure marked by profound gestures of solidarity and charity, leaving an indelible impact that resonates even among rival fans. 

One notable instance involves his assistance to a young Roma steward who faced dismissal for seeking an autograph from the Napoli striker outside the Olimpico. 

Osimhen willingly lends his image to champion charitable causes, actively collaborating with the World Food Programme. 

His benevolence extends to providing meals and clothing to underprivileged children, as well as assisting African communities in Naples and its environs—all accomplished with a quiet humility, eschewing the pursuit of visibility.

Recently, Osimhen has expressed his intention to launch a project aimed at aiding individuals with disabilities throughout Africa. Inspired by the philanthropic efforts of Sadio Manè, the Senegalese footballer, Osimhen envisions a distinct initiative with a broader scope. 

While Manè focuses on supporting the Senegalese community, Osimhen aspires to extend his assistance beyond Nigeria, encompassing the entirety of Africa. Demonstrating a deep commitment, he articulates, "I am ready to give life to my own support project, I want to do everything within my possibilities."