Mohamed Salah net worth 2023

Liverpool winger, Mohamed Salah, boasts the largest salary in the history of the Reds, eliminating any need to consider a move to the Saudi club Al-Ittihad for financial gain. His impressive net worth is estimated at a staggering $115 million.

As reported by the British newspaper "Liverpool World," Salah maintains an account in a British bank, holding an approximate balance of £20,182,000. This sum represents just one of several accounts owned by Salah, indicating the extent of his financial portfolio.

Following a recent contract renewal, Salah has ascended to the ranks of the highest-paid players in both the English Premier League and the global football scene. This achievement has prompted Liverpool's management to reward him with bonuses, surpassing a cumulative total of $25 million to date.

Crucial to Salah's wealth are global sponsorship deals with prominent companies such as Vodafone, Pepsi, Uber, Oppo, and Adidas. These partnerships contribute substantial annual sums to Salah in exchange for utilising his name and image to promote their projects. Notably, the Adidas sponsorship entails an annual payment of around £2.5 million.

Mohamed Salah's financial portfolio extends beyond his earnings from playing for Liverpool, encompassing various lucrative ventures.

Notably, his substantial social media presence on platforms such as Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook, with millions of followers, translates into financial gains through sponsored posts from companies affiliated with these platforms.

In addition to his football-related income, Salah is engaged in real estate investments through two companies: "MOS Real Estate" focuses on real estate, while "Trinity Kensington" specialises in rentals.

The combined assets of these companies are estimated at £9 million, with nearly a quarter of this value tied up in property.

Salah has also invested over $5 million in the brick, cement, and construction tools industry, amassing assets valued at approximately £12 million, according to reports.

Furthermore, Salah boasts a collection of high-performance and renowned cars, often seen commuting to Liverpool training sessions in a variety of luxury vehicles.

As a result of his renewed contract, Salah not only stands as Liverpool's all-time highest earner but also ranks as the fourth highest earner in the entire Premier League.

His financial terms underscore his significance both within the Liverpool squad and in the broader context of top-tier football in England.

Mohamed Salah salary 2023

Mohamed Salah holds the distinction of being the highest-paid player in Liverpool and ranks fourth among the Premier League's top earners. His weekly salary is an impressive £373,750, amounting to a substantial monthly income of up to £1.495 million.

In October 2023, British press reports unveiled the details of Salah's renewed contract until 2025, revealing a total weekly income reaching one million pounds sterling. The information, sourced from a study conducted by Harvard University and presented by Rami Abbas Issa, Salah’s business manager, highlighted the financial implications of the new contract.

The annual earnings from Mohamed Salah’s contract agreement with Liverpool range between 54 million euros (approximately £46.8 million) and 62 million euros (approximately £53.7 million).

The Daily Mail newspaper, which obtained insights from Rami Abbas's comments and negotiation stance, outlined the considerable gap between Salah's expectations and the offered terms. 

Abbas emphasised Salah's commitment to his existing contract, underlining a significant 5% disparity between their demands and the proposed terms.

Furthermore, the study shed light on the intricacies of Salah's prominent image project in Liverpool. 

Referred to as the "only 'image' project," it underscores the considerable significance Salah holds beyond his on-field contributions to the club, adding an intriguing layer to his role as a football icon.

According to the study, Abbas states, "If we can secure Liverpool's agreement on the salary we have in mind, and if Mohamed maintains his performance at the level achieved in past seasons, we conservatively anticipate the total amount he receives annually, combining image rights and salary, to range between 54 million euros (equivalent to £46.8 million) and 62 million euros (equivalent to £53.7 million)."

The report clarifies that Rami Abbas did not disclose Mohamed Salah's weekly salary with Liverpool, focusing instead on the overall income derived from various sources, including the club and contracted sponsors, along with earnings from image rights.

Highlighting Salah's financial trajectory, the report underscores his remarkable journey from an initial salary of 125 Egyptian pounds (one of the highest currencies in Africa) with the Arab Contractors to his current substantial earnings. 

Mohamed Salah house

Mohamed Salah with his wife and children under a Christmas tree in his Manchester home

It's noteworthy that Salah seamlessly transitions between his three residences. 

The first is situated in Cairo in the Fifth Settlement area, the second in the English city of Manchester, and the third in his hometown of Basyoun in the Egyptian Gharbia Governorate. 

Mohamed Salah's most affluent home is an elegant two-storey villa located in Egypt, one of Africa's richest countries, where he resides with his family. The international public had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the exterior when images of Salah emerged, attracting fans who gathered outside his residence in "Madinaty" to capture souvenir photos with the football icon.

Fans gather around Mohamed Salah's house in Egypt

Salah occasionally shares glimpses of his family life, showcasing the interior of his home in Cairo. Notably, he posted a memorable Christmas photoshoot featuring his daughters Mecca and Kian, along with his wife.

Situated in the Fifth Settlement area of Cairo, Salah's residence is characterised by a dominant white colour scheme throughout its architecture and decor.

The house features a stylish open kitchen seamlessly integrated with the rest of the living space. 

Black wooden cabinets designed for utensils complement a central table crafted from a blend of wood and luxurious white marble. The space is adorned with high-end appliances and a quality seating area highlighted by yellow velvet chairs.

Salah's residence boasts numerous amenities and luxuries, including a home gym equipped with the latest sports machines and equipment. 

The dedicated sports area includes a television screen, allowing Salah to follow his preferences during workouts. 

The space is illuminated with a sophisticated lighting system tailored to the anticipated activities during training, ensuring an ideal and spacious division for physical activities, free from any constraints.

Mohamed Salah's villa boasts multiple living rooms, each characterised by unique models and distinct designs. One notable example is an indigo-themed room, seemingly a favoured space within the house for the family's use.

In another living area, Salah opted for a soothing beige colour, creating an atmosphere of comfort. This neutral shade provides versatility, allowing for the integration of bold or warm colours, as well as softer hues.

Adding a touch of elegance, one room in the villa adopts a design reminiscent of traditional Arabic sitting rooms. This design choice captures a sense of nobility and originality in interior decoration while maintaining a modern aesthetic that promotes relaxation and comfort.

The swimming pool is a pivotal element in the overall architecture of Salah's residence, serving as a distinctive feature within the garden. Salah indulges in his passion for swimming within the confines of his home and frequently shares pictures of himself enjoying the pool, often accompanied by his daughters. 

Mohamed Salah's residence in England stands as a captivating architectural masterpiece, spanning three floors with a generous floor area. 

The property boasts an expansive garden, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a private garage for his luxurious car. 

Additionally, it features a sizable jogging playground, where Salah once shared a video of himself and his daughter Makkah engaging in exercise. 

The outdoor space is complemented by comfortable chairs strategically placed to offer picturesque views of the backyard, which includes a seating area, a swimming pool, and a designated sunbathing area.

In a previous interview, Salah provided insights into his home, emphasising its meticulous design to prioritise both his mental and physical well-being. 

The house incorporates two dedicated rooms equipped with various fitness apparatus and bodybuilding equipment. Salah also revealed his utilisation of cryotherapy at home, facilitated through a specially designed high-pressure room.

Mohamed Salah cars

Mohamed Salah's passion for cars is no secret, evident in his ownership of a diverse fleet, scrutinised by The Sun over the years.

Salah's impressive car collection consists of six vehicles, varying in price from approximately £29,000 to £271,000. His affinity for luxury is evident, with a penchant for powerful engines and distinctive sounds, epitomised by his assortment of international brands, prominently featuring Bentley, Mercedes, and Lamborghini.

1. Bentley Continental GT

One standout in Salah's lineup is the British-made Bentley Continental GT, valued at £160,000. Renowned as one of the football star's favourites, this car held the second spot in 2019 among the most purchased vehicles by football players, trailing only the Range Rovers Sport SVR. 

The Bentley Continental GT exudes luxury with its opulent interiors and comfortable leather seats. Capable of reaching speeds up to 210 kilometres per hour, it stands out as one of the fastest cars in Salah's collection.

A standout in Mohamed Salah's car collection, the  Bentley Continental GT, boasts a luxurious interior featuring sumptuous seats upholstered in natural leather. 

Renowned for its high performance, the car reaches an impressive maximum speed of approximately 340 km/h. Manufactured in Britain, it is equipped with a V12 engine. 

English fans are well aware of Salah's ownership of this vehicle, having witnessed him driving it, even attracting the attention of a child who chased him while on the road.

2. Lamborghini Aventador

Moving on to the Italian domain, Salah possesses a Lamborghini Aventador, valued at £271,000.

This sleek sports car can achieve a top speed of 218 kilometres per hour and is considered the fastest and most expensive in Salah's car fleet. It also has the capability to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 2.9 seconds. 

3. Mercedes AMG GLE Coupe

Salah's appreciation for German engineering is evident in his ownership of a Mercedes AMG GLE Coupe, priced at £65,000. This German-made car, Salah's preferred choice for commuting to training, is equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine boasting 367 horsepower. 

Known for its spacious interior, the Mercedes AMG GLE Coupe combines solidity and powerful performance. Despite the general preference among players for large SUV-type cars when heading to training, Salah's distinct choice highlights his admiration for the car's design and capabilities. 

This Mercedes remains the optimal option for Salah to reach the Melwood training ground promptly.

4. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ROADSTER

In Mohamed Salah's impressive collection, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ROADSTER takes centre stage. Priced at £176,000, this car stands among the most expensive models in Mercedes' storied history. 

Renowned for its remarkable speed, it can accelerate from 0 to 197 kilometres per hour in less than 4 seconds. 

The vehicle boasts a commanding 6.3-liter V8 engine, generating 571 horsepower and reaching a maximum speed of approximately 320 km/h. 

Its exceptional performance is exemplified by the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 in a mere 3.8 seconds.

5. Audi Q7

Continuing his affinity for German automobiles, Salah includes an Audi Q7 in his collection. This vehicle is celebrated for its reliability, high performance, and stability, characteristics that attracted numerous Spanish stars from Barcelona, such as Gavi, during the German company's sponsorship of the Catalan giant. 

Salah acquired the Audi Q7 upon his return to the English Premier League with Liverpool from the Italian League in 2017. 

Priced starting at £54,000, it represents an excellent choice for those seeking a balance of performance, solidity, and stability.

6. Toyota Camry

Reflecting Salah's appreciation for Japanese craftsmanship, the Toyota Camry finds a place in his car collection. Priced at £29,000, it stands as the most economical option among his fleet. 

While it may not compete in terms of speed and performance with its counterparts, the Camry holds sentimental value as one of Salah's initial cars. 

With a maximum speed of 111 kilometres per hour, it is recognized as the slowest among Salah's cars, serving as a testament to his automotive journey, from his earliest acquisitions to the high-performance vehicles that define his collection today.

Investments and businesses

According to reports from British newspapers, Mohamed Salah has strategically embarked on a plan to amplify his wealth. While he hasn't yet reached the financial echelons of figures like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, whose combined wealth surpasses a billion dollars, Salah is actively diversifying his investments both on and off the field.

The Daily Star, revealed that Salah initiated a new venture in 2021 by establishing his own company focused on building materials investments.

This company operates in two distinct branches—real estate investment and investment in bricks and building tools—marking Salah's latest project in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, Salah oversees another company named "Salah UK Commercial," a commercial entity with two branches in England. Its assets are valued at £9 million, with an additional branch boasting assets worth £2 million, both specialising in the same field.

In Egypt, during a televised interview with Amr Adeeb, Salah expressed his intentions to undertake investments bearing his name. 

This project is envisioned to include a gym or multiple large gyms, along with a restaurant emphasising healthy eating. 

Salah articulated his vision for the project during the interview, emphasising its purpose to train young individuals in a healthy and disciplined manner. 

He envisions the space not merely as a facility but as a platform to discover talents in need of guidance and individuals seeking mentorship.


Mohamed Salah is also renowned for his philanthropic endeavours, consistently providing financial aid and making charitable donations, as affirmed by a report from The Times newspaper. In 2022, Salah demonstrated his commitment to giving back by contributing 6% of his net wealth to various causes.

Notably, one of Salah's significant charitable gestures involved a donation of approximately £2.4 million to the National Cancer Institute in Cairo, which had suffered severe damage. This act exemplifies his dedication to supporting critical institutions in times of need.

The Times newspaper recognizes Mohamed Salah as one of the top ten individuals residing in Britain who actively contribute to social causes. 

Beyond individual donations, Salah established the "Salah Foundation" to oversee and manage his charitable initiatives. 

In 2018, he contributed over 10 million Egyptian pounds to the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 in Cairo.

Salah's philanthropic impact extends to his hometown of Nagrig, where he supported girls' schools and donated a plot of land exceeding five acres for a sewage treatment project, enhancing access to clean water for villagers at a cost of approximately £8.1 million.

Towards the end of 2018, Salah allocated around one million pounds to fund Basyoun General Hospital. In the subsequent year, he took on a substantial financial commitment, providing over £50 million for the restoration of the National Cancer Institute in Cairo. 

In addition to the aforementioned initiatives, Mohamed Salah has actively contributed to charitable endeavours within British society. Notably, he took part in the Cambridge initiative aimed at providing scholarships, a program that garnered acclaim for its success in increasing acceptance rates for black students. 

The British media widely praised Salah for his involvement in this impactful initiative.

A striking example of Salah's commitment to charitable causes is his donation of £5 million to the Long Live Egypt We Love Fund. This contribution aims to facilitate the implementation of charitable projects dedicated to serving the poor and needy.

In a local context, Salah directed his support to the Rheumatology Heart Center in Basyoun by covering the costs of acquiring an "Echo" device. 

Beyond individual acts of kindness, Salah has established a charitable association in Nagrig, his hometown in Gharbia Governorate, focused on caring for orphans and impoverished families.

The association is actively involved in extensive activities aimed at providing support to these families, further emphasising Salah's commitment to making a positive impact on his community.

In addition to Mohamed Salah's extensive philanthropic efforts, he generously funded the establishment expenses of the Al-Azhari Institute. This institute, spanning primary, preparatory, and secondary levels, occupies a plot of land measuring 1575 square metres, specifically designed to cater to the educational needs of village girls. 

The primary aim is to alleviate the burden on these students and their families, eliminating the necessity for them to relocate to neighbouring villages for education.

The inherent kindness and generosity of Salah transcends borders, evident in his contribution to purchase two nurseries for Basyoun Central Hospital.

This thoughtful act serves the welfare of children and alleviates the burden on the residents of his village, sparing them from the arduous 50-kilometre journey to the city of Tanta for hospital services.