Top 8 best small urban cars for big city driving

A small urban car parked in front of a classic mansion

Urban mobility by car is becoming increasingly complicated. The Low Emission Zones, the restriction of traffic lanes, and the rising scarcity of street parking make the choice of a vehicle for the city centre dependent on two very obvious criteria: size and price. And if it's electric, even better.

In this article, we have chosen eight models of small urban cars that we believe will be most fascinating for you to drive about the city, allowing you to park them with relative ease due to their size and affordable costs. 

In no particular order, here are the best small urban cars for city driving:

Dacia Spring (from €17,265)

The Spring, Dacia's smallest vehicle, is electric, 3.73 metres long, and one of the cheapest EVs in its class. 

It features a small 27.4 kWh battery, can go up to 230 km (295 km in the city), and two engine power options: 44 horsepower or 65 hp.

Toyota Aygo X Cross (from €14,999)

The Japanese firm has replaced the friendly Aygo with the Aygo X Cross, another model that better suits the current desires of the European market. Its design is more like that of an SUV than a small city car. 

The Aygo X Cross is 3.7 metres long and has a very tight turning radius, making it ideal for strolling and parking in small spaces. 

It is equipped with a single gasoline engine producing 72 horsepower and a manual or automatic gearbox. It is definitely one of the best small urban cars for big city driving

Suzuki Ignis (from €18,274)

The Ignis is also the smallest car in the Suzuki range and in some ways we could consider it a rare bird. 

They are few on the road, and it is intriguing because it has all of the characteristics required to succeed in this segment: compact dimensions (3.7 metres long), an 83 hp engine with micro-hybrid technology (ECO label), an average consumption of 5 l/100 km, and the option of manual or automatic gearbox, 4x2 or 4x4.

Fiat 500 (from €16,752 for mild hybrid or €26,774 for electric)

The Fiat 500 is one of the most adorable urban cars you can buy. It has been on the market for many years, with an iconic design and a high sales rate. 

The next generation is now all electric and comes in sedans, cabrios, and 3+1 body styles, as well as two electric variants: a 95-hp engine, a 23.8-kWh battery, and a range of 180- or 118-hp, or a 42-kWh and 320-km battery.

You can still purchase the older model, which has a 70-hp micro-hybrid engine and an ECO badge. 

Hyundai i10 (from €13,490)

The youngest model in the Hyundai lineup, the i10 is one of the best value-for-money cars on our list of best small urban cars. It is a vehicle that is just 3.67 metres long, well-equipped, elegant, and has excellent rolling performance. 

Three power levels are available: a 66-hp tricycle, an 84-hp four-cylinder, and the N-Line variant with four cylinders and 100 horsepower. At this price, there is currently nothing better available.

Mitsubishi Space Star (from €15,250)

In several European nations, the Space Star is the only model from Mitsubishi that is not an SUV, all-terrain vehicle, or pickup truck. 

The latest generation has increased somewhat, now measuring 3.85 metres long, placing it almost midway between segments A and B in terms of size. 

It is available with a single 71-hp petrol engine and a manual transmission, or in its Kaiteki equipment top variant, which can accommodate a CVT automatic gearbox. 

Kia Picanto (from €14,761)

The Kia Picanto is one of the Korean brand's most popular cars globally; and there are no shortage of reasons. It is the cousin of the Hyundai i10, so it has the same idea of providing a high-quality product at a low price. 

We appreciate its style, interior, equipment, and well-thought-out mechanical offerings, which include 67, 84, and 100 horsepower. All of this, together with its 3.59-metre length, makes it ideal for the city. It does deserve a place on our list of best small urban cars for big city driving.

Fiat Panda (from €14.552)

The legendary panda is a transporter for everything. Despite being just 3.68 metres long, it has a “spacious” interior and a 225-litre trunk. 

With its 3-cylinder micro-hybrid mechanics and 70 horsepower, it is presented as an excellent choice for a vehicle weighing under 1,000 kg. In addition, it has the ECO label from the DGT.