Best private universities in Nigeria to transfer to with ASUU strike unlikely to end soon

Building complex of Covenant University

The Nigerian government has remained steadfast in its opposition to the ongoing ASUU strike, which has lasted for over 8 months, leaving many Federal University students frustrated.

For some students, the ASUU strike has presented them with an opportunity to learn new skills, with many engaging in clothing and shoe designing, digital marketing, and many others.

Though these skills are important, the ASUU strike has also left them with an incomplete education, which is disheartening and can prevent anyone from moving forward in their career.

If you are one of the students in this situation, don't despair; we have prepared a list of the best private universities you can transfer to and complete your studies despite the ongoing ASUU strike.

Best private universities to transfer to in Nigeria

Many students in Nigeria have returned with the question of if they can transfer from one local university to another, and the answer is YES. You must meet a widely stipulated criterion to transfer from one university to another in Nigeria, which can save you from the ongoing ASUU strike.

Suppose you meet these criteria for transferring from one university to another in Nigeria and are looking for the best private universities to transfer to amid the ongoing ASUU strike; here is a list of the best private universities in Nigeria to transfer to and complete your studies.

These private universities listed below have also made it to Calcified's top 10 list of the best private universities in Nigeria.

1.0 Covenant University

Many students look up to Covenant University as one of the best private universities in Nigeria when talking of high educational standards and conducive environments.

Covenant University is a Christian school owned by Living Faith Church that was founded on October 21, 2002, by the vice-chancellor, David Oyedepo, Nigeria's richest pastors.

Covenant University's educational standards have earned it numerous rankings as the best private university and the second best university in Nigeria.

The school, located in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State, offers 36 courses, with 23 departments and four colleges from which to choose your desired course of study, including:

  1. College of Engineering: Covenant University's College of Engineering has five departments: chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, electrical and information engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering.
  2. College of Leadership and Development Studies has four departments: leadership studies, languages and general studies, psychology and political science, and international relations.
  3. College of Management and Social Sciences has six departments: accounting, banking and finance, business management, economics and development studies, mass communication, and sociology.
  4. College of Science and Technology has nine departments: physics, building technology, chemistry, mathematics, biochemistry, computer and information sciences, architecture, estate management, and biological sciences.

2.0 Landmark University

Landmark University competes heavily with Covenant University in academic levels and structures among Nigerian private universities.

Landmark private university is the second missionary school on our list of the best private universities to transfer to in the ongoing ASUU strike.

The school was founded by the vice-chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, under the auspices of the World Mission Agency, a Christian organization (WMA).

The school's ability to survey its students and staff activities via an e-learning platform demonstrates its status as one of Nigeria's best private universities.

Landmark University comprises four colleges with a variety of departments offering several courses, including:

  1. College of Agricultural Sciences - Landmark University's Department of Agricultural Sciences includes agric economics and extension, animal science, crop and soil science, and food and nutrition.
  2. College of Engineering: Its departments include agricultural engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and mechatronics engineering.
  3. College of Pure and Applied Science: Departments in the college of pure and applied science include biochemistry, computer science, microbiology, and physical sciences.
  4. College of Business and Social Sciences offers degrees in economics, accounting, business administration, banking and finance, international relations, and mass communication.

3.0 Babcock University

Babcock University is one of the schools founded by the Seventh-day Adventist education system, the world's largest education system.

With eight different schools, two colleges, and a postgraduate program, it is one of Nigeria's private universities with the most faculties.

The university, which is located in Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, offers both science and art courses covering a wide range of subjects that you can chose for your study, such as

  1. School of Medicine: The departments in the School of Medicine are medicine, anatomy, biochemistry, and histology.
  2. Computing and Engineering Sciences - it has two departments: computer science and software engineering.
  3. Education and Humanities: The departments in the faculty of education and humanities include history and international studies, religious studies, language and literary studies, music and creative arts, and general education studies.
  4. Law and Security Studies - Its departments include jurisprudence and public law, private and commercial law, and international law and security studies.
  5. Management Sciences: The departments that are in the faculty of management sciences are finance, accounting, business administration, marketing, information resources, and management.
  6. School of Nursing Sciences: Its departments include community health and adult health.
  7. Public and Allied Health: Its departments are medical laboratory science and public health.
  8. Science And Technology: The departments in science and technology include agriculture and industrial technology, microbiology, and basic sciences.
  9. School of Social Sciences: Its departments include social work and human services, mass communication, political sciences, and economics.

4.0 American University of Nigeria

Former Nigerian president Atiku Abubakar founded the American University of Nigeria in 2003. It is the first American school that was invented on the soil of sub-Saharan Africa.

Atiku's goal in establishing the school was to create a university of the same caliber as American University (AU), which prompted him to seek advice from them in Washington, DC.

The private university, located in Yola, Adamawa State, has a well-equipped library that offers its students an e-learning platform, raising the school's standards to a high level.

The American University of Nigeria also offers both science and arts courses with five different faculties, including

  1. School of Art and Sciences: The departments in the American University of Nigeria's Arts and Sciences are communications and multimedia design, natural and environmental science, petroleum chemistry, economics, politics, international studies, and English language and literature.
  2. School of Business and Entrepreneurship: Its departments include Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.
  3. School of Law: There is only a law department on the faculty of the School of Law.
  4. School of Engineering: The departments in the School of Engineering are chemical engineering, computer engineering, electrical/electronics engineering, systems engineering, and telecommunication engineering.
  5. School of Information Technology and Communications: Its departments are BSc software engineering, computer science, information systems, telecommunications, and wireless technologies.

5.0 Bowen University

Bowen University is one of the private universities you can consider transferring to in the ongoing ASUU strike. It is also one of the best Christian schools in Nigeria.

The school was founded in 2001 by the Nigerian Baptist Convention strictly for learning and research purposes. The Private University, located at Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria, is the first Baptist university in Africa.

The school offers several courses for bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees. It has seven faculties with several departments, including

  1. College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science departments are microbiology, pure and applied biology, biochemistry, industrial chemistry, mathematics, statistics, physics, agriculture, food science and technology, electrical and electronics engineering, mechatronics engineering, and extension and social engineering (SAFE).
  2. College of Social and Management Science departments are accounting, banking and finance, business administration, industrial relations and personnel management, economics, sociology, political science, and international relations.
  3. College of Law: Bowen University's College of Law only has public and international law departments and private and commercial law.
  4. College of Computing and Communication Studies: Its departments are computer science, mass communication, communication arts, cyber security, software engineering, and information technology.
  5. The College of Health Sciences departments comprises anatomy, physiology, medicine and surgery, nursing science, physiotherapy, public health, medical laboratory science, nutrition and dietetics.
  6. College of Liberal Studies: The College of Liberal Studies has six departments: music, English, theatre arts, history and international studies, philosophy, and religious studies.
  7. College of Environmental Science: The College of Environmental Science departments are architecture, surveying, and geoinformatics.

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