How would you feel if you noticed your edges were not as thick as they once were after looking in the mirror? Or perhaps, as you style your hair, as usual, you see some scant patches and short hairs around your borders that clearly were not there before, a telltale indicator of breakage.

Not only are the little bits of hair annoying to look at, but styling becomes more difficult, especially when you have to cover up damaged edges with the rest of your hair, which typically results in additional damage.

Edges are crucial in the majority of curlies' hair journeys, whether you choose to create swoops and swirls with your edges or simply slick them back for a basic and clean look. The swoops and swirls you achieve with your baby hairs and edge control are always the icings on the cake of any super-cute hairstyle.

Excessive styling and handling can also wear down your edges, causing them to thin and fall out over time; You can use these preventive hairstyles to keep your edges from breaking.

Some people believe that it is impossible to grow back edges really fast. But, that's not true. Incorporating some hair growth tips along with hair loss treatments like Minoxidil can help you achieve your hair growth goals.

Here are the 9 proven tips for growing your edges.

1. Moisturise your edges

Your edges require more attention than the rest of your hair, and since hair breakage is sometimes an indication of dryness, do well to seal your edges with oil to lock in the moisture adequately.

Rosemary oil

Never neglect to moisturise your edges regularly. For your edges, an essential oil like rosemary oil can work wonders. This oil is great because it relieves pains and reduces tension, in addition to enhancing brain function and blood circulation, which in turn helps your edges to grow. This oil's effectiveness as a therapy for hair loss is yet another benefit. DHT cannot adhere to your hair follicles when you massage this oil onto your edges two to three times each week.

Furthermore, it is fantastic for treating androgenetic alopecia, a male-specific kind of pattern baldness that also affects a lot of women. The major component of Rogaine can be replaced with rosemary oil, which is equally potent and milder. That shows how effective rosemary oil is in growing your edges.

2. Eat healthy food

When it comes to maintaining a healthy hairline, eating well is crucial. You must take good care of your follicles by eating a balanced diet if you want full edges. Because if your nutrition is inadequate, growing your edges will be difficult no matter what you do to make it happen.

Your body might not be getting the nutrients it needs to thicken your edges if your diet consists primarily of chocolate chip cookies and slices of pizza.

Healthy fruits and vegetables

You should frequently consume foods high in iron and protein, such as eggs, beans, and vegetables like spinach and red peppers. It would help if you also ingested adequate amounts of zinc in addition to protein and iron.

This is due to the fact that zinc is a mineral that is crucial for tissue growth and repair, including scalp repair. Eating foods that are rich in zinc, such as eggs, whole grains, cashews, Greek yoghurt, oysters, and lamb, will help you absorb more zinc into your body, and this will make your edges grow really fast.

3. Wash your hair regularly

Don't ever fail to wash your hair, no matter how appealing it might be. You need a healthy scalp to maintain healthy edges.

In spite of the fact that dealing with dry hair may make you want to put off washing days indefinitely, it's crucial to remove buildup from the hair and scalp to ensure that newly applied products will be able to permeate the hair shaft adequately.

A lady wrapping her hair with towel after washing

You should regularly wash away edge control products for curlies who use them to prevent severe accumulation, as this will break your edges.

4. Avoid heat styling.

It is advisable to be careful when it comes to heat styling. If you plan to use heat for styling, prepare your heat protectant in advance.

Hand dryer

5. Take care of your scalp.

You should take the time to love your scalp as much as your edges. Using moisturising products on your scalp can help promote blood flow, which is essential for your hair to grow all the way through and not just the edges.

Essential oil

Regular scalp massages have other genuine advantages, such as strengthening the roots and promoting blood flow to the hair follicles, which promotes the growth of edges. So, make sure to treat your scalp regularly.

6. Ingest some bone broth.

Because protein is a component of hair, your body needs a steady supply of it. Regularly taking bone broth will help not only your scalp but also your edges to grow really fast.

Bone broth

Also, bone broth is packed with the nutrients, collagen, and protein that your hair follicles require to thrive. So, form the habit of taking bone broth frequently if you want your edges to grow fast.

7. Wrap your edges before going to bed

It is very important to tie your hair in a silk or satin scarf or cap before going to bed to show your edges that you care about them. The fabric's supple texture aids in the moisture retention of your hair while also reducing friction and potential damage.

Hair bonnet

8. Frequently deep condition

After washing, conditioning should always be done. Still, deep conditioning is advisable because it will hydrate the hair shaft more thoroughly if applied with heat or steam. Your edges will remain soft, pliable, and less likely to break when styled with regular deep conditioning.

Depending on your hair's specific needs, you should deep condition occasionally, but if you notice that your edges are becoming limp and weak, you may get too much moisture. Increase the frequency if your hair is still feeling dry.

A lady opening a container of conditioner

9. Be gentle with styling.

Simply being gentle is perhaps the most obvious and applicable technique for bringing your edges back to life. The hair surrounding the hairline is often some of the most delicate, and the risk of breakage increases if you have dry or fine hair.

A lady gently styling her hair

Laying your edges may truly complete a neat hairstyle, but regularly brushing your edges with an edge control product will damage your already-fragile edges more than it helps. Additionally, if your breakage is at an all-time high, try removing yourself completely from the edge control.


It is a well-known fact that many creams and serums are available on the market for growing edges, but the reality is that nothing surpasses taking excellent care of your edges and hair.

Your edges will unquestionably return looking better than ever if you take the proper measures to provide a favourable atmosphere for them to flourish.