The best countries for Nigerians to japa in 2024

So, you’re thinking of japaing, and you’re confused about the right country to go to. Come closer; we’ve got all the research you’d need to know.

Running into any country simply because you found Nigerians there can be a costly mistake; the truth is, Nigerians are everywhere, and yes, including in countries that are worse than Nigeria.

We guess you intend to leave Nigeria for a variety of reasons, perhaps child care, family, welfare, job security, currency strength, freedom of expression, and lots more.

In this post, we reveal the best countries to japa in 2024 and why they stand out for you as a true Nigerian.

Sweden - Best of all

Average monthly salary

Average housing rent

Population living in poverty

45,000 SEK

10,000 SEK


Starting our list is Sweden, a European country with a quality standard of living. Sweden comes first on our list because it has all that Nigerians want in Nigeria.

Sweden offers free education to citizens and permanent residents of Sweden. The country also offers free healthcare, universal health insurance for serious illnesses, and a quality civil service.

When ranked for safety, Swedish cities are some of the safest in the world. In 2021, The Economist Intelligence Unit's Safe Cities Index (SCI) ranked Stockholm, the Swedish capital, as the 10th safest city in the world.

But here is why Sweden ranks high on our list: the country has a soft spot for Nigerians, with easier immigration access and less racism recorded against Nigerians and other black Africans. 

The country also offers many scholarships to Nigerian students wanting to study in Sweden. Sweden is very affordable compared to the other major countries on the list.

If you’re a family person and you’re looking to raise excellent children with access to all the basic amenities, then Sweden is ideal for you.

Australia - Best for amenities

Average monthly salary

Average housing rent

Population living in poverty

$7,570 (AUD) per month

$2,160 (AUD) per month


Australia offers Nigerians a greater opportunity to seek high-paying and stable jobs. The job market in Australia sets it apart from the rest of the countries on the list. The country has an overall low employment rate and is highly welcoming to immigrants, especially Nigerians.

If what you’re looking for is a country that has it all in terms of job opportunities, then Australia is the place for you.

The Australian healthcare system is one of the best in the world. The reality is that a majority of immigrants move to Australia because of its quality healthcare.

Nonetheless, Australia ranks low when it comes to its immigration policies, with policies that make it difficult for Nigerians to migrate in recent times. Some of these policies include difficulty bringing family along to Australia, difficulty in visa applications for foreign students, and a host of others.

Canada - Best for family

Average monthly salary

Average housing rent

Population living in poverty

$4,942 (CAD) per month

$2,193 (CAD) per month


Canada has recently become a major destination for most Nigerians seeking a better life. The country ranks third among our best countries to japa in 2024. 

This ranking is attributed to the quality of life and welfare of Nigerians in Canada. Currently, Canada is one of Nigeria’s top three japa destinations after the United Kingdom and the United States. 

As a Nigerian immigrant in Canada, you get access to affordable education, affordable healthcare, and greater access to job opportunities.

Nigerians living in Canada have contributed significantly to the overall growth of the Canadian economy through activities in technology, law, medicine, and a host of others.

Recently, Canada has provided stricter immigration policies against immigrants, the most recent being a ban on international students from coming with family and spouses, as well as reducing the total number of temporary residents in the country.

United Kingdom - Best for professionals

Average monthly salary

Average housing rent

Population living in poverty

£2,334 per month

£1,223 per month


The United Kingdom ranks fourth on our list. Close to three million Nigerians live in the United Kingdom. The UK offers some of the best job opportunities and quality of life to Nigerians and other immigrants.

The UK’s capital, London, is one of three major financial centres in the world, aside from New York and Tokyo. This offers professionals a chance to rise the ranks while working for some of the world’s best corporations. 

The United Kingdom has one of the world’s best educational systems with most of the UK’s universities being the best in the world. This educational growth has dragged thousands of tourists to the island nation in the hopes of a better life.

A shortfall in the United Kingdom is her recent immigration policies. On January 1, 2024, the UK announced that international students would no longer be allowed to bring in spouses and children into the UK. Also, recently, health workers have been added to the list of persons prohibited from bringing in spouses and children into the UK.

The United States of America - Best for high earnings

Average monthly salary

Average housing rent

Population living in poverty

$6,228 per month

$1,514 per month


The USA ranks high on our list for its robust economy. Currently the world’s largest economy, the US pays more wages to immigrants as well as is affordable than all the countries on the list. Aside from housing costs, all other commodities, including clothing, food, and all sorts, are highly affordable.

The United States also possesses a strong educational system through its many universities, which rank among the best in the world. Just as in the United Kingdom, thousands of tourists flock to the US in search of quality education and higher earnings.

The US falls short in many areas. First of all, the US is the most insecure country when compared to the remainder of the countries on the list. 

The US is generally a safe country, but it has some very dangerous cities. Also, most US citizens are very hostile towards immigrants; a poll showed that 72% of Americans believe that immigrants are coming to the US for jobs, and 53% of Americans agree that immigrants should not receive welfare.


Thousands of destinations exist for Nigerians to japa, and while some destinations offer Nigerians the dream country they have always imagined, others are simply not promising. 

This post offered an insight into the top five japa destinations for Nigerians.

Which country has the most Nigerian immigrants?

The United Kingdom currently has the most Nigerian immigrants, with close to three million Nigerians.

How many Nigerians are living in the United States?

There are currently close to one million Nigerians in the US.