Naija music industry: Best, trending Nigerian songs in 2024

An AI-generated image of Nigerians listening to songs on headphones

Welcome to the dynamic world of Naija songs, where pulsating drums, infectious rhythms, and mesmerising melodies combine to form the iconic sound of Afrobeats.

As the Nigerian music industry continues to develop, numerous chart-topping, trending songs that have captivated domestic and international audiences have already been released in 2024.

In this article, we delve into the pulsating world of Nigerian music, highlighting the latest Nigerian songs that are dominating the airwaves and establishing the trends for music lovers worldwide.

In descending order of release date, here are the latest, trending Nigerian song releases of 2024 that highlight the pacesetters in the ever-thriving 9ja music scene

Catching Cold - Iyanya ft. Soundz

The song "Catching Cold" by Iyanya featuring Soundz  is a heartfelt rendition about the impact of love and the longing for connection, capturing the emotions of missing someone deeply and eagerly awaiting their return.

In the song, Iyanya expresses the feeling of missing someone dearly and experiencing a sense of emptiness when they are not around. 

He yearns for the love and companionship of his partner, emphasising the coldness and loneliness he feels in their absence.

The chorus highlights the theme of missing someone and feeling incomplete without them, as the protagonist sings about catching a cold when their loved one is not present. 

He pleads for his partner to show up and give him love, holding onto the hope that their presence will bring warmth and comfort.

Celine Dion - Ajebo Hustlers ft. Odumodublvck

"Celine Dion" by Ajebo Hustlers ft. Odumodublvck is about infatuation, desire, and the intense feelings experienced in a romantic relationship. This trending Nigerian song depicts the protagonist being enamoured by a girl who captivates him with her charm and allure, likening her singing to that of the legendary Celine Dion.

The chorus amplifies the effect the girl has on the protagonist, with lines like "Girl she dey feel me on" and "Girl she dey lead me on." 

The repeated phrase "Girly she go wound me, She go kill me young" suggests that the protagonist is deeply affected by the girl's actions and is willing to risk it all for her.

Throughout the song, there are references to spending time together, sharing intimate moments, and indulging in pleasure. The verses paint a picture of a passionate and intense relationship, with the protagonist expressing his admiration and desire for the girl.

Bust Down - Zlatan ft. Asake

"Bust Down" by Zlatan ft. Asake is a catchy and energetic Afrobeats track that celebrates the hustle and ambition of its performers while also conveying a message of hope and determination to listeners. It is one of the best musical releases of 2024. 

In the verses, both Asake and Zlatan reflect on their aspirations and determination to achieve their goals. Asake acknowledges the challenges of life but remains steadfast in his faith and commitment to hard work. 

Zlatan, on the other hand, boasts about his achievements and stresses the importance of money and success in his life. The verses also touch upon topics such as perseverance, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness.

The chorus, sung by Asake, serves as a prayer for wealth and abundance, with references to "Bust down" and "Bizza Bizza," suggesting a desire for extravagant riches and a luxurious lifestyle. 

The repetition of the phrase "Adura agba o", yoruba for "your prayers will be answered," hammers on the importance of prayer and divine intervention in achieving financial success.

Commas - Arya Starr

"Commas" by Arya Starr, one of the finest Nigerian songs of 2024, is an upbeat and motivational Afrobeats track that inspires listeners to remain focused on their goals and stay true to themselves as they navigate life's journey. 

This new 9ja song conveys a sense of empowerment and determination to overcome challenges and achieve greatness. 

Arya Starr reflects on her life experiences, expressing gratitude for her blessings and the strength she derives from her faith in God.

In the chorus, she emphasises her commitment to maintaining a positive energy and avoiding negativity and confusion. She also prioritises self-awareness and consciousness, highlighting the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive connections and avoiding toxic influences.

The song encourages listeners to embrace their dreams and aspirations, emphasising the need to persevere and fight for what they believe in. The repeated reference to "increasing the commas" symbolises the accumulation of wealth and success, reinforcing the theme of financial prosperity and abundance.

Breaking News - Jeriq, PsychoYP ft. Phyno

"Breaking News" by Jeriq & PsychoYP and Phyno, one of Nigeria's wealthiest singers, is a high-energy hip-hop track that celebrates success, resilience, and street credibility. This trending Nigerian song portrays a sense of triumph and confidence as the artists boast about overcoming obstacles and achieving success despite the odds. 

They assert their dominance in the rap game and highlight their prowess as lyricists and hustlers. The song also touches on themes of loyalty, with references to sticking with one's crew and minding one's own business. 

The fast-paced flow and hard-hitting beats add to the intensity of the track, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. 

Wale (Remix) - Candy Bleakz ft. Simi

"Wale (Remix)" by Candy Bleakz ft. Simi is a soulful and emotional tribute to the bond between a mother and her child, set to a mid-tempo beat that evokes feelings of nostalgia and warmth.

One of the best collaborations of the year, this trending Nigerian music conveys the longing and yearning of the protagonist for their mother, who misses them dearly while they are away hustling and striving for success. 

Despite the hardships and pressures faced in the pursuit of money and success, the artist emphasises the importance of family and staying true to one's roots. 

Simi's verse adds depth to the song, highlighting the strength and resilience needed to navigate life's obstacles while staying grounded in love and family.

Belong To You - FAVE

"Belong to You" by FAVE is an emotional Afrobeats song that delves into the complexities of love and the struggle to break free from a toxic relationship. It is one of the best Nigerian songs of 2024.

FAVE conveys a sense of heartache, longing, and inner conflict as she grapples with the decision to leave her partner while still feeling a deep connection. 

Despite the emotional turmoil, there's a sense of resignation and acceptance that permeates the song. 

The mid-tempo rhythm and soulful vocals further enhance the emotional depth of the track, making it a poignant and introspective listen.

Pressure - Dremo ft. Dandizzy

"Pressure" by Dremo ft. Dandizzy is a trending Nigerian song that addresses the societal pressure to succeed and the criticism faced along the way. This trending Nigerian music encourages listeners to stay true to themselves and persevere in the face of adversity. 

The artists highlight the frustration of being judged by others based on material possessions and financial status. Dremo emphasises the importance of focusing on personal growth and progress rather than succumbing to external pressures. 

There's also a sense of defiance against those who criticise and belittle, with the artist asserting their determination to succeed regardless of the obstacles. 

Only Me - Asake

"Only Me" by Asake is an energetic Afrobeats song with a catchy rhythm that exudes a vibrant and empowering energy, making it perfect for parties, clubs, and any occasion where listeners want to feel uplifted and empowered. 

In this trending Nigerian song, Asake, one of Nigeria's best musicians, conveys a sense of self-assurance and determination, by proudly asserting his ability to handle his own affairs and succeed independently. 

There's a confident and assertive tone throughout the song, coupled with a celebratory vibe as the artist revels in his accomplishments and financial prosperity. 

Holy Water - Victor AD

"Holy Water" by Victor AD is a heartfelt plea for peace, understanding, and resilience in the face of adversity. This trending song in Nigeria is a reflection on family, societal issues, and personal struggles. 

Victor AD expresses weariness from constantly moving around (from Lekki to Okota) and feeling the weight of family responsibilities. 

There's a sense of frustration with the violence and conflict among brothers, which “pains” the artist deeply. 

Despite the challenges, there's also a sense of determination to persevere and improve ("We steady getting better").