What to drink to have a good voice

what to drink to have a good voice

With music being one of the highest-paying Nigerian jobs and a surefire way to make money online in Nigeria, many want to know what to drink to have a good, clear and soft voice. Well, this article lists the best drinks for a good voice.

Drinking the proper liquids makes the voice clear and soft for singing and expedites voice recovery in specific instances. In no particular order, the following drinks are recommended to have a good voice:

1. Water

Water is comparable to a "lubricant" for the throat. Not cold nor hot, but appropriate volumes of room-temperature water is the best natural liquid to drink for a good voice.

Since singers and public speakers should never allow their throats to dry up, consuming water before a performance will enhance the voice and make it easier to talk or sing.

When the throat is dry, do not drink water in massive gulps; instead, take little sips gently.

Since it preserves the voice, water is the best drink to make your voice sweet and soft naturally. Therefore, it is important to consume a small amount of warm water before singing due to this preservative quality.

2. Warm black tea

Warm black tea is the ideal liquid to drink to maintain the voice since it restores the flexibility of mucous membranes and heals ligaments. It should be warm, not hot, and dabbed with low-fat milk at room temperature for optimal impact. 

Tea that is warm but not too hot can be consumed before a speech or singing performance since it serves as a vocal warm-up.

To recover one's voice, modest, slow sips of warm black tea must be consumed. Thus, it softly envelops the throat and strengthens the voice.

3. Raw eggs

For a good and clear voice, it is sufficient to consume raw eggs at least once a week since consistent consumption contributes to the richness and softness of the voice. 

Despite their apparent advantages, raw eggs should not be consumed before singing, as many singers recommend.

Raw eggs may be basic and traditional, but they are excellent for the ligaments, boosting their flexibility and may even revive the voice if the ligaments were overstretched or a cold was caught the day before.

This cure fully recovers the vocalist's vigour and softens the throat, resulting in delicate, lovely singing. However, only market-bought, tested eggs should be consumed to avoid contracting a serious virus.

Note that eggs do not need to be consumed right before or during the performance. It would help if you drank them once or twice weekly for a continuously excellent voice.

4. Butter

High-quality butter can be added to milk or absorbed to make singing more comfortable and provide a pleasant voice.

But this is often done an hour before singing and washed with room-temperature non-carbonated plain water.

Sometimes, butter is the most effective drink to recover the voice rapidly if sipped religiously in little amounts.

5. Warm lemonade drink

Warm lemon juice is one of the best drinks for good voice since it fights hoarseness and illnesses that damage the voice. It is also suggested to gargle with it upon waking in the morning and before bedtime.

6. Carrot drink

The carrot drink, to which natural honey and fresh lemon juice are added, is a drink composed of natural substances that combat vocal cord issues and restore their power and activity.

7. Frankincense

Adding frankincense powder to genuine honey, swirling it slightly over the fire, and then consuming a spoonful of the mixture after it has cooled is regarded as one of the most effective drinks for good voice.

8. Cabbage leaves drink

A daily dose of one-fourth cup of cooked cabbage leaves with honey aids in treating breathing problems and illnesses that affect the respiratory system, thereby giving a good voice. 

9. Ginger and star anise mixture

Since it includes two kinds of natural herbs that have a good impact on the throat, ginger drink with star anise is one of the most popular drinks for a good voice.

The drink dissolves and expels phlegm, removes toxins from the throat and trachea, and thoroughly purifies the throat.

Anise tea and ginger also aid in treating throat wounds and infections; hence it is advisable to drink this mixture for a good voice. A little sugar may be added if its flavour cannot be endured.

10. Jujube and dates drink

A combination of dates, jujube, dried figs, and raisins is one of the best drinks for a good voice.

To prepare, pour 50 grams of each ingredient into a bowl with approximately 1 litre of water, then set the bowl on low heat for several minutes until the ingredients are well combined.

After a short while, remove the dish from the heat and allow it to cool until it is ready to be consumed at a pace of two to three times each day for five days.

After drinking, the trachea will no longer produce any rattling or phlegm, and the voice will be much better.

11. Cinnamon and mint drink

Cinnamon and mint leaves may be combined with water and cooked for several minutes. After that, the drink is permanently filtered and consumed two to three times every day.

Cinnamon and mint is an effective drink for good voice since it enhances the vocals instantly and substantially as a result of the two ingredients that remove throat infections and protect them from noxious pollution.

Additionally, cinnamon and mint beverages hydrate the throat and filter the speaker's voice as much as possible.

12. Rose blossom drink

Roses have the unique capacity to enhance and cleanse the human voice significantly. Therefore, it is suggested to place a small amount of rose flower paper in a litre of water and then place them on low heat for a few minutes until the leaves have permeated the water.

This ideal drink for good voice should be consumed three times daily, and it is recommended to do this regularly before eating.

13. Milk

Warm, not hot, milk strengthens and repairs ligaments. Milk is beneficial for a strong voice before a performance and can also be included in the diet. Despite its apparent ubiquity, milk remains one of the best drinks to have a good voice.

14. Honey

Honey is ideal for soothing the throat and is, therefore, the most effective drink to have a good voice after sickness or strenuous exercise.

In addition, it contains antimicrobial characteristics and promotes the health of the vocal cords and adjacent tissues.

Before performances, singers often substitute warm tea with honey for water, concentrating on the drink's influence on the quality of the voice. However, we do not advocate adding lemon.

15. Citrus

Citrus is an abundant source of vitamin C, carotenoids, and bioflavonoids. Vitamin C deficiency decreases immunity, which makes citrus one of the best drinks to have a good voice.

Although citrus fruits are excellent for the voice, they should not be consumed soon before performances so as not to cause a dry throat. The acid causes the ligaments to dry up, and painful feelings manifest at inconvenient times.

What fruit is good for the voice?

Even while the impact is not instantaneous, ingesting fruits high in water, such as watermelon, helps maintain the throat's hydration and is ideal for a good voice.

Moreover, several studies indicate that extracts from more acidic fruits, such as passion fruit, can activate voice protection.

Several fruits benefit the voice, including apples, which are ideal before a performance.