Affordable smart Home Security Systems

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Home, a sanctuary of comfort and security, can be vulnerable to threats or attacks despite our best efforts and level of security. However, with the advent of smart home security systems, we can now stay one step ahead of potential burglars or attacks, ensuring the safety of our loved ones, properties, and belongings.

This article delves into the world of affordable smart home security systems, offering a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision on a budget. With these systems, you can rest easy, knowing your home is protected, even when you're not there.

Therefore, are you searching for a home security system that provides top-notch protection without draining your bank account? Look no further.

This article is your roadmap to finding the best and most affordable home security systems that align with your needs and budget without compromising quality or effectiveness. Let’s dive in and empower yourself with the knowledge to make the right choice for your home security needs.

Criteria for Select Affordable Home Security Systems

Choosing a home security system is a serious decision. These systems provide an extra layer of protection for your home and property, and making the right choice requires careful thought.

This section lays out guidelines to help you in your decision-making process, ensuring you choose wisely and avoid potential pitfalls, all while balancing cost-effectiveness and savings.

We also explain our meticulous approach to selecting and recommending these smart home security systems so you can be confident that you're getting the best advice and guidance.

Investment in a smart home security system is a great decision. However, there are different options ranging from budget-friendly to expensive security systems. Finding and maintaining the balance between these two is essential to deciding which to opt for. Here are criteria to help in keeping the balance between them.

  • Features

    When considering getting home security systems, it is essential to note the features to make a firm decision. Features like motion detectors, camera footage, control panels, functionality, compatibility with other home security equipment, and window and door sensors are necessary to look out for.

  • Security Requirements

    This is one crucial factor to evaluate when getting a smart home security system. Sit back and ask yourself - What are my security needs? What is the security status of my area? In addition, your home size, target points, or location of vulnerabilities. When you confidently answer these questions, you can decide between an expensive or affordable security system.

  • Installation Process

    Smart home security systems have two different installation processes: Do-It-yourself or professional. Evaluate the installation process, whether it requires extra professional touches, which might be at an additional cost, or it is DIY before getting a home security system.

  • Long-term Expenses

    Evaluate all expenses associated with getting and setting up the security system, such as subscriptions, purchase fees, and upfront payment, before deciding on a smart security system

  • Reliability

    It is expedient to scrutinise the brand reputation and reliability of whatever security system you are getting, check for any issues, and the level of efficiency

Top Affordable Smart Home Security Systems

This section comprehensively reviews our recommended affordable smart home security systems. Each list discusses the product, cost, specifications, and features.

Below is a list of the top affordable smart home security systems out there today:

1. SimpliSafe - Best plan

SimpliSafe has made a name since its existence; it is specially designed for home security. Their equipment is durable and of standard quality for the price, and they include;

  • Motion, Entry, and glass-break sensor
  • Outdoor, Smart alarm indoor, SimpliCam camera
  • Video Doorbell
  • Water and temperature sensor
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
  • Panic button
  • Key fob
  • Siren

Product Specification

  • Equipment Price starts from $250
  • Professional and DIY monitoring options and installation process
  • Alexa and Google Home Platform automation
  • As low as $9.99 monthly professional monitoring cost


  • Live Streaming
  • Remote Control
  • Professional monitoring
  • Push Notifications
  • Cellular Connection
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Secret Alarms
  • Smart home integrations
  • Video-verified alarms
  • Cloud Storage 
SimpliSafe Packages & Prices


Equipment Number


The Foundation



The essentials



The Lighthouse



The Hearth



The Beacon



The Knox



The Haven



Subscription Plans for SimpliSafe

Here are SimpliSafe plans you can opt-in for depending on your budget

  • Free Plan

    The free plan is an unmonitored plan that provides you with a live feed of your camera on the SimpliSafe app. An unmonitored plan allows you to arm and disarm your security system with a single press on the app.

  • Self-Monitoring Plan - $9.99

    Allows you to store live camera recordings for 30 days. You can download these recordings, schedule arm or disarm, receive threat alerts, and view live records.

  • Standard Plan - $19.99

    It gives you access to a live video feed, a free cellular connection in case of a power outage, and a 24/7 monitoring option.

  • Fast Protect Plan

    This is the whole package deal on SimpliSafe; you would get all the offers in other plans, including threat alerts, unlimited live recordings, a lifetime warranty on the plan, a discount on hardware add-ons, and integration with Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Pros of using SimpliSafe

  • Self-monitoring options
  • Easy to install
  • Varieties of plans to suit your budget
  • No Contract involved
  • Access to the SimpliSafe app
  • Access to more than five pieces of equipment for less than $300

Cons of using SimpliSafe

  • Limited Smart home integration
  • Low-temperature tolerance

2. Abode

Abode has one of the best smart home integration, compatibility and a high-technology system that comes at a low cost. Components of Abode security include;

  • Indoor and outdoor siren
  • Panic button
  • Smoke alarm
  • Water leak alert and sensor
  • Smart home switch
  • Slim strip sensor
  • Motion and multipurpose sensor
  • Key fob
  • Abode Cam
  • Door or window, vibration, and acoustic glass break sensor

Product Specification of Abode Home Security systems

  • Equipment Costs start from $140
  • DIY or professional monitoring options and installation process
  • Professional Monitoring Costs for as low as $22.99 per month
  • Integration with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKits.

General Features of Abode Home Security systems

  • Timeline Access
  • Customizable notification
  • Smart home integration
  • Push notifications
  • Arm and disarm button
  • Camera pairing
  • Unlimited user
  • Email notification
  • Smart home automation
  • Geo-fencing
  • Seven days of video storage

Abode Plan Model

  • Standard plan - For a $6 monthly price, you have access to all general features. 
  • Pro - For a $20 monthly price, you can access all general features and 4G connectivity, cellular backup, access to discounts and sales, insurance discounts, 24/7 professional monitoring, and 10-day video storage. 
Abode Home Security Packages & prices


Equipment Number

Regular Price

Smart Security Hub

(build your system)



Abode Security Kit



Smart Security Kit



Iota all-in-one Kit



Smart Security Hub



Iota Hub



Pros of Abode Home Security

  • Great smart home integration and automation
  • Self-monitoring at no cost
  • Affordable with mouth-watering plans and packages

Cons of using Abode Home Security

  • Difficulties navigating their website
  • Not all plans are eligible for discounts and sales

3. Frontpoint

Frontpoint offers top-tier security systems that are of good quality and protection. They have diverse equipment to achieve this, which includes;

  • Door or window, carbon monoxide, garage door tilt, glass-break, flood and motion sensor
  • Outdoor, doorbell,  indoor and premium indoor camera
  • Keypad, keychain remote
  • Outdoor smart plug and lock
  • Touch Screen

Product Specification of FrontPoint Smart Home Security Systems

  • Equipment Price starts at $99
  • Professional monitoring option
  • DIY Installation 
  • Alexa and Google Home Compatibility

Features of FrontPoint Smart Home Security Systems

  • Remote access and control
  • Smart lock control
  • Video and image footage
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Sensor footage
  • Live streaming
  • Light sensor and control
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile alerts and notifications
  • System check
FrontPoint Packages and prices


Equipment Number

Regular Prices

Starter Smart Home System






Ultimate Home Security System



Pros of using FrontPoint Smart Home Security System

  • Smart home integration and automation
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Excellent Customer service and review

Cons of using FrontPoint Smart Home Security System

  • Professional monitoring
  • No cellular backup
  • Only professional monitoring

4. Ring

Ring is a security system owned by Amazon; hence, it is popular and mostly compatible with Amazon Echo systems. Equipment from Ring includes:

  • Doorbell
  • Motion Sensor
  • The ring app
  • Smoke and Carbon monoxide detector
  • Thermostat Sensor
  • Switches and Dimmers

Product Specification of Ring Smart Home Security System

  • Equipment cost starts from $69.99
  • DIY Installation
  • Integration with only Amazon kit

Features of Ring Smart Home Security System

  • Video Coverage
  • Threat Sensor
  • Cellular Backup
  • Battery Backup
Packages and prices of Ring Smart Home Security



Alarm Security Kit


Alarm Pro Security Kit


Plan model for Ring Smart Home Security System

  • Ring Basic - $3.99

    This plan offers mobile app access, smart home integration, and surveillance from one camera or doorbell linked to the app.

  • Ring Plus - $10

    Besides the basic features, you can get live recordings from your cameras and doorbells.

  • Ring Protect Pro - $20

    This ring plan offers the highest features, including 24/7 monitoring, smoke detectors, and live recordings.

Pros of using Ring Smart Security System

  • Highly used
  • Great customer review
  • Easy integration

Cons of using Ring Smart Security System

  • Not compatible with popular home systems
  • They can improve with their sensor
  • Network dependent
Comparative Table of Different Affordable Smart Home Security Systems






Customer Reviews





Installation Process

DIY or Professional

DIY or Professional

DIY or Professional


Smart Home Compatibility

Alexa, Google Assistant

Amazon, Ecolink

Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit, Z-wave, Amazon

Amazon, Google Assistant, Z-wave

Subscription Plan Price

$9.99 per month

$20 per month

$22.99 per month

$49.99 per month

Equipment Package Cost (Starts)





Professional Monitoring Cost (per month)






With an increase in insecurity, selecting and purchasing an affordable smart home security system is not a weakness but a strength, as you are many steps ahead of any potential attack or threat. We have reviewed some affordable smart home security systems you can purchase without draining your account or the system's low quality.

Abode's home security system kit topped the list, as it has high-end technology and features for its price, as seen in the article. Take your time to read through it while making a home security decision, and let’s get your feedback.

Also, check out other top smart home security you can purchase in 2024. (A link from the next post will be inserted).