Anita Brown: Overview of shocking claims made by Davido's alleged baby mama

Photo collage of Davido and Anita Brown, his alleged baby mama

In the era of social media, personal lives and relationships are frequently portrayed on public platforms, captivating audiences and fueling rumours. Such is the case with the recent scandal involving Nigeria's third-wealthiest musician, Davido, and a woman named Anita Brown. The series of controversial posts and claims made by the aggrieved lady have prompted intense debate and intrigue among fans and observers.

In the midst of a deluge of social media postings, it is essential to approach the situation with a critical and discerning lens, recognising the complexities and possible motivations behind the statements made.

While social media can provide insights into the lives of public figures, it is essential to proceed with caution due to the absence of evidence, the possibility of bias, and the sensitivity of the topics at hand.

This article intends to provide a thorough analysis and overview of the unfolding drama between Davido and Anita Brown, scrutinising the claims and counterclaims, the motivations involved, and the implications of such public disputes.

By analysing Anita Brown's numerous posts and statements, we hope to cast light on the larger issues that arise at the confluence of intimate relationships, fame, and social media exposure.

Although Anita Brown's statements against Davido may evoke strong reactions, it is important to maintain a balanced perspective and recognise the complexities surrounding these personal matters.


This analysis is based exclusively on information obtained from social media posts and does not provide absolute certainty or verification of the claims made.

What is the situation between Davido and Anita Brown?

Anita Brown, a citizen of the United States with a lengthy history of pornographic content online, has made serious allegations, accusing Davido of impregnating her and demanding that she undertake an abortion.

These allegations have surfaced, eight months after the traumatic death of Davido's son, Ifeanyi, and his subsequent marriage to Chioma Rowland. 

Anita Brown conducted a live stream in which she performed a pregnancy test on her urine and presented alleged screenshots of her conversations with Davido as evidence. 

During one of her live broadcasts, she claimed she was unaware of Davido's marital status and that Chioma is pregnant with another child.

Anita Brown claims she met Davido in Dubai in 2017 and stresses that their relationship was not a one-night affair. To support her claims, she provided screenshots of what she claims are love messages between her and Davido, as well as a video allegedly taken backstage during one of Davido's September 2018 performances.

Anita Brown also referred to "Assurance," a single by Davido that was released in 2018 in which Davido praises Chioma in the song, but also mentions Anita, insinuating a connection between them.

Davido namedropped Anita in his 2018 hit song "Assurance"

She went so far as to publish Davido's phone number online.

An alleged family member, Clarks Adeleke, who is believed to be Davido's cousin, responded privately to Anita's claims, assuring Anita that if her infant is indeed "an Adeleke", they will acquire responsibility for the child.

Due to her accusations, Anita Brown has received strong criticism from millions of Davido's followers, Nigeria's most renowned musician.

In response, she has vehemently denied being an adult actress, but in subsequent tweets has contradicted herself by admitting that any videos featuring her were likely from a previous relationship.

Anita Brown has expressed her desire to have a son and stated that she will travel to a safe location in Nigeria, on July 6, "to do a meet and greet almsgiving event."

She accused Davido of obstructing Chioma's chances of obtaining a US visa on purpose and stated that she would help Chioma obtain the visa, emphasising her self-proclaimed commitment to women empowerment.

Anita Brown characterises herself adamantly as a born-again Christian, despite her admission that she had a carnal encounter with Davido "just weeks ago."

In recent days, Anita's posts have become more disturbing, as she has begun expressing ill will not only towards Davido but also against Nigerians in general.

This article seeks to analyse her posts and shed light on her tumultuous relationship and her claims against Davido.

Anita Brown's claim: Davido is deadbeat to six baby mamas

Anita Brown published a series of tweets on June 30 where she asserted that Davido has children with six women besides Amanda and Sophia Momodu, implying that they have not received adequate financial support from him.

She adds that these women are the victims of a deadbeat father and indicates that she intends to take legal action to resolve this problem.

Anita's statement that she is prepared to help other women who have had children with Davido obtain work visas may suggest that these women are not American citizens.

How will child support payments to six American baby mamas affect Davido?

According to the laws of Florida, where Anita Brown is from, Davido's finances would be severely impacted if he were required to pay child support for six women.

While the particulars of each case would be taken into account, let's consider the potential impact based on Florida's general child support guidelines.

In accordance with the Florida Child Support Guidelines, the amount of child support is based on the net income of the paying parent, so the percentage of income allocated for child support rises as the number of children increases.

Assuming each of the six women has one child with Davido, the prospective impact can be estimated as follows:

  • In Florida, the base child support percentage for one child is twenty percent of the paying parent's net income.
  • Therefore, if Davido were required to pay child support to six women, the total child support obligation could be calculated as 20% of Davido's net income multiplied by the number of cases. Davido has an approximate monthly income of one million dollars and a net worth of just under thirty million dollars.

Given the potential high financial burden of supporting six children, if Davido were found liable for child support in these cases, it could have a significant impact on his finances, and he would likely need to devote a substantial portion of his income to meeting these child support obligations, which could affect his lifestyle and financial stability.

Anita Brown's claim: Davido has sexual inclinations towards his female cousin

Anita Brown makes significant allegations in another tweet, accusing Davido of engaging in incestuous behaviour with his female cousin. If true, these allegations would be exceedingly troubling and illegal.

It is difficult to assess the veracity of Anita's claims in the absence of concrete evidence or corroboration, but it is important to note that severe accusations such as incestuous behaviour require substantial evidence to be considered credible.

Anita Brown's claim: A bloody trail of abortions

Anita Brown alleges in a separate post that Chioma, Davido's wife, had multiple abortions prior to the birth of their son Ifeanyi. 

She calls them "evil people" and accuses Davido of having a history of women contacting him to discuss pregnancies and abortions.

Anita claims she would not participate in such actions.

Anita Brown's claim: Chioma was wed out of sympathy

In another post, Anita Brown queries Davido's motivations and actions regarding his relationship with Chioma. She questions Davido if he would have married Chioma if their child hadn't passed on, implying that their union may have been influenced by the tragedy.

Anita also mentions that Davido allegedly referred to Chioma as "manic" while discussing her. She expresses disbelief and criticises Davido for allegedly speaking adversely about Chioma while involved with another woman.

This raises concerns regarding the veracity and authenticity of Davido's sentiments for Chioma and the nature of their relationship.

Anita Brown's claim: Chioma is not Davido's first wife

A follower on Instagram with the alias "mbah_deseline" commented on Davido's relationships, stating, "Bebe so fine. If they attack you let them know Chioma was also a side chick promoted to second wife, tell them Amanda, Hailey's mom, is David's first wife.

Anita Brown validated the statement in response to this comment by writing, "They don't hear u tho."

This exchange refers to the intricate romantic relationships between Davido and the mothers of his children. In 2023, Chioma became widely recognised as Davido's first legally married companion, while Amanda is his second baby mama and Sophia Momodu is acknowledged as his first baby mama.

This social media interaction suggests that there may be differing perspectives and interpretations regarding the nature of Davido's relationships, and Anita Brown's response appears to acknowledge and support the claim made by the follower regarding the relationship status of Chioma and Amanda with Davido.

Anita Brown's claim: I had relations with Davido only weeks ago

Having demonstrated with a video that she has been a member of his inner circle since at least 2018, Anita claims in a separate post that she had a sexual encounter with Davido only a few weeks ago. This allegation, if true, could potentially affect his public and private image.

Anita Brown's claim: Davido using child demise as justification for sexual exploits

In another post, Anita Brown accuses Davido of perpetually pleading and manipulating women to get what he desires. She criticises him for his alleged incapacity to be a decent father and implies that God has deprived him of something as a result.

Anita questions Davido's actions in the aftermath of their child's passing, implying that he used it as an opportunity to engage in sexual relationships with multiple women.

She further labels him a "manipulator, devil, and evil," expressing wrath and dismay that he will be punished in torment alongside others.

What is the motive for Anita Brown's grievances and actions?

Multiple posts suggest that Anita Brown may be using her current situation and the allegations against Davido to maintain relevance, obtain attention, and make financial gains.

By declaring her willingness to accept interviews and discuss Davido's alleged womanising behaviour, she appears to be positioning herself to participate in additional public discussions on the subject.

Anita Brown's strategy of pursuing media attention and sharing her perspective on the situation can be viewed as a means for her to remain in the public eye and possibly gain more followers or supporters.

It is not unusual for individuals involved in controversial situations to use social media platforms and public statements to increase their influence or obtain publicity.

In another post, Anita Brown makes a direct reference to the other women who have children with Davido, stating that they are not receiving the support they deserve.

She emphasises that she is different from them and declares her intention to pursue her own claims for financial support. This suggests that her motive is primarily driven by financial gain.

Anita Brown's statement suggests that she sees a financial opportunity in publicly claiming to be one of Davido's baby mamas and demanding support from him.

By distinguishing herself from the other women and announcing that she is taking action, she positions herself as an individual who is determined to obtain financial assistance for herself and her child.