How to set up Apple Watch for your iPhone device

Apple watch

Apple Watch is one of the many dynamic gadgets developed by Apple Inc. Its physical features are so beautiful that you would love it at first glance. The Apple Watch uses an operating system called WatchOS, which is installed as software.

It has different models that are compatible with various iPhone series. In this article, you will learn some usefulness of the Apple Watch, how to set it up with your iPhone, and the Apple Watch and iPhone Compatibility. Let’s go!! 

How to set up your Apple Watch

Setting up your Apple Watch is easy. Follow these steps closely, and you'll be all good.

1. Switch on your Apple Watch

To achieve this, long press the side button of your Apple watch and release it; once the Apple logo appears - your watch is on. 

Apple Watch Turn On

2. Hold your Devices close to each other to Set up

Hold your device closely to enable seamless pairing of the devices. iPhone will search for Apple Watch near you; once discovered, wait for the “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” notification to pop up on either of the devices and click on continue.

If the Apple Watch is for you, select the “Set up for Myself” option or “Set up for a Family Member” if otherwise.

Apple watch Set up

3. Pair the Devices

A ViewFinder option comes up on your iPhone, and on your Apple Watch, an animation shows up. Place your Apple watch close to the camera face to scan the animation, and then pairing occurs.

If you cannot use the camera, tap the pair manually option on your iPhone. Ensure your Apple Watch is close to your phone during this process to make your iPhone discover the watch. Once the pairing is done, you can access apps on your Apple Watch.

Hold the Camera over your Apple watch

4. Create a Passcode

Secure your Apple Watch with the passcode security (4 numbers). Ensure they are codes you can easily remember.

Create a Passcode

5. Customize your Apple Watch

Once your passcode is set up, you can explore some features, like customizing the watch face to whatever you want. You can do this on your iPhone - Watch > Face Gallery > Select an option.

Apple watch customization

6. Start using your Watch

Now, you are all set to use your Apple Watch to explore other features of your Apple Watch, like adding apps, setting notifications, display & brightness, Siri, Sounds, etc

My watch Screen tab

The usefulness of Apple Watch

Apple Watch is beyond the regular time checker; there are several benefits while using the Apple Watch, such as; 

❖ Respond to messages 

❖ Set reminders, alarms or timer 

❖ Track your workout sessions (move, steps, stand, etc) 

❖ Receive calls 

❖ Emergency call slides 

❖ Check the weather 

❖ Receive and see all notifications 

❖ Listen to music 

❖ Chat when your iPhone is off ( this is achieved if your watch is connected to WiFi) 

iPhone and Apple Watch Compatibility

iPhone Series has different compatible Apple Watch models; check the table below for the best Apple Watch for your iPhone model or the operating system you can update and install on your iPhone and Apple Watch. 


There is no doubt that setting up your Apple watch is an easy task. This article discusses a step-by-step guide on setting up your Apple Watch. Follow the instructions closely and explore the various features of the watch.