The iPhone 15 Pro Max Versus Samsung Galaxy S24

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The scuffle over smartphone supremacy has continuously been a feature of the tech industry. 

Over time, the iPhone, first unveiled by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007, seems to have grabbed the spotlight.

However, Samsung, through its Galaxy Series, laid its bed on the altar of excellence, challenging the iPhone for the number one spot.

Both brands have come a long way, improving specifications with dynamic, eye-catching features.

The recent smartphones from these companies have drawn serious comparisons from users, leading to an epic showdown. The latest flagship phones include the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24 both have striking appearances and diverse specifications. After a thorough examination of the iPhone 15 Pro Max versus Samsung Galaxy S24, here’s what we found.

  • The structural designs

    The iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24 are uniquely fascinating in terms of their designs. The iPhone possesses a sleek surface with a steel frame supporting its 6.7-inch Super Retina OLED display. The iPhone screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and its brightness stands at 2,000 nits. This makes the user experience on the iPhone seamless.

    On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 has a 6.8-inch, powerful Amole 2X panel with a similar refresh rate to the iPhone at 120 Hz. The device is sleek, with an aluminium frame and glass back. This creates an eye-catching and aesthetic presentation.

  • Performance: A tie?

    When it comes to performance, several tech review platforms, including GSM Arena, have posited that both devices are evenly matched in their optimal response time. The performance of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is powered by the A17 Bionic chip, a processor that is known for its incomparable efficiency. The A17 Bionic enhances the phone's multitasking function while also speeding up app launches. 

    On the other hand, the operational competence of the Galaxy S24 is platformed and energised by Samsung's Exynos 2400. Its operational capabilities are further crystallised by its 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi 6E support, and the latest Bluetooth 5.3.

  • Battery Life

    The iPhone 15 Pro Max offers more than 28 hours of continuous heavy usage after a single charge. The case of the Galaxy S24 is no different from the iPhone 15 Pro Max; the Galaxy S24’s usage time after a single charge is averaged at 25 hours.

    Both devices also support fast charging with little variation. The iPhone 15 Pro Max uses its modern operational capabilities to boast fast charging up to 27W, while the Galaxy S24 takes it a step further with a whopping 45W.

    Nonetheless, the wireless charging feature can also be found on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 Pro Max offers up to 15W of wireless charging, while the Galaxy S24 supports up to 20W.

  • The Camera

    The camera systems on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24 offer professional photography capabilities that are not seen on any device today.

    The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with a triple-lens rear camera. The main camera boasts up to 48 MP with a 12 MP ultra-wide lens. There is also a 12 MP telephoto camera, which is enhanced by a 3x optical zoom. But that is not all; the iPhone 15 Pro Max also comes with Deep Fusion and Smart HDR 4, which sharpen the quality of both images and videos.

    For the Galaxy S24, its quad-camera array on the rear is armed with a 200 MP primary sensor, which enhances the general image quality. This is further supported by a 12 MP ultra-wide lens, similar to the iPhone.

    Not to be outdone, included in its armoury is a 10 MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom and a 10 MP periscope lens with 10x optical zoom. Samsung's camera features Super Resolution Zoom together with Nightography, ensuring a professional setup for advanced photography projects.

    The cameras on both smartphones' record videos in 8K resolution at 24 fps. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max takes it a step further by incorporating Dolby Vision HDR at a stunning 60 fps, while a major difference from the Samsung smartphone is the incorporation of AI-powered stabilisation on its camera.

  • The Operating Systems

    The iPhone 15 Pro Max runs on the latest iOS 17 operating system. This operating system provides flawless integration of all elements within the device. Its enhanced features include improved Siri, multitasking, and overall connectivity.

    The Galaxy S24, on the other hand, is powered by Android 14 with Samsung's One UI 6.0. The One UI offers a customisable experience with tools like Samsung DeX, which allows you to use your phone dynamically.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Samsung S24 are smartphones that are sure to revolutionize the technology device space. With unique features, these phones stand out and are currently changing the face of mobile.

This post provided an insight into the comparison between the iPhone 15 Pro Max versus the Samsung S24.

Frequently asked questions

Which is better between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24?

It is obvious that there is no clear winner on both devices, as both devices present a unique array of dynamic specification. It therefore boils down to a matter of choice and user familiarity with each brand.

Does Galaxy S24 come with Alexa?

No. Nonetheless, Samsung contains Google features, which comes with Google Assistant, a virtual assistant from Google.