Best Novels to Read: Discover Your Next Favorite Page-Turner

best novels 2024

The power of reading novels cannot be overemphasized in the world today; they can create positive orientation, feelings, approaches to daily life, and lots more. Furthermore, reading books has been noted to help reduce stress, expand knowledge, improve communication and create memories; therefore, as it has mental benefits, it has physical benefits.

It's a great feeling to get buried in a novel. You keep turning and turning until you reach the last page. Isn’t that thrilling? 

The Genres We Reviewed

A great novel (story) makes you stay glued 24/7. With this in mind, we have researched and combined some of the best novels to read that will turn into your next page-turner, ranging from fiction, non-fiction, and romance to poetry. Let’s explore them together.

Genre Variety

In this article, we have provided different novels in several genres, and the top genres we have selected are fiction, non-fiction, romance, poetry, horror, and science fiction.

  1. Fiction

    Fiction discusses stories that portray an individual life, events or imaginary places. For instance, The Limits by Nell Freudenberger discusses Stephen’s family going through distress. Also, in Here Avalon, it describes a woman who abandoned her marriage and neglected her family.

  2. Non-Fiction

    This genre describes real-world events and information rather than an imaginary story. Becca Rothfeld's All Things Are Small describes minimalism in the real world with respect to surplus, ambition, and indulgence.

  3. Romance

    The love chemistry between two individuals or lovers is displayed in the writing here. Seven Days in June by Tia Williams is a love story about two lovers who fell apart but reconnected.

  4. Poetry

    This is a type of genre that uses qualities or aesthetics to describe nature or anything. Life on Earth by Dorriane Laux illuminates our daily existence.

  5. Science Fiction

    Science lovers are involved when it comes to reading novels. The science fiction genre illustrates different scientific terms and puts sci-fi into writing. Recursion by Blake Crouch is a fave that discusses traveling in time.

Top Best Books 2024 In-Depth Review and Summaries

Let’s run through the reviews and summaries of some of the best books we have picked out as page-turners in 2024;

1. The Limit by Nell Freudenberger

The Limit is about a family man—Stephen, a cardiologist, and his new wife; he has an ex-wife who is a scientist just like him. This creates a polygamous scenario as the new wife is pregnant. In between this is the teenage daughter attracted to her mother’s co-worker.

This novel is a twist of violence, hate, empathy, chaos, and troubles. 

Testimonial: “The Limit is a powerful novel that engulfs you with its questions. What happens when we reach our limits? Our perspective of love to meet the needs of people around us? You’ll stay up late on this book.” – Julie Orringer, Author of The Invisible Bridge.

2. Here in Avalon by Tara Isabella Burton

This novel centers on a lady named Cecilia whose volatile lifestyle leads to an abandoned marriage and ditching her sister. Let’s not spill the tea; go on Amazon to get a copy.

Testimonial: “Burton’s latest enthralls while exploring the frequently fraught nature of adult sibling relationships. Cecilia serves as the book’s third rail, dividing its characters and imbuing every scene with a crackling tension. At once spellbinding and sincere.”— Kirkus.

3. All Things Are Small by Becca Rothfeld

Becca’s novel depicts minimalism’s weakness regarding ambitions, surplus, and indulgence. She added a perspective from mindfulness to unmindfulness to this.

Testimonial: “ All Things Are Small by Becca Rothfeld is thought-provoking and fun, the perils of believing that small is more and better. Before you start, adjust your idea of excess to be much broader than just "stuff," though admittedly, that is part of it.” – J Earl.

4. Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

This is a romance story about two writers who love each other and write about each other. As time passes, they meet at a literary event and reconnect, reliving what has once broken them.

Testimonial:  “This is exactly what I expect from romance books. It is sheer romance, not a book filled with meaningless kisses and smutty scenes; this is a very deep romance.” - Mrinal Saravate.

5. Life on Earth by Dorraine Laux

This poetry novel discusses our daily existence, where we go about our day being tender but wanting all the attention.

Testimonial: “In a vast ocean of too-much-to-read out there, I can always find an island of sanity in Laux’s work, and within individual poems, always, always spots of light and breath and truth.”―Lia Purpura.

6. Recursion by Blake Crouch

Recursion is a book you will be engrossed with if you love physics in relation to time. The book describes traveling in time to undo or remake memories. It discusses a technology that enables the main character to travel in time and value time. Blake Crouch added a twist to legal investigations when a cop was between identifying and reliving memories. This is worth buying; it is available on Bookshop and Amazon.

Testimonial: “A moment lasts all for a second, but the memory lives on forever. Recursion is one of the best-convoluted science fiction books I have read. I love science fiction, and Recursion is perfect for me.” - Shreya Palodhi.


If you love good books or want to try out books that will keep you glued for hours, here is the article for you. We have picked some books that might be your next favorite page-turner from different genres (The Limits, Here in Avalon, Seven Days in June, Recursion, and more).

Have you read any of these books, or would you love to try them? Let's hear from you and share your perspective on them.