Best quick loan apps in Nigeria 2023 and their interest rates

Whether you're looking for the lowest interest rates, the fastest disbursement time, or excellent customer service, by exploring the best quick loan apps in Nigeria, this article will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the world of digital lending and empower you to make the right choice that caters to your specific financial needs.

Loan apps in Nigeria: Naira notes in 200 NGN and 500 NGN denominations

With financial needs arising unexpectedly in today's Naija, the availability of convenient and fast loans has become essential. Nigeria, with its rapidly expanding digital landscape, has witnessed a surge in quick loan app platforms that offer instant access to funds for individuals and small businesses with minimal paperwork, zero hassle, and only a BVN requirement. However, with numerous options available, choosing legit and reliable loan apps in Nigeria can be a daunting task.

To simplify your decision-making process, Clacified has meticulously analysed and ranked the best loan apps in Nigeria based on two crucial factors: their compliance with regulatory bodies such as the FCCPC and the CBN, and customer experience.

Additionally, we have considered various other factors, including interest rates, disbursement time, customer service, repayment duration, as well as the pros and cons of each loan application.

Ensuring the credibility and reliability of loan applications is of paramount importance; therefore, we have evaluated each loan app's compliance with regulatory bodies' rules, primarily the FCCPC and the CBN.

Compliance with these institutions ensures that the loan apps operate within legal frameworks that protect consumers' rights and interests, which distinguishes them from fake loan apps . By choosing loan apps that adhere to these regulations, borrowers can have peace of mind, knowing they are working with trustworthy, legit platforms.

While regulatory compliance is vital, customer feedback provides valuable insights into the overall user experience. This article extensively analysed customer reviews to assess user satisfaction levels and determine the strengths and weaknesses of each loan app.

By considering real-life experiences, we aim to help borrowers make an informed decision and select a reliable loan app in Nigeria that meets their financial needs seamlessly.

We understand that interest rates and repayment duration are crucial factors for borrowers since lower loan interest rates help save money, while flexible repayment options enable effective finance management.

Consequently, our ranking highlights the best loan apps in Nigeria with the lowest interest rates and offers insights into the repayment duration options they provide.

In times of urgent financial needs, the speed of loan disbursement can make a significant difference; therefore, this article considers which is the fastest loan app in Nigeria, identifying the platforms that offer the quickest turnaround, ensuring instant access to funds when needed the most.

Lastly, we have summarily compiled a list of pros and cons for each of the best loan apps in Nigeria, providing a balanced overview of their features that allows users to weigh the benefits and drawbacks at a glance and select the loan app that best aligns with their preferences and financial goals.

Considering compliance with regulatory bodies, customer reviews, interest rates, disbursement time, customer service quality, repayment duration, and pros and cons, the best loan apps in Nigeria are:

1. Branch quick loan app

As evidenced by being the most downloaded loan app in the country, Branch has gained significant popularity to become the best app to borrow money in Nigeria in 2023. The loan app distinguishes itself by offering a range of financial services, including money transfers, bill payments, investments, and loans.

One of the standout features of Branch is its loan offering, which, available to users without requiring collateral asides BVN, ranges from 1,000 NGN to 500,000 NGN to provide flexibility for users to borrow according to their needs.

The 62-day to 12-month repayment period offered by the Branch loan app, which provides borrowers with options for managing their loan obligations based on their financial situation, is a positively versatile range that caters to individuals with different repayment capabilities and preferences.

As the best loan app in Nigeria, Branch's approval by Nigeria's highest federal competition regulator and consumer protection agency, the FCCPC, indicates an operation compliant with regulatory standards that helps instil confidence in users and assures them that their rights as consumers are protected.

The monthly interest rates provided by Branch, ranging from 2.83% to 22.58%, offer a broad spectrum to accommodate users with varying creditworthiness and appear relatively reasonable.

The fact that Branch is the highest-rated loan app on the Google Play Store attests to its foremost reputation as Nigeria's best loan app. Customer reviews often reflect the overall experience and satisfaction of users, making this a noteworthy indicator of the platform's performance.

While the Branch loan app charges a fee for late loan repayment, it is commendable that they provide a grace period, allowing borrowers some leeway before applying penalties. Additionally, the absence of harassing phone calls is a positive aspect, as borrowers may find it stressful to constantly receive reminders and collection calls.

The Branch loan app's availability in multiple countries, including India, Kenya, and Tanzania, showcases the platform's expansion and ability to adapt to different markets. This global presence suggests that the company has gained experience and expertise in the lending industry, which can positively impact its services in Nigeria.

Lastly, with efficient and responsive customer support crucial, especially in financial transactions where users may have questions or encounter issues that require prompt resolution, Branch's reputation for very good and quick customer service is a significant advantage factored into its ranking as the best loan app in Nigeria.

Pros of the Branch loan app

  1. Convenient one-stop solution for various financial needs. 
  2. Positive customer reviews. 
  3. Approval by a regulatory agency. 
  4. Flexible repayment periods.
  5. Highest rating on the Google Play Store
  6. International presence.
  7. Quick customer service.
  8. Considerate late loan repayment policy.
  9. CBN-licensed. 
  10. Full FCCPC approval.
  11. Most downloaded loan app.

Cons of the Branch loan app

  1. Penalty fee for late payment. 
  2. High interest rate.

2. Fairmoney quick loan app

With the second-most downloads among mobile lending platforms, Fairmoney, which has gained significant popularity and established itself as a reputable player in the lending industry, is the second-best loan app in Nigeria.

Offering a range of financial services beyond loans, Fairmoney has positioned itself as more than just a loan app, providing users with the ability to manage finances, save money, pay bills, transfer funds, and purchase airtime at discounted rates.

Standing out as one of the leading mobile lending platforms in Nigeria with a high number of downloads and an extensive user base, the Fairmoney loan app requires only the user's BVN (bank verification number) for loan disbursement, eliminating the need for collateral. This streamlined process enables quick loan approval, and users have reported receiving loans within minutes of application.

The loan offerings provided by Fairmoney are impressive, ranging from 1,500 to 3,000,000, and stand as the highest payable loan amount among loan apps in Nigeria.

The Fairmoney loan app's repayment period ranges from 61 days to 18 months, offering borrowers flexibility and extended grace periods compared to other loan apps. Fairmoney also incentivizes early repayments by offering interest discounts of up to 90%, encouraging responsible borrowing habits.

Fairmoney's monthly interest rates vary depending on the user's credit score, ranging from 2.5% to 21.7%, in a dynamic structure that allows users with a strong credit history to enjoy more favourable borrowing terms.

As the Fairmoney loan app employs a credit assessment process to determine a user's creditworthiness, it is essential to note that higher interest rates may be applied to users with lower credit scores.

As one of the best loan apps in Nigeria, Fairmoney boasts a user-friendly interface that enables easy navigation and a seamless borrowing experience. The loan app's design and layout, which contribute to its popularity and provide a hassle-free platform for users to manage their finances conveniently, have been praised for their intuitive interface, which allows even first-time borrowers to easily understand the loan application process.

Good customer service is vital for any financial institution, and the Fairmoney loan app has displayed a commitment to delivering prompt and reliable support to its users, as shown by positive feedback.

In a move aimed at expanding its digital financial offerings, the Fairmoney loan app acquired PayForce in March 2023 to demonstrate its dedication to providing comprehensive financial solutions to its users. By broadening its services beyond lending, Fairmoney aims to become a one-stop platform for managing personal and business finances.

The Fairmoney loan app operates as a duly licensed bank under the Central Bank of Nigeria that has secured full approval from Nigeria's highest federal competition regulator and consumer protection agency, the FCCPC. The platform's compliance with regulatory requirements not only ensures that users can trust and rely on its services, but this endorsement also adds another layer of confidence for users, as it signifies the platform's commitment to fair practices and consumer protection.

While Fairmoney offers numerous benefits as one of the best loan apps in Nigeria, a few concerns have been raised by users. The app has been reported to be prone to glitches and technical issues, which may occasionally affect the user experience.

Additionally, some users have expressed discomfort with providing their debit card details and location information during the loan application process.

Pros of the Fairmoney loan app

  1. Comprehensive financial services.
  2. Nigeria's highest loan amount. 
  3. Instant loan disbursal. 
  4. Long repayment period. 
  5. Early repayment discounts. 
  6. Positive customer service. 
  7. Acquisition of PayForce. 
  8. Full FCCPC approval. 
  9. CBN-licensed. 
  10. Second-most downloaded loan app.

Cons of the Fairmoney loan app

  1. Debit card and location sharing.
  2. App glitches.
  3. High interest rate.

3. Quickcheck quick loan app

Renowned for its swift loan disbursement process, which often disburses loans within minutes, QuickCheck, a mobile lending platform requiring no collateral aside from a BVN is the third-best loan app in Nigeria.

The loan app's quick turnaround time, which is highly beneficial for individuals who require immediate financial assistance, can be a significant advantage, especially in emergency situations.

The QuickCheck loan app offers loans ranging from 1,500 to 500,000, providing a broad spectrum of financial support to borrowers. Additionally, the platform offers flexible repayment periods, ranging from 61 days to 12 months, in a way that allows borrowers to choose a repayment plan that best suits their financial capabilities and needs.

As one of Nigeria's best loan apps, QuickCheck boasts a very good user interface that makes it easy for borrowers to navigate and access the necessary features, enhancing the overall borrowing experience and contributing to a positive customer journey.

The monthly interest rates on QuickCheck loans range from 2.5% to 21.7%, depending on the borrower's credit score. While its lower interest rates are favourable, borrowers with lower credit scores may experience higher rates, which is a common practice in the lending industry.

One area of concern regarding the QuickCheck loan app is its lack of full or even conditional approval from Nigeria's highest federal competition regulator and consumer protection agency, the FCCPC.

The absence of regulatory authorization, which raises questions about the platform's adherence to consumer protection regulations and the transparency of its practices, makes it crucial for borrowers to exercise caution and thoroughly understand the terms and conditions before engaging with the QuickCheck loan app.

Despite being one of the best loan apps in Nigeria, QuickCheck's customer service has been described as average, which suggests ample room for improvement. Its lack of efficient and responsive customer service has failed to comprehensively address borrowers' concerns, clarify doubts, and ensure a positive user experience.

Also, the registration process for the QuickCheck loan app has been reported as stressful by some users, with this cumbersome or time-consuming process discouraging potential borrowers and negatively impacting user satisfaction. Simplifying and streamlining the registration process could significantly enhance the platform's appeal.

The QuickCheck loan app offers a discount to borrowers who choose to repay their loans earlier than the agreed-upon term. This incentive encourages responsible borrowing behaviour and provides borrowers with a tangible benefit for prompt loan repayment.

QuickCheck stands out for its fast loan disbursement process, making it one of the fastest loan apps in Nigeria. The ability to access funds quickly can be a critical factor for individuals in urgent need of financial assistance.

Pros of the QuickCheck loan app

  1. Fast loan disbursement.
  2. Wide loan amount.
  3. Flexible repayment period options
  4. Early repayment discount.

Cons of the QuickCheck loan app

  1. Accusations of deliberate roadblocks in the repayment process
  2. Lack of FCCPC approval
  3. Average customer service.
  4. Stressful registration process.
  5. High interest rate.

4. Easemoni quick loan app

Easemoni, the 4th-best loan app in Nigeria, is a mobile lending platform in Nigeria that has gained popularity due to its unique features and offerings.

One of the key advantages of the Easemoni loan app is its loan range, which extends from NGN 3,000 to NGN 1,000,000. This wide range allows individuals with varying financial needs to access funds conveniently and demonstrates the platform's commitment to catering to a diverse user base.

Another positive aspect of the Easemoni loan app is its licensing by the Central Bank of Nigeria, which indicates that the platform operates within the legal framework and follows guidelines set by the central authority. This aspect adds a layer of trust and credibility to the platform, assuring potential users that their transactions are secure and regulated.

Furthermore, Easemoni's approval from Nigeria's highest federal competition regulator and consumer protection agency, the FCCPC, is another commendable feat that suggests the platform adheres to fair lending practices and consumer protection policies. Users can thus exercise confidence that the Easemoni loan app operates in compliance with regulatory standards and safeguards their interests.

Being under the same parent company as Okash, one of Nigeria's most popular loan apps, also lends credibility to Easemoni, as this association implies that Easemoni has the necessary infrastructure and support to provide a seamless borrowing experience.

The repayment period offered by the Easemoni loan app, ranging from 91 days to 12 months, provides borrowers with flexibility in managing their repayment schedules. This feature is advantageous as it allows users to choose a repayment plan that aligns with their financial capabilities and preferences.

The Easemoni loan app's monthly interest rates, ranging from 5% to 10%, are very competitive and demonstrate a commitment to maintaining transparency and fairness in pricing structure.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that the Easemoni loan app suffers from a glitch or intentional stumbling block that asks some users to reapply for loans in a never-ending interval of 6 days. Users may find this repetitive reapplication process frustrating and time-consuming, potentially impacting their overall satisfaction with the service.

On the other hand, Easemoni is known for its instant loan disbursal feature. The ability to receive funds within minutes of application is a significant advantage, especially in situations where individuals require urgent financial assistance.

Additionally, the Easemoni loan app's extremely responsive customer service is a crucial advantage, as it helps address user concerns, provide assistance, and foster trust between the platform and its customers.

Pros of the Easemoni loan app

  1. CBN-licensed.
  2. Full FCCPC approval.
  3. Okash parent company association. 
  4. Wide loan range.
  5. Repayment flexibility.
  6. Instant loan disbursal. 
  7. Responsive customer service.
  8. Competitive interest rate.

Cons of the Easemoni loan app

  1. Glitch or intentional re-application stumbling block. 

5. Okash quick loan app

Okash is a mobile lending platform operating in Nigeria that offers loans ranging from NGN 3,000 to NGN 500,000 without requiring collateral. The platform utilises a borrower's BVN (bank verification number) to disburse loans swiftly and conveniently.

Okash provides a seamless loan application process, allowing users to apply for loans and receive disbursements in just minutes. The platform offers loan amounts starting from NGN 3,000 up to NGN 500,000 over a flexible repayment period of 91 days to 12 months.

Unlike its sister platform, Easemoni, the Okash loan app has strict eligibility criteria designed to ensure borrowers have the financial capability to repay the loans. The platform examines evidence of a borrower's ability to repay and may refuse loans if it uncovers insufficient evidence.

While this approach can help prevent borrowers from taking on excessive debt, it may also exclude some potential borrowers who may be creditworthy but do not meet the platform's stringent requirements.

The monthly interest rates on Okash vary between 3% and 30%, depending on the borrower's credit score. This tiered system allows individuals with better creditworthiness to access loans at lower interest rates, while those with lower credit scores may face higher costs. Furthermore, Okash may charge late fees in certain cases, which borrowers should be aware of to avoid additional expenses.

The Okash loan app is duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This licensing provides a level of assurance to borrowers regarding the legitimacy and reliability of the platform.

The Okash loan app prides itself on responsive customer service, which is crucial for addressing queries and concerns and providing assistance throughout the loan process.

It's worth noting that Okash was included in our list of fake loan apps in Nigeria after an FCCPC raid in collaboration with the ICPC, NITDA, and the Nigerian Police Force, due to alleged violations of customers' privacy during debt collection efforts.

However, the loan app has since gained full approval from the FCCPC, indicating that the necessary steps have been taken to address and rectify any previous privacy concerns.

Pros of the Okash loan app

  1. Swift, convenient loan disbursement process.
  2. Wide loan amount range.
  3. Flexible repayment periods. 
  4. CBN-licensed.  
  5. Responsive customer service. 
  6. Full FCCPC approval. 

Cons of the Okash loan app

  1. Strict eligibility criteria
  2. Repayment plans limited to a single instalment. 
  3. History of heavy-handedness
  4. High interest rate

6. Renmoney quick loan app

With tight monthly interest rates ranging from 2.12% to 2.65%, the lowest in Nigeria, Renmoney is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria. It offers loans without requiring collateral but instead relies on the user's BVN for verification purposes.

However, it's important to note that Renmoney charges a management fee of 1% on loan amounts, which, although relatively small compared to the loan size, demands that borrowers make measured considerations when calculating the total cost of the loan.

The Renmoney loan app provides a flexible loan range, offering amounts from NGN 5,000 to NGN 1,000,000 that cater to various financial needs, from smaller short-term loans to larger sums for more significant expenses. The repayment period options range from 91 days to 12 months, allowing borrowers to choose a timeframe that suits their repayment capabilities and financial goals.

To ensure responsible lending and make informed decisions, the Renmoney loan app requires users to connect their bank accounts. This allows the platform to access the user's 6-month bank statement and overall financial history.

While this may seem intrusive to some, it enables the Renmoney loan app to evaluate an individual's financial behaviour and make lending decisions based on a more comprehensive set of data.

Renmoney's loan application review process is reputed to be stringent and can lead to delays, with loan applications taking several months to be reviewed. This can be a drawback for individuals seeking immediate funds.

However, this thorough evaluation helps the loan app minimise the risk of default and ensure that loans are granted to individuals who are financially capable of repaying them.

It is worth mentioning that Renmoney holds the distinction of being one of the few loan apps in Nigeria fully approved by Nigeria's highest federal competition regulator and consumer protection agency, the FCCPC, which provides users with an additional layer of assurance regarding the platform's credibility and compliance with regulatory standards.

Renmoney has been praised for its responsive customer service, which adds to its reputation as the 6th best loan app in Nigeria.

One of the few loan apps available for Apple devices, Renmoney is also the best mobile loan platform for iPhones.

Pros of the Renmoney loan app

  1. Nigeria's lowest interest rate. 
  2. Flexible loan amounts and repayment periods. 
  3. FCCPC's full approval. 
  4. Responsive customer service. 
  5. Android and iOS availability.

Cons of the Renmoney loan app

  1. Management fee. 
  2. Stringent loan application review.
  3. Bank account connection requirement.
  4. Limited availability. 
  5. Lack of transparency on some terms and conditions.