Wizkid net worth 2023 (Big Wiz)

Renowned as one of Nigeria's foremost Afrobeats singers, Wizkid, born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun on July 16, 1990, in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, has not only captured the hearts of music enthusiasts but has also amassed substantial wealth. As of 2023, Wizkid's net worth stands at an impressive $26 million, making him the 9th most viewed African artist on YouTube and one of the continent's wealthiest musicians.

Wizkid's financial success is attributed to his exceptional talent, which propelled him to sign a record deal with Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) in 2009 at the age of 19.  Since then, his career trajectory has been on a steady ascent, marked by numerous hit songs and albums that have resonated both nationally and globally.

Consistently gracing the list of Nigeria's richest musicians, Wizkid's net worth has become a subject of comparison with other industry heavyweights, such as Davido. Falling behind Davido's estimated net worth by just under $2 million, Wizkid's financial standing positions him as one of the most celebrated and highly rated personalities in Nigeria.

Despite the perpetual debate over who holds the title of the richest between Davido and Wizkid, this article aims to shed light on Wizkid's financial prowess. His journey, starting as an early singer at the age of 11, has been marked by dedication, talent, and strategic career moves that have solidified his position as one of the best musicians in Africa, complemented by a noteworthy net worth of $26 million.

Beyond his musical prowess, which significantly contributes to Wizkid's net worth, his global recognition and diverse income streams set him apart in the Nigerian and international music scene.

Numerous endorsement deals with top brands have played a pivotal role in augmenting his financial standing, as companies often seek music superstars like Wizkid to promote their products.

Further enhancing his financial portfolio, Wizkid introduced a clothing line under his brand name "Star Boy," providing an additional source of revenue. 

Post his departure from E.M.E, Wizkid ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing his record label, "Starboy." Through this label, he has collaborated with a multitude of artists, including Mr. Eazi, Efya, Maleek Berry, L.A.X, and Legendury Beatz.

Wizkid's impact transcends the music charts, making history as the first African solo artist to secure a spot in Apple Music's Global Daily Top 10 with the international hit single "Essence." The song received high praise from none other than Kanye West, who declared it the "best song in the history of music."

Further solidifying his influence, Wizkid achieved a historic milestone with his album "Made in Lagos," becoming the first African album to be RIAA-certified gold in August 2022. In November 2022, his album "More Love, Less Ego" dominated Billboard's Hot Trending Songs chart, with "2 Sugar" claiming the top spot. 

Wizkid's remarkable achievement continued with additional tracks like "Flower Pads," "Slip N Slide" featuring Skillibeng and Shenseea, and "Plenty Loving" securing positions two through four on the chart. In total, seven tracks from the 13-song album held places on the 20-position list. 

The State of Minnesota, USA, annually observes Wizkid Day on October 6th, a tradition that began in 2018 when Governor Mark Dayton officially declared the date to acknowledge Wizkid's musical achievements, branding him one of the most influential cultural figures globally.

Governor Dayton's proclamation, sealed and stamped on Saturday, October 6th, 2018, highlighted Wizkid's groundbreaking accomplishments. As the first indigenous Nigerian artist to top the Billboard US Hot 100 Charts with the global hit 'One Dance' in collaboration with Drake, Wizkid earned this prestigious recognition. Additionally, he secured the distinction of being the first Nigerian to sell out the renowned O2 Arena in London, England.

The 2018 declaration commended Wizkid for his record-breaking feats, including collaborations with Nike that contributed to charitable projects in Nigeria, walking the runway for international fashion giants Dolce and Gabbana in June 2018, and receiving multiple accolades from Billboard Music Awards and other esteemed institutions.

On October 6th, 2018, Wizkid further etched his mark by becoming the first African artist to sell out the Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Subsequently, Wizkid's musical journey soared, culminating in a Grammy award in 2021, multiple appearances on the US Billboard Top 10 Charts, three consecutive sold-out nights at the prestigious O2 Arena, and a myriad of awards throughout his illustrious career.

In mid-2022, Wizkid achieved a monumental milestone by amassing over one billion streams on Apple Music as a lead artist, solidifying his status as the first African to attain such acclaim. With 1.3 billion YouTube views, 1.16 billion Spotify Lead streams, and 4.6 billion Spotify total streams, at the time, Wizkid's global impact continued to resonate. He also garnered 349 million total Audiomack streams, 183 million Pandora streams, and 126 million Boomplay streams.

Furthermore, Wizkid's track "Essence" secured him the distinction of being the longest-charting African artist, before losing this title to the swashbuckling Rema

Notably, "Essence" made history as the first Nigerian song to chart on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard Global 200, contributing to the continued growth of his net worth and financial status.

In December 2023, Wizkid demonstrated his philanthropy by announcing a generous plan to gift N100 million to children for Christmas. Through a series of Instagram posts, Wizkid shared his intention to commence the initiative in the Surulere area of Lagos State. 

Motivated by the memory of his late mother, Juliana Morayo Balogun, who passed away on August 18, 2023, Wizkid expressed, “100M for the kids for Christmas! Lord bless us all 😇 start in Surulere tonight! All in Morayo’s name! The love of my life! ❤️❤️🕊️” 

In November 2023, Wizkid made headlines by getting a new tattoo on his neck. The word 'Pray' was inked after a design by musician $traffitti, who excitedly revealed receiving a $10,000 reward for his artistic contribution. This amount, at the prevailing exchange rate in the Nigerian parallel market, equates to N11.5 million in local currency, showcasing the substantial value placed on Wizkid's creative collaborations.

Further underscoring Wizkid's global impact, his hit song "Essence" achieved gold status in France in December 2023. Recognized by France’s National Centre for Music (CNM), the gold certification signifies that "Essence" has surpassed 15 million streams in the country, reinforcing Wizkid's international acclaim.

Showcasing his generosity, Wizkid celebrated his aide Femi's birthday in December 2023 by gifting him an impressive sum of ₦30 million naira. Social media posts depicted Wizkid arriving at a club with Femi and other notable personalities, with subsequent videos showcasing bundles of cash labelled with 'Wiz' on the champagne board. 

Concerning luxurious endeavours, Wizkid invested millions of naira in 2023 to acquire opulent diamond necklaces. During an interview with Adesope Olajide, Wizkid proudly displayed a diamond piece created in collaboration with US jeweller Eliantte. 

Expressing his entrepreneurial ambitions, he revealed plans to launch his own jewelry brand, stating, “This is the first piece I designed myself, and it is the first of six pieces that I am making this year. I am here to start up my jewelry line.” This move aligns with Wizkid's diversified approach to wealth creation and his foray into the world of high-end fashion.

In October 2023, Wizkid captivated Lagos with an extravagant burial ceremony for his late mother, Madam Julianna Morayo Balogun, who passed away in August. The two-day event, marked by opulence, garnered attention and discussions for weeks afterward, attended by dignitaries and the elite.

Madam Balogun's final resting place was a brown casket made of shiny mahogany wood, sourced from Ebony Funeral Home. The casket, placed in her private vault at Ebony Funeral Home and Private Cemetery in Ikoyi, Lagos, was surrounded by a marble, polished tile, and granite fence, befitting the mother of a superstar. 

Various vault options at Ebony Funeral Home and Private Cemetery ranged in cost, from N12,500,000 for a basic single vault to N35,000,000 for the premium vault, with additional charges for specific requests such as tombstone classification.

The reception unfolded at Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos, the chosen venue capable of accommodating the large number of guests in solidarity with Wizkid. The banquet hall underwent a stunning transformation with chandeliers, flowers, and thematic decorative elements.

Entertainment at the reception commenced with a performance by Shuga Band, led by Akinloye Tofowomo, a.k.a Akin Shuga. 

Following their set, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall graced the stage, captivating the audience after his one-week isolation and installation as the Olori Omooba Akile Ijebu. Wizkid, prepared for the occasion, showcased his financial prowess by generously spraying bundles of currency notes, amounting to approximately N2 million, during KWAM1's performance.

In a notable display of generosity, Wizkid gifted N5 million in cash to KWAM1, while also ensuring his two sons participated in the cash-spraying tradition.

Among the souvenirs shared with guests, skincare products from Fabslimtox by Fabslim Remedies stood out. Reflecting Madam Juliana's dedication to the brand during her lifetime, mini bottles of Revive Milk and handmade organic scrub, priced at ₦58,000 each, were produced with the deceased's photo stamped on them.

In November 2023, Wizkid's outstanding performance photograph at the Glastonbury Festival earlier in the year earned him the Event Category Award at the 2023 British Photography Awards. Captured by the London-based freelance photographer and graphic designer Nick Hill, this iconic image marked a historic moment as Wizkid became the first Nigerian celebrity to win a British Photography Award. 

In late October 2023, Wizkid achieved remarkable success with his album "Made In Lagos," receiving five platinum certifications for songs from this project.

Notably, the hit song "Essence" achieved platinum status for the seventh time, while the collaboration "Ginger" featuring Burna Boy earned double platinum certification.

Other tracks such as "No Stress," "Longtime" featuring Skepta, and "True Love" each received their first platinum certification. These certifications, coupled with additional honours from Belgium during the same week, further catapulted Wizkid's financial success in the music industry to a new stratosphere. 

In a prior groundbreaking feat, "Made In Lagos" emerged as the best-selling African album in the United States, amassing an impressive 680,000 sales in August 2023.

The album's success extended beyond sales, as it surpassed expectations in streaming, accumulating over 1.02 billion on-demand streams in the USA alone. 

Wizkid's financial prowess is further evident as he secured the 5th position on Forbes and Channel O's Top 10 Richest/Bankable African Artists list in 2013. Forbes Africa continued to recognize Wizkid, listing him among the Top 10 Most Bankable Artists in Africa in 2017.

Wizkid's assets: houses and cars

In addition to his substantial net worth, Wizkid, the acclaimed Nigerian artist, has made noteworthy investments in opulent cars and real estate, further solidifying his financial standing.

Wizkid's real estate portfolio includes a mansion in Surulere, Lagos, valued at $13 million, and another lavish residence in Los Angeles, estimated to be worth $15 million. 

Speculations also suggested a potential acquisition of a property in Banana Island, one of Lagos state's affluent suburbs, highlighting Wizkid's penchant for luxury living.

In September 2022, an automobile dealer, @moaglobalservices, disclosed Wizkid's recent automobile acquisitions through his Instastory channel.

The Made in Lagos (MIL) music star spared no expense, investing in a Rolls Royce, a Mercedes Maybach, and a Lamborghini, further enhancing his already impressive car collection.

A viral video in November 2023, shared by Blogger Tunde Ednut, showcased Wizkid's grand entrance at Secrets Palace, one of Lagos' premier clubs. The fleet of luxury automobiles on display included a Maybach, Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Black Badge Cullinan, and Range Rover. 

Tunde Ednut provided staggering figures, breaking down the costs: the Maybach at N150,000,000, the Lamborghini Urus at N220,000,000, the Rolls Black Badge Cullinan at an astonishing N700,000,000, and the Range Rover contributing an additional N60,000,000 to the total. The cumulative value of this remarkable car collection reached an astounding total of approximately N1,130,000,000 billion.

Some of Wizkid's notable cars include the Lamborghini Urus, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, BMW X6 crossover, and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

While debates have ensued about Wizkid owning a private jet, it is clarified that although he frequently utilises chartered jets, he currently does not own a private jet. 

Wizkid's lucrative endorsement deals

Endorsement deals stand as lucrative avenues for celebrities to significantly boost their income, with top companies shelling out substantial sums, often exceeding $3 million, to align their products with the star power of renowned personalities.

For Wizkid, these endorsement deals have played a pivotal role in augmenting his net worth, establishing him as one of the wealthiest African musicians. Here's a comprehensive look at some of Wizkid's notable endorsement deals:

  1. Pepsi (2012): In 2012, Wizkid inked a one-year endorsement deal with Pepsi, reported to be valued at $350,000.
  2. MTN Nigeria (2013): Wizkid's collaboration with MTN Nigeria was reported by Premium Times on May 28, 2013, as a one-year deal. Premium Times later revealed that the contract was renewed for an additional two years.
  3. Guinness (2013): Wizkid entered into an endorsement deal with Guinness for the Guinness World of More concert held at Eko Hotel and Suites VI in November 2013.
  4. GLO (2015): According to Pulse Nigeria, Wizkid parted ways with MTN and secured a lucrative N128 million deal with GLO in 2015.
  5. Nike (2018): Nike tapped Wizkid to model for the Nigerian Football Federation when they entered a five-year deal in 2018. Following this collaboration, Wizkid extended his deal with Nike.
  6. Dolce & Gabbana (Undisclosed Year): Wizkid ventured into the fashion world with an international endorsement deal with Dolce & Gabbana, reportedly valued at $10,000.
  7. United Bank for Africa (UBA): In a significant financial move, Wizkid signed an endorsement deal with UBA worth $3 million, equivalent to 1 billion naira at the time.
  8. Puma (2020): Adding to his diverse portfolio, Wizkid secured an endorsement deal with Puma, a renowned sportswear brand, in 2020.

These endorsement deals have contributed significantly to his financial standing, enriching his net worth over the years.

Wizkid's lucrative shows and global performances

According to Adeshola Adefuwa-Cole, the CEO of Cole Management Services, Wizkid commands a performance fee ranging between $800,000 to $1 million. This fixed fee, however, is only one aspect, as artists often present additional demands for themselves and their crew, adding to the overall cost of convenience for the show.

For Wizkid the intricacies of accommodating his performance demands involve covering chartered flights, with the booking confirmed before signing the contract. 

The flight arrangements typically include one business class and six economy return tickets from Lagos. Accommodations must consist of one penthouse suite, one premium suite, and ten single standard rooms. 

Additionally, a per-diem or daily allowance is specified, with rates set at $300 for the artist, $200 for the manager, and $100 for the crew daily per person. Ground transportation and security must also be provided.

In a remarkable milestone, Wizkid headlined Madison Square Garden in November 2022, becoming the second Nigerian artist, after Burna Boy, to achieve this feat.

This performance followed his previously sold-out three-night run at London’s O2 Arena, showcasing his global appeal and tour success. 

Wizkid has maintained a hectic tour schedule, traversing the globe on the wings of his acclaimed album "Made in Lagos" released in 2020, along with its deluxe edition in the subsequent year.

One notable performance took place at the Roundhouse in London, where Wizkid collaborated with Apple Music Live. This exclusive event, held on September 27, 2022, marked the debut of songs from his highly anticipated fifth studio album. 

London fans were given the unique opportunity to attend the live taping, with the Grammy-winning artist's performance later available for streaming in 165 countries.

This collaboration with Apple Music places Wizkid in the company of renowned artists like Harry Styles, Mary J. Blige, and Lil Durk, who have also partnered with the platform for exclusive live performances.

In November 2022, Wizkid unveiled plans for a headline North American tour in support of his latest album, More Love, Less Ego.

he Nigerian artist embarked on a journey across 20 cities from March to April 2023, commencing at Houston's Toyota Center on March 3 and culminating at The Kia Forum in Los Angeles on April 7.

The tour encompassed major cities such as Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, Brooklyn, and more, marking a significant chapter in Wizkid's global musical journey.

The More Love, Less Ego tour showcased Wizkid's international appeal, with each tour date contributing not only to the artist's artistic legacy but also to his financial stature.

From the iconic Barclays Center in Brooklyn to the historic United Center in Chicago, the tour spanned diverse venues, solidifying Wizkid's presence in the North American music scene.

Further solidifying his global impact, Wizkid headlined the first-ever Canadian edition of Rolling Loud, a travelling festival held at Ontario Place in Toronto from September 9-11, 2022. Sharing the stage with notable artists like Dave and Future, Wizkid's presence underscored his prominence in international festivals.

In a historic move for Afrobeats, Wizkid achieved a monumental feat in July 2023 by selling out the Tottenham stadium in the United Kingdom. Over 60,000 spectators gathered to witness the Grammy winner's first stadium headline show in the UK, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

This concert, part of Wizkid's tour for his fifth album 'More Love, Less Ego,' showcased not only his latest musical offerings but also classic records that defined his ascent in the music industry.

June 2023 witnessed another historic moment as Wizkid became the first African musician to headline the United Kingdom's largest music festival, Glastonbury. Taking the "Other Side Stage" at the festival held in Somerset, England, Wizkid mesmerised the crowd of over 210,000 attendees with a medley of his hit songs, including 'Essence,' 'One Dance,' 'Ojuelegba,' 'Soco,' and 'True Love.' 

Wizkid's influence transcended music, as he headlined the Gaming event, Gamers8, in August 2022 at the 22,000-capacity Mohammed Abdu Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This event, a fusion of esports, gaming tournaments, and cultural offerings, solidified Wizkid's standing as the first African artist to take centre stage.