Kiddwaya: Biography, net worth, wife and relationship Erica

Kiddwaya portrait

Meet Kiddwaya, the charismatic and captivating reality star who took the Big Brother Naija stage by storm. Known for his million-dollar persona and undeniable charm, Kiddwaya's journey from the BBNaija Lockdown to the All Stars edition has left an indelible mark on fans and critics alike. 

With his remarkable net worth, lucrative endorsements, and intriguing love life, this enigmatic personality continues to be a captivating force in the world of entertainment. 

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Kiddwaya, a man of wealth, influence, and magnetic allure.

Kiddwaya biography and early life

Terseer Waya, popularly known as Kiddwaya, achieved widespread fame as a participant in Big Brother Naija Season 5: Lockdown. Born on March 5, 1993, in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria's richest state, Kiddwaya is the first son of Terry and Susan Waya. 

His father, Terry Waya, is a flamboyant billionaire, renowned for his opulent lifestyle and social media flaunts of Versace products, earning him the moniker 'Mr. Versace.' 

Susan Waya, Kiddwaya's mother, is a multifaceted personality, excelling as a business analyst, politician, housing expert, philanthropist, and activist. He has a younger brother named Daniel Waya.

Kiddwaya's journey towards success began early, as he attended boarding school at the age of six, instilling in him confidence and independence from an early age. 

He furthered his education at Nottingham Trent University in England, obtaining a first degree in Business Management between 2011 and 2015. Later, in 2017, he pursued a Master's degree in International Business at the same institution. 

Beyond his impressive educational achievements, Kiddwaya has established himself as an astute entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Valley Agricultural And Foods Company and co-founder of AK Exports, showcasing his prowess in the business world.

In addition to his business acumen, Kiddwaya's vibrant social life includes close friendships with renowned personalities such as Florence Otedola (Dj Cuppy) and the celebrated highly successful and influential musician Davido.

He also featured in the British documentary reality series, 'Highlife,' following his first BBNaija stint.

In June 2022, Kiddwaya realized his dream of mastering the art of acting, graduating from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, UK. He shared his aspirations of entering the movie industry, making his passion for acting evident during his time in Big Brother Naija 2020.

Kiddwaya's journey to fame and success has been complemented by the accomplishments of his family. His mother, Susan Waya, joined the 2023 governorship race in Benue State, displaying her determination to contribute to public service.

On the other hand, his uncle, Joseph Waya, formally declared his interest in the governorship seat of Benue State in the 2023 elections. Both relatives achieved no success in their political aspirations. 

With an infectious personality, a charismatic presence, and the determination to explore various endeavors, Kiddwaya continues to capture the hearts of fans and audiences, solidifying his place as a multifaceted talent in the Nigerian entertainment and business spheres. 

As he paves his way forward, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter of Terseer 'Kiddwaya' Waya's remarkable journey.

Kiddwaya in BBNaija Season 5: Lockdown

In the exhilarating realm of Big Brother Naija Season 5: Lockdown, one contestant who left an indelible mark on viewers was the unforgettable Kiddwaya. From the onset, he shared an intriguing revelation with his fellow housemates, candidly admitting that he felt too big to go through the regular audition process.

According to him, he effortlessly secured a spot in the show utilising his connections , a disclosure that stirred controversy and even prompted a lengthy commercial break during the broadcast, leaving fans speculating about hidden secrets.

Despite the whispers of alleged preferential treatment, Terry Waya, Kiddwaya's illustrious father, publicly stated in an Instagram interview with veteran journalist Dele Momodu, that his son did not need the N85 million prize money. Undoubtedly, Kiddwaya's stature and background set him apart, but his aspirations extended beyond mere financial gains. 

During heartfelt discussions with his fellow housemates Laycon, Prince, and Trikytee, Kiddwaya expressed his intentions to pave a pathway into the movie industry, using the show as a platform to gain the exposure required for success in the industry.

Throughout his stay in the BBNaija house, Kiddwaya's charisma and personality resonated with the housemates and viewers alike. Fellow housemate Nengi, in her first diary session, candidly described him as "her kind of guy," acknowledging his appeal and charm.

However, the journey in the Big Brother house eventually reached its climax for Kiddwaya, as he became the 13th housemate to be evicted from the show. Despite his exit, the impact of his presence and persona lingers, leaving an unforgettable impression on the hearts of viewers.

Kiddwaya's journey in BBNaija Lockdown was filled with twists, revelations, and memorable moments. While his background sparked discussions, his genuine aspirations for the movie industry endeared him to fans. 

As he left the house, the Benue-born multi-millionaire held onto the possibility of contributing to charity with part of the prize money, showcasing his philanthropic spirit.

As the curtains closed on his BBNaija adventure, the audience eagerly awaited the next chapter in Kiddwaya's captivating journey, curious to witness the blossoming of his ambitions in the movie industry and beyond. 

Kiddwaya and Erica: A Complex Love Story in the BBNaija House

Within the walls of the Big Brother Naija house, sparks ignited between Kiddwaya and fellow housemate Erica Nlewedim, giving birth to a captivating love story that captured the hearts of viewers. 

The maiden voyage of this "ship" was during a daring game of "Spin the bottle," when Kiddwaya fearlessly expressed his affection for Erica, kissing her passionately in front of their fellow housemates.

Their romantic involvement garnered attention, but it also faced its share of controversies. A viral video circulated online, allegedly capturing a moment of intimacy between Kiddwaya and Erica under a duvet, sparking online criticisms.

When Erica was evicted from the show, it had a significant impact on Kiddwaya. Fellow housemate Neo revealed that Kiddwaya confided in him, expressing disappointment over not seeing Erica's picture hung on the wall like other evicted housemates. Their love story became a topic of discussion both within and outside the BBNaija house.

Following their time in the show, Erica candidly spoke about her feelings for Kiddwaya in an Instagram live interview with veteran journalist Dele Momodu. She revealed her deep connection with him, expressing that she would "take a bullet for him," emphasising his significance in her life.

However, as time passed after their BBNaija journey, cracks began to appear in their relationship. In early 2021, the couple decided to part ways, unfollowing each other on Instagram, marking the end of their romantic journey.

Kiddwaya and Erica's love story in the BBNaija house was marked by passion, affection, and complexity. Their moments together captured the imagination of fans, but the challenges and realities of life outside the house ultimately shaped the course of their relationship. 

As they moved on from their BBNaija experience, the memory of their love story continues to resonate among fans, a testament to the captivating power of reality television and the unpredictable nature of human emotions.

Kiddwaya in BBNaija Season 8: All Stars

Returning to the BBNaija stage for the second time in Season 8: All Stars, Kiddwaya made a grand entrance as the second housemate to be introduced, following Cee-C

Upon reuniting with his colleague, he made an unexpected offer to her - the equivalent of the grand prize of N120 million - if she chose to leave the house.

However, Cee-C, with her reservations, declined the tempting proposal, citing her lack of trust in accepting such an offer from a man.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Kiddwaya's presence in the All Stars house earned him a prestigious position as the second Head of House, making him only the second ever housemate to hold this title in two different seasons, following Adekunle.

With his return to the Big Brother Naija stage, Kiddwaya's journey in Season 8: All Stars promised to be eventful, as he navigated the dynamics of the house and rekindled connections with fellow housemates. 

As the game unfolded, fans eagerly anticipated the twists and turns that would unfold for Kiddwaya, a captivating personality who left an unforgettable mark in the hearts of viewers in his previous BBNaija adventure.

Kiddwaya net worth

As the first heir to his parents' substantial million-dollar wealth, Kiddwaya boasts a remarkable net worth of 870 million naira, solidifying his position as the richest ever participant of the Big Brother Naija show. His financial standing sets him apart, reflecting a life of privilege and abundance.

Shortly after his departure from the BBNaija house in 2020, Kiddwaya wasted no time in capitalising on his fame and popularity.

He secured an endorsement deal with the prestigious distilled alcoholic beverage brand, Ciroc Vodka, a testament to his marketability and appeal as a brand ambassador.

In 2021, the lucrative endorsement deals continued to pour in for the charismatic reality star. He bagged another juicy endorsement deal, this time with Durex, a prominent brand in the intimate wellness industry.

These partnerships further propelled his financial success and net worth, solidifying his status as a sought-after celebrity brand.

Not one to shy away from expressing his confidence, Kiddwaya once boldly claimed during an interview that he is richer than two of Nigeria's wealthiest musicians, Burna Boy and Wizkid. His assertion sparked discussions and added to his captivating persona, making him a topic of interest among fans and critics alike.

Kiddwaya's financial might was evident even within the All Stars house when he surprised his colleague, Cee-C, at the commencement of Big Brother Season 8: All Stars, with an offer to give her the equivalent of the grand prize of the show, N120 million, if she chose to leave. 

As Kiddwaya's financial stature continues to soar, his presence in the spotlight remains strong.

With a net worth that places him at the forefront of the BBNaija legacy, his journey in the world of entertainment and business promises to be one filled with success, influence, and endless opportunities.

Kiddwaya wife and girlfriend

Kiddwaya with Stefflon Don

In September 2022, media personality Daddy Freeze stirred a whirlwind of speculation when he shared a viral video on his verified Instagram page, captioned "Kidd Waya & his fiancé showing us how to love." 

The clip featured Kiddwaya sharing an affectionate moment with a white lady after feeding her at a restaurant, igniting rumours that the Big Brother Naija star was engaged to the mysterious woman.

However, Kiddwaya swiftly addressed the speculations on Twitter, clarifying that he was neither getting married nor had a fiance.

Kiddwaya kissing the mystery woman

He playfully remarked that witnessing fans' reactions to the video was enjoyable for him, adding a touch of humor to the situation. The revelation cast doubt on the authenticity of Daddy Freeze's initial caption, which had suggested an impending wedding.

During the dinner, which included UK-based Nigerian pastor Tobi Adegboyega, Kiddwaya humorously asked the pastor if he would join him and a Caucasian lady in holy matrimony, further fueling the relationship rumours. 

Nevertheless, Kiddwaya's subsequent tweet put the matter to rest, asserting that marriage plans were not in the immediate future for him.

However in a candid 2023 conversation with fellow housemates during BBNaija All Stars, Kiddwaya made another revelation about his love life. 

He disclosed that he already had a girlfriend outside the house, confirming his commitment to someone special, and even sharing his intention to marry her in two years, providing a glimpse into his romantic plans for the future.

Amidst the various twists and turns in the journey of Kiddwaya's relationship status, one thing remains certain - his charisma and enigmatic persona continue to captivate fans and the media alike. 

While the mystery of his love life may persist, Kiddwaya's ever-evolving story keeps the audience intrigued, eager to witness what unfolds next for the charming reality star.